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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 Radioactive contamination and radiation exposure could occur if radioactive materials are released into the environment as the result of an accident, an event in nature, or an act of terrorism. Such a release could expose people and contaminate their surroundings and personal property. Types of Contamination * Internal contamination occurs when people swallow or breathe in radioactive materials, or when radioactive materials enter the body through an open wound or are absorbed through the skin. Some types of radioactive materials stay in the body and are deposited in different body organs. Other types are eliminated from the body in blood, sweat, urine, and feces. * External contamination occurs when radioactive material, in the form of dust, powder, or liquid, comes into contact with a person's skin, hair, or clothing. In other words, the contact is external to a person's body. People who are externally contaminated can become internally contaminated if radioactive material gets into their bodies. * Radioactive contamination occurs when radioactive material is deposited on or in an object or a person. Radioactive materials released into the environment can cause air, water, surfaces, soil, plants, buildings, people, or animals to become contaminated. A contaminated person has radioactive materials on or inside their body. * Radiation Exposure. Radioactive materials give off a form of energy that travels in waves or particles. This energy is called radiation. When a person is exposed to radiation, the energy penetrates the body. For example, when a person has an x-ray, he or she is exposed to radiation.
17 Mar 2017
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Our videos are now on Itunes and Amazon!!!!! Outdoors Distributed by V.A.S. Entertainment
26 Sep 2007
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Independent World Cinema Support Indy Filmmakers Buy Independent Films on DVD WWW.FILMBAY.COM Filmbay About Filmbay pitch your latest project be your own agent option your film, script, music buy and sell independent films & music self-distribute your own films online showcase your film, script, music, acting, artwork publish your essay, MA & Phd thesis online chat with filmmakers communicate & collaborate For Writers, Actors, Directors, Producers,Music Composers, Artists and everybody interested in the World of Film. FILMBAY
6 Jun 2010
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Lisa Bargmann, VP of Strategic Development at Invacare HCS talks about her own personal experience with starting her business and the hard work it takes.
19 Aug 2009
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1:00 Get in shape for Summer - Lose weight - Look great. Call 845-344-4653 for more info on the Golds Gym Middletown Bootcamp Class. Class begins 4/19/10.
12 Apr 2010
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part 1 in a 4 part drug awareness series were making, the only difference is all the filming and editing is done using an iPhone 4 an iPod touch, no computers are used other than to upload to various sites after completion. we are going to give this hopefully to schools free of charge once all 4 parts are complete
1 Sep 2011
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this is part 2 of a 4 part drug awareness series of shorts were filming & edited entirely on an iPhone 4
2 Sep 2011
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a series of clips showing soccer players tripping, getting pushed, and crashing and burning.
13 Sep 2011
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ok, so i almost didn't make this video because i didn't want to come off as gloating or showing off, but here's the pudding... get it? the proof is in the pudding? lol alrite so i'm not a comedian by any means. i left corporate america at 24 and have been a full time entrepreneur since... making $3k a day is easy for me. it wasn't always easy though... but all the blood, sweat and tears paid off... i love my pudding... it's a pretty sweet existence. One love, ~Linda
12 Aug 2007
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Reflecting back on the music of the 60's 70' and 80's with a look at VH-1 and how things have really changed....... It is impossible to include all of the talented artists that appeared at the Woodstock Festival, into a four minute video clip. The following did. Also a tip of the hat to the directors and cinematographers of Woodstock, Stoned, Seventh Seal and Neal Young and the various MTV / VH-1 artists that helped to make this movie a hoot to put together. CANNATA Woodstock Musicians and Bands....... Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie,Tim Hardin, Incredible String Band, Ravi Shankar, Richie Havens, Sly and the Family Stone, Bert Sommer, Sweetwater, Quill, Canned Heat, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, Grateful Dead, Keef Hartley Band, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Crosby, Stills & Nash (&Young), Santana, Jeff Beck Group, The Band, Ten Years After, Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin , Jethro Tull (Isle of Wight),Joe Cocker, Mountain, Melanie, Sha-Na-Na, John Sebastian, Country Joe and the Fish, Paul Butterfield Blues Band.
12 Nov 2007
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Xtreme Cage Combat (The XCC), a Northwest sports promotion company is fired up to partner with High Roller Productions, a nationally renowned wrestling event production company, as together with the Silver Legacy Casino, they stage XCC6 The Western Threat, an all-pro all-out battle in Reno, NV at the Reno Events Center, Saturday, April 5th 2008. This multi-regional event is attracting fighters from all over the West to take on the best of Reno. Drawing on a rich MMA history, Reno is the ideal location to hold such a spectacle event. Reno's own Ryan "Darth" Bader (6-0, 205lbs.), now training with Arizona Combat Sports in Phoenix, AZ is making a homecoming for a headline feature bout against Buckley Acosta (4-4). Cory "The One" Devela (9-1, Victory Athletics) from Seattle, WA is coming off a big win over Joe Riggs to take on Dan Molina (10-7) of Reno. Several fighters representing Ken Shamrock's Lion's Den will defend Reno's honor against visitors from Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington. At 170 pounds, Ashe Bowman (8-5-0, Lion's Den) will be gunning for his 4th consecutive win against undefeated former XCC title holder, Lyle "Fancy Pants" Beerbohm (4-0, Sik Jitsu, Spokane, WA). Ashe has been with the Lion's Den for 9 years and in Reno for one year. Bowman remarks on the honor of MMA fighting," We sacrifice our time by spending hours and hours in the gym away from our families, blood, sweat and tears, and at the end of the day all we're looking for is our hand raised and the respect of our fans- that's it. I'm not asking for a million dollars, I want to become champion." Fans know Lyle Beerbohm for his colorful fight shorts (made by his mother), his opponents know him for his blistering strikes and intense submissions. Rick Reeves (5-3-0, Lion's Den) attempts for another mark in the W column against Wes "The Salamander" Welch (5-4, Victory Athletics). Reeves has fought in the IFL with Ken Shamrock's team, and says of Reno, "I'm really stoked to be here, and give 110% all the way around." Welch often appears as a referee in XCC amateur events, yet this time he's on the fight card. Asked about his intense work-out regimen, Wes responded, "I practically live at the gym... I'm training hard and teaching every day."
28 Apr 2008
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Check out legendary Tulsa, Oklahoma saxophone player and singer performing at Tulsa, Oklahoma's Brookside hot spot, 3316 Brookside. Technically a jazz fusion act, Clark and his Spectrum band define the word “versatile.” In the space of just one set, they may move from ‘60s soul standards to classic Dixieland to inventive, intriguing mixtures of blues, rock and straight ahead jazz. The list of international stars Clark’s opened for indicate the variety of colors on his musical palette – Spyro Gyra, B. B. King, Tito Puente and Blood, Sweat & Tears. 3316 Brookside (Tulsa, Oklahoma) is a small, cozy and inviting place that features reasonably priced entrees and features live jazz and blues music three nights a week. As a restaurant, 3316 Brookside (Tulsa, Oklahoma) is open Tuesday through Saturday evenings and after 10pm it turns into a cocktail lounge. A special late-night lounge menu is featured during this time. Given amazing reviews by both Urban Tulsa Weekly, and Tulsa People, 3316 Brookside (Tulsa, Oklahoma) is growing as a restaurant and music venue and is now defining what many consider Tulsa's music row. Cool people, good food, and great music. Go check out Tulsa, Oklahoma restaurant and lounge 3316 Brookside! 3316 Brookside 3316 South Peoria Ave Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 6pm to 10pm Friday and Saturday: 6pm to 2am Live jazz and blues music Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings!
2 Jun 2009
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0:21 is the best guide on how to stop sweating sweating excessive sweating underarm sweating stop sweating sweat profuse sweating keith sweat sweating problem sweat pants blood sweat and tears sweating sickness no sweat sweat glands cold sweat stop excessive sweating sweating problems sweat lodge sweat shirts sweat shops sweat shop sweat suits sweat lyrics night sweat sweat shirt sweat suit sweat bands sweat the small stuff sweat stains sweat equity don t sweat the small stuff gonna make you sweat sweat gland how to stop sweating keith sweat lyrics sweat pea sweat test blood sweat tears blood sweat
22 Feb 2009
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0:52 If you've been struggling to get rid of your sweating problem, then please check out Mike Ramsey's answer to your problems. All the best to you! a fever you can t sweat out a fever you cant sweat out andrew sweat anti perspirant anti sweat antiperspirant armpit sweat armpit sweating axillary hyperhidrosis baby sweat black sweat blood sweat & tears blood sweat and gears blood sweat and tears blood sweat and tears lyrics blood sweat tears body odor body sweat cold sweat dizziness do dogs sweat do pigs sweat dogs sweat don t sweat it don t sweat the small stuff don t sweat the technique dont sweat it dont sweat the small stuff dont sweat the technique drip sweat drip sweat lyrics drysol ets excess sweating excessive sweat excessive sweating excessive underarm sweating facial sweating feet sweat flop sweat girl i wanna make you sweat girl i want to make you sweat gonna make you sweat gonna make you sweat lyrics head sweat head sweating heavy sweating hot flashes how to stop sweating how to sweat hurston sweat hyperhidrosis hyperhidrosis treatment hyperhydrosis i want to make you sweat is it still me that makes you sweat joshua sweat keith sweat keith sweat lyrics keith sweat nobody keith sweat nobody lyrics keith sweat twisted kevin james sweat the small stuff kieth sweat let me see you drip sweat make you sweat lyrics menopause nelly sweat night sweat night sweating night sweats no sweat no sweat apparel no sweat shoes not sweating oil sweat and rigs over sweating overactive sweat glands perspire pigs sweat pocari sweat prevent sweating profuse sweating reduce sweating remove sweat stains removing sweat stains side effects stop excessive sweating stop sweat stop sweating stop sweating and start living sweat sweat a lot sweat baby sweat sweat band sweat bands sweat bee sweat bees sweat blood sweat bumps sweat by zora neale hurston sweat chloride sweat chloride test sweat copper sweat dreams sweat equity sweat escape sweat fitness sweat free sweat gland sweat glands sweat gym sweat hotel sweat jacket sweat less sweat lodge sweat lodges sweat lyrics sweat pants sweat pea sweat problem sweat rash sweat shirt sweat shirts sweat shop sweat shops sweat shorts sweat stain sweat stains sweat suit sweat suits sweat tea sweat test sweat the battle before the battle sweats you sweat the small stuff sweat too much sweat treatment sweat water sweat ya perm out sweat your perm out sweat your prayers sweating sweating at night sweating blood sweating bullets sweating bullets lyrics sweating copper sweating copper pipe sweating disease sweating like a sweating pipes sweating problem sweating problems sweating sickness sweating to the oldies sweating treatment sweating while sleeping sweats sweet sweat sympathectomy the sweat the sweating sickness ti no sweat underarm sweat underarm sweating why do i sweat so much work that let me see you drip sweat yellow sweat zoloft zora neale hurston sweat
28 Jul 2008
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Slamball: See the blood, sweat, and guts it takes for these fearless athletes to protect the basket from opposing players in Slamball.
22 May 2009
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2:29 180 days of blood sweat and tears...One mans journey through P90X. Round 3 starts 10/27/08...Come get some! Check out my Website for more info on P90X.
29 Oct 2008
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