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ijustine answers calls on blogTV in her Superman outfit! - it's LIVE tv, it's Socialive! You can enjoy more of ijustine at
26 May 2008
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Jesus visits on blogTV and answers the viewers' questions! - it's LIVE tv, it's Socialive!
26 May 2008
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OlgaKay visits KassemG on his blogTV comedy show! - it's LIVE tv, it's Socialive! For more by KassemG and OlgaKay visit and
11 Jun 2008
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Please comment on Who are you? why do you like me? Come chat with me LIVE! June 22nd 8pm EST xoxox Jill
23 Jun 2008
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blogTV June 2008 newsletter sent to GalvanThursday, June 12, 2008 2:02 AM From: "" <>Add sender to Contacts To: "Galvan" <>Message contains attachmentsaol.jpg (11KB), aolhead.jpg (7KB), june.jpg (19KB), logo.jpg (5KB), olga.jpg (19KB), profile.jpg (8KB), prom.jpg (10KB) Newsletter blogTV:Broadcast Live to your AIM buddies! With the new blogTV plugin, your online party is just a click away! The blogTV plugin allows you to start broadcasting from your webcam to all of your AOL buddies in an instant! You can get instant message alerts when your friends are broadcasting, chat privately, face to face, share files, or do a show for your entire buddy list and anyone else on Want to show your friends the new level you reached on your favorite game, or maybe the new outfit you bought to go out in? And now AIM users will have access to the ALL NEW FLASH CHAT, never before released on the site! Check out the amazing emoticons and brilliant colors. Hanging out with friends just got a whole lot more interesting! Don't just chat about it - SEE IT LIVE!
25 Jun 2008
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we hit 560 viwers in mondays live show - this was our deal! if you want to check out the live shows the schedule is below :) Monday 7pm (eastern) Wednesday 11pm (eastern) Saturday 3pm (eastern) Sign up and subscribe now at
4 Jul 2008
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Into Music From (Offical Site) (Blog Also Avaliable On Offical Site) (Myspace Cause I Need It) (Skating Clips) (Follow Me :) ) (Live Shows) (Photography) m/ (Have a Chat) il (Supporting Good Music Myspace) music (My Band) (TWS Myspace) SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, RATE , FAVOURITE
18 Jul 2008
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JRey lights fireworks on blogTV! Don't try this at home kids!
28 Jul 2008
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WTF?!?!?!?! Subscribe, Comment, Rate, Favourite (Offical Site) (Blog Also Avaliable On Offical Site) (Myspace Cause I Need It) (Skating Clips) (Follow Me :) ) (Live Shows) (Photography) m/ (Have a Chat) il (Supporting Good Music Myspace) music (My Band) (TWS Myspace) Into Music By:
17 Nov 2009
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Shuttershade King Exposed!! All about the king of shuttershades. RATE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE!!! twitter: music credits go to Dj Soulja. Find him here. blogtv:
14 Aug 2008
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I received some of the randomest things in the mail today. Ten Obama bumper stickers. Ten dollar check from Michigan. Go Me! Confirmation for college. (not random actually late mail) please rate comment and subscribe. All the cool kids are doing it. blogtv: join the site for chances to win shuttershades.
18 Aug 2008
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Jack and Subscribe to Jack & Coke Lady SHrinks of the Universe Davedays Live Shows Mushka HAS an account Jack & Coke Lady goes to see Olgakay's Shrink because she cant stand the pressure of the internet career anymore. Surprisingly they become friends, who knew, they are so different.
20 Aug 2008
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Featuring: itsBrent Leave Comments with your stories of That Guy who becomes the Olympics expert once every four years. We all know one! Thanks for watching!! Music by: Apple.
29 Aug 2008
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First thing guys, I need you to comment below what you thought of this video, because personally i did not like it to much, but i sent it to 3 people and 2 of them liked it. So thats why I uploaded it! Shout Out to: is really cool subscribe to her! Please and Thank you! Music: Sum 41 - Underclass Hero Random Rap beat - I dont remember where i got it from lol I think there both copywritten though =O And that mic is the new mic i use on blogtv heres my link true, I can't Rap LOL IG's Rap: youtube: Youtube: pays better than what i said LOL and i don't think its viacoms fault haha. AND I am NOT QUITING YOUTUBE! k? k good. PS If you actually read this whole description, comment the video saying "Mountain Dew is true!!!" Thanks guys -Adorian
28 Jan 2010
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I didn't win a bet so I had to burn my Miley. This is a parody of Burnin' Up originally by the Jonas Brothers. Download song AND instrumental here! Lyrics: I lost a bet Between ShayCarl, CharlesTrippy, SxePhil and ItsBrent. We tried to see On BlogTV Who could stay up the latest with no sleep. ShayCarl was the last one remaining. Now the rest of us have to do something crazy. Thats why SxePhil shaved his head. And thats when I got a crapload of messages that said BURN MILEY!! Ahhhh (sick solo time!!) Lets get some gasoline. You dont know how hard this is for me. All the memories, oh how you please me. I wish this all was a dream. WHAT AM I A HAMBURGER? WHEY YOU GRILLIN' ME DAWG?! No one understands our love. Think of me when your chilin up above In Cardboard Heaven! Miley are you ready to go? heck naww! Ohhhhhhhhh Subscribe to the other BlogTV sleepers: to my friends in the vid:
3 Nov 2008
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BlogTV viewer calls into the show and does her reaction to the 2 Guy 1 Horse vid
18 Jun 2009
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