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Professional AV refers to both audio and video processing components Pro AV equipment serves various purposes like -Corporate presentations, -Religious Services, -Live Theatre Productions, -Business Presentations, -Television programs, -and Educational Purposes Professional AudioVisual Equipment generally includes: -Professional Video Recorders, -Displays, -Video Scalers, -Projectors, -Amplifiers & speakers, and -Accessories Professional Video Recorders - Unlike regular video recorders, professional video recorders have -Higher storage capacity support, -HD and Standard definition in multiple formats, -Blu-Ray quality disc burning directly from source, -Live HD video output, and so on Pro video recorders are available in many variations, Some of which include: -Mobile recorders, -Combo-decks, -Rack-mount combi-recorders, etc Displays - Professional AV displays include a range of monitors with HDMI and hi-res live input directly from the source These monitors are ideal for both field and studio applications Higher-end Professional displays include full HD, high-contrast monitors, designed to operate continuously (24/7) These displays are mainly used for -Signage, -Surveillance, and -Broadcast Television Video Scalers - Video scalers are used to scale and convert video formats, with no loss of quality They support various analog and digital formats Some features include: -Auto-Switching, -Keying, -Logo insertion, and -Picture-in-Picture Projectors - Professional projectors support -4k input sources up to 60p, -Dynamic contrast ratio of 1 2 mil to 1, -Home Cinema application, and -Intelligent Lens Aperture Amplifiers and Speakers - Professionals speakers are flexible, adaptable line source loudspeakers They are used for professional sound reinforcement applications Contact Oasisppd Enterprises UAE for Pro Audio Video Visual Equipment Supplies in UAE i e at *******www oasisppd com/estore/index php?module=view/category&MsID=2
22 Feb 2017
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This is a video tutorial on how to play Blu-ray disc with DVDFab Media Player 2 with Blu-ray menu. DVDFab Media Player is a tiny but powerful blu-ray player software with menu navigation.
20 Feb 2017
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DVDFab Media Player 2 is a powerful Blu-ray player software that can playback Blu-ray ISO, DVD ISO with high definition.
15 Feb 2017
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DVDFab Media Player 2 is a leading Blu-ray player software on PC that enables users to play Blu-ray ISO files.
9 Feb 2017
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This is a tutorial on how to play videos with DVDFab Media Player. DVDFab Media Player is the best Blu-ray Media Player Software available in cyberspace. Its impressive playback capacity presents video lovers the world first level media viewing experience at home.
19 Jan 2017
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DVDFab Media Player, is the best Blu-ray media player software available in cyberspace. Its impressive playback capacity presents video lovers the world's first-level media viewing experience at home.
16 Jan 2017
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DVDFab can perfect rip blu-ray to LG cell phone.
30 Dec 2016
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ere is a tutorial video describing how to rip Blu-ray to 3D TS with DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper
25 Nov 2016
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Here is a tutorial video describing how to rip Blu-ray to iPhone 7 Plus with DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper
14 Nov 2016
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Zoom in and out the video being watched is a very basic feature to a media player application, in DVDFab Media Player, it's pretty easy to do that. In this video tutorial, you will find how. For more information, go to *******
9 Nov 2016
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DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper is an easy to use tool for helping you rip and convert a Blu-ray movie to WMV video playable on your Xbox one. It has 30-day free trial period, so you can try it out. Next is a simple step-by-step guide about how to convert Blu-ray to Xbox one. Just follow me:*******
8 Nov 2016
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As the 4K era is coming, everyone is excited about the ultra high definition experience it brings along. DVDFab keeps pace with this trend and has been updated to support 4K videos all roundly. DVDFab ripper option now can convert DVD/Blu-ray movies to 4K videos and DVDFab Video Converter is able to convert between 4K videos and other regular videos. For more information, please visit:*******
1 Nov 2016
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Converting Blu-rays to iPhone compatible videos should be as easy as ABCs to a professional Blu-ray ripper software, such as the DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, which can help iPhone users create iPhone 7 ready videos with the minimal time. Here is a tutorial video describing how to rip Blu-ray to iPhone 7 with DVDFab Video Converter. For more info, please visit:*******
26 Oct 2016
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DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper now is enhanced to be able to rip any 2D/3D Blu-rays to popular 2D or 3D videos with various format choices. This ever-stronger Blu-ray Ripper saves your energy, time, and money to do more jobs and deals with all your Blu-ray ripping issues, so that you can watch any Blu-ray on your 2D or 3D devices with the help from just one tool. It's easy and flexible to use, and is superior with fast speed and high quality. And it keeps being updated to always support the latest Blu-ray releases and new devices. For more info,you can visit:*******
13 Sep 2016
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Sothink Blu-ray to DVD Converter can convert Blu-ray to DVD 9 to present a prominent result. And it provides you many considerate settings and playback menu choices. This is a tutorial video describing how to convert Blu-ray to DVD 9 with Sothink Blu-ray to DVD Converter. You can find more information from:*******www.sothinkmedia****/blu-ray-to-dvd-converter/convert-bluray-to-dvd9.htm
5 Sep 2016
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Hack a Playstation 3 blu-ray laser and turn the Star Trek Phaser into a Blu-Ray Laser Phaser!
16 Aug 2016
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