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4 Non Blondes - What's Up
18 Jan 2019
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22 Jan 2019
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One sexy blond lady is enough to cause an accident on the road. It was better if she knew it and stayed inside the car.
28 Jan 2019
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Amanda Tapping, Do Blonds really have more fun
10 Feb 2019
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Does anybody know the name of the actress with the blonde hair in this prank I can’t find her in any other pranks
12 Feb 2019
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22 Jan 2019
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Awesome band
26 Jan 2019
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SAVE THE GOOD PEOPLE. Good, white, mostly blonde, strong heritage ties, hobbies include drinking beer casually outside (not in an organized manner and CERTAINLY NOT IN A CROWD. Why? A good person would see that as dangerous. Do you see things as dangerous? Do you see things as being stupid? Do you think people might be zombies? Do you see evil people trying to be popular? THAT WAS MEAN. YOU SHOULDNT BE DOING THAT. There is evil all over America. It terrifies me. IT IS IN EVERY PUBLIC SCHOOL. Check every private school too, I am sure there is the designated next Hollywood starlet or NEXT BRITNEY SPEARS in every classroom. THEY ARE TORTURING US. Who wants to be Julia Roberts next? Who wants to be the NEXT Tina fey??? Wow. WHY DID ALISON WILLIAMS GET INTO HOLLYWOOD??? 911, we are being held hostage by the hopes and dreams of dying browns that have cancer. They made a wish to be on our tv screens. ‘make a wish’. Just remember, they made a wish, and they got what they asked for. Hail Mary. God save the survivors.
20 Jan 2019
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Rush tom sawyer bass cover If there has never been any real expectation around Rush it is due to the fact that the Canadian trio (although it has sold some millions of records) was never in the center of the reflector lights, Rush tom sawyer bass cover but, anyway, there have been many reasons of controversy. Rush tom sawyer bass cover Alternately labeled "poor imitation" of the most disparate groups (from Black Sabbath to King Crimson, and even Yes), or branded as fascists because of their ambiguous lyrics, Rush tom sawyer bass cover Rush has also been considered "the best of its kind" and " members of the elite that is at the apex of progressive rock ". From any perspective that wants to analyze the musical aspect of the trio, one can not discount the evolutionary aspect that has characterized (and still characterizes) its trajectory. Rush tom sawyer bass cover The founders of the group, the rude Geddy Lee (voice, bass and keyboards) and the blond Alex Lifeson (guitar), came from Sarnia, a small town in the province of Ontario, not far from Toronto. Rush tom sawyer bass cover The two, along with drummer John Rutsey, formed, in his stage of institute, a band specialized in versions Rush tom sawyer bass cover of Jimi Hendrix, Grand Funk, Iron Butterfly and Cream. They started playing at school parties and in the circuit of small pubs where, thanks to a new law that reduced the age necessary for alcohol consumption from 21 to 19 years, many boys Rush tom sawyer bass cover had the chance to know and appreciate them. The young local promoter Ray Daniels gave them his first great opportunity: to open the New York Dolls for a concert of these in Toronto. Rush tom sawyer bass
31 Jan 2019
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Do blondes know how to read the road signs? Check this one out.
17 May 2006
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A hilarious spoof ad for CNN showing all their blondes. "CNN - Where the Carpet Matches the Drapes."
1 May 2006
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All blondes cause its what we love.
18 May 2006
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