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Blood and Chocolate is a film based on a book involving wolves (i love wolves! XD ) I did want to use Lady and Dante (DMC3) as the main characters but couldnt think of what to use to match the clip, plus there isnt a lot of lady scenes where she isnt fighting. I dont like to think of Dante being the bad guy here, he's just being mean to protect his little cousin, lol (it goes well to me since Fiona and Dante have similar hair colour) Trailer of Blood and Chocolate found at www.ign**** Footage of Haunting Ground, Resident Evil 4 & Devil May Cry 3 belong to Capcom Hope you enjoy ^^
25 May 2010
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**NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED, I OWN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. THIS VIDEO WAS JUST FOR FUN. EVERYTHING BELONGS TO ITS RESPECTIVE OWNER(S).** Please read the summary before watching the video otherwise you might get confused. This is basically a promo for a story I was thinking of writing. Watch in High Quality. As soon as I decide if I want to write this I'll post the link up here. [Intro] Song - A.06 by Linkin Park [Main Video] Song - The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins Movies Used - My Bloody Valentine, The Uninvited, Blood And Chocolate, Twilight, X-Men, Juno, Underworld [Cast] Deseret - Agnes Bruckner Leah - Kristen Stewart Emmile - Emily Browning Jenna - Anna Paquin Yasmin - Ellen Page Carlton - Jensen Ackles [Summary] A coven of vampires lives deep within Central Europe, their existence has been kept secret for centuries. This coven is very powerful as they have control over almost every major company around. Deseret and Leah are two vampires who discover that their fellow vampires are conspiring to sacrifices them along with Jenna, Yasmin and Emmile in a ritual that predates the existence of Christ and must be performed every thousand years. All three of the younger vampires are reluctant to leave as the coven is the first home that Emmile has ever known while Yasmin is dating a fellow vampire by the name of Carlton and her younger sister Jenna is in love with him also. Despite this the five flee only a week before the ceremony was set to take place, choosing to hide in Budapest, Deseret’s home while she had been human. The elder vampires are infuriated at this and order Carlton to find them and bring them back so that the ritual may go forth as planned. Carlton agrees to this, as he never truly loved Yasmin and instead had his eyes set on Jenna, but since she showed little interest towards him he settled for the next best thing. It doesn’t take long for Carlton to hunt the girls down. Yasmin tries to convince Carlton to let them go by announcing that she is pregnant with his child (yes in my story vampires CAN get pregnant although it is rare). Carlton just smirks and tells her that it isn’t his problem and that he doesn’t care about her or the child, Yasmin is left heartbroken while Carlton leaves, choosing to bring her back tomorrow as he knows that no matter what she will not run again. Jenna had been sitting in a bar, trying to blend in with the stranger when she sees Carlton enter. He doesn’t notice her and just orders a beer. Jenna chooses not to approach him as she knows that he has most likely been sent to hunt her down and thinks he would not care if the elders killed her, so she leaves. That night the five get together to decide whether they should choose to hide and hope that the coven does not catch up to them, or to fight and possibly die in the process. Fights break out between the five girls. Yasmin announces her pregnancy causing mixed reactions. Deseret and Leah are happy for Yasmin in their own way and congratulate her while Emmile says that this is the worst thing that could have possibly happened and that it was obvious the whole time that Carlton was only using her for his own gains. Jenna remains silent, feeling her heart break as she realizes that Yasmin and Carlton must love each other if they are having a child and feels the last of her hope die within her. The next night Carlton comes for them and they flee into the forest nearby, getting separated in the process. When Jenna and Carlton come face to face he must choose whether to follow the orders of the elders and bring her back, where she will eventually die, or to let her go and possibly go with her and make himself an outcast.
25 May 2009
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NO COPY RIGHT FRIGMENT INTENDED A purely fan made video for blood and chocolate about Vivains life changing so quickly, as if shes "rebirthed". Enjoy :)
4 Aug 2009
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Todd takes a break from his horror improv to work through some of his issues with science, making out, and Madonna's guns. AND he runs down the latest releases on DVD, Blu-ray, and Netflix Instant.
2 May 2012
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This week Heather and Suzanne have a 'magical' show for you. They review 'Smoking Aces' and 'Blood and Chocolate' sounds tasty.
6 Mar 2007
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This fast-paced British thriller stars Tom Harper (Blood And Chocolate, Telstar) as Adam, a gay teacher swept up in a national scandal (leading all the way to the British Royal family) when his handsome and mysterious one-night stand shows up dead. In his desperate race to discover the killer, Adams every move is tracked through the streets of London. An exhilarating, edge-of-your-seat mystery, Surveillance 24/7 co-stars a tremendous British cast including beautiful Brit star Dawn Steele, the dreamboat Sean Brendan Brosnan (yes, Pierce Brosnans son) and film icon Simon Callow. From the first frame to the last, director Paul Oremland (Like It Is) crafts a paranoid tale that is at once terrifying and wildly entertaining. Buy the DVD at www.wolfevideo**** or *******www.wolfevideo****/products.asp?id=1391
31 Oct 2010
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