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Great Bluegrass Lick in G...tony Rice Style. Check out *******guitarteachjcguitar.blogspot****/ for updates, notes on the lessons, tips, links and leave a comment!
11 Feb 2010
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My bluegrass version of cypress hills "hits from the bong". Enjoy!
14 Sep 2010
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22 Jun 2017
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Alternative Art Punk Alternative Rock College Rock Crossover Thrash (thx Kevin G) Crust Punk (thx Haug) Experimental Rock Folk Punk Goth / Gothic Rock Grunge Hardcore Punk Hard Rock Indie Rock Lo-fi (hat tip to Ben Vee Bedlamite) New Wave Progressive Rock Punk Shoegaze (with thx to Jackie Herrera) Steampunk (with thx to Christopher Schaeffer) Anime Blues Acoustic Blues Chicago Blues Classic Blues Contemporary Blues Country Blues Delta Blues Electric Blues Ragtime Blues (cheers GFS) Children’s Music Lullabies Sing-Along Stories Classical Avant-Garde Baroque Chamber Music Chant Choral Classical Crossover Contemporary Classical (thx Julien Palliere) Early Music Expressionist (thx Mr. Palliere) High Classical Impressionist Medieval Minimalism Modern Composition Opera Orchestral Renaissance Romantic (early period) Romantic (later period) Wedding Music Comedy Novelty Standup Comedy Vaudeville (cheers Ben Vee Bedlamite) Commercial (thank you Sheldon Reynolds) Jingles TV Themes Country Alternative Country Americana Bluegrass Contemporary Bluegrass Contemporary Country Country Gospel Country Pop (thanks Sarah Johnson) Honky Tonk Outlaw Country Traditional Bluegrass Traditional Country Urban Cowboy Dance (EDM – Electronic Dance Music – see Electronic below – with thx to Eric Shaffer-Whiting & Drew :-)) Club / Club Dance (thx Luke Allfree) Breakcore Breakbeat / Breakstep Brostep (cheers Tom Berckley) Chillstep (thx Matt) Deep House (cheers Venus Pang) Dubstep Electro House (thx Luke Allfree) Electroswing Exercise Future Garage (thx Ran’dom Haug) Garage Glitch Hop (cheers Tom Berckley) Glitch Pop (thx Ran’dom Haug) Grime (thx Ran’dom Haug / Matthew H) Hardcore Hard Dance Hi-NRG / Eurodance Horrorcore (thx Matt) House Jackin House (with thx to Jermaine Benjamin Dale Bruce) Jungle / Drum’n’bass Liquid Dub(thx Ran’dom Haug) Regstep (thanks to ‘Melia G) Speedcore (cheers Matt) Techno Trance Trap (thx Luke Allfree) Disney Easy Listening Bop Lounge Swing Electronic 2-Step (thx Ran’do
23 Jun 2017
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A glimpse of some jammers at this past summers Jamfest in Red Deer Alberta Canada. For more info see www.waskasoobluegrass****
18 Oct 2007
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*******www.ulster-scots****** ************* *******www.ulsterscotsagency**** Curran Flute Bands Saint Patricks Ulster-Scots / Scotch-Irish cultural evening in Magherafelt High School, County Londonderry / Derry, Northern Ireland / Ulster 2008
12 Apr 2008
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More history than the Civil war, Nicholasville, Ky. is one of the most beautiful spots we've passed thru, complete with character, characters and lots of class. Daniel Boone dug-it, you will too.
20 Jun 2008
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This video is included on The Rosinators' debut album - an enhanced CD available from www.pdcmusic****. The song won the Hotdisc 'Track of the Year' award at the UK Country Radio Awards.
11 Oct 2008
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William Van Meter explores the brutal murder 2003 of college student Katie Autry and the subsequent investigation and trial in his small home town.
28 Oct 2008
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(chorus) She walks through the corn leadin down to the river Her hair shone like gold in the hot mornin sun She took all the love that a poor boy could give her And left me to die like a fox on the run Like a fox, like a fox, like a fox on the run Now everybody knows the reason for my fall A woman tempted me down in paradise hall This woman tempted me and she took me for a ride Like a lonely fox, boys, I need a place to hide (chorus) Oh, well drink a glass of wine, boys, to purify our soul Well talk about the world and the friends we used to know I see a string of girls who have put me on before The game is nearly over and the hounds are at the door (chorus)
25 Nov 2008
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Katy Hill performed by Mei Han's Red Chamber with John Reischman and the Jaybirds. REDGRASS CD: *******www.asza****/store.shtml See article: ******* Featuring: Mei Han - liuqin John Reischman - mandolin Trisha Gagnon - bass Guilian Liu - pipa Jim Nunally - guitar Geling Jiang - sanxian Nick Hornbuckle - banjo Zhimin Yu - ruan ...
23 Mar 2009
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Rick Nesslein teaches you how to play several great licks for Acoustic Guitar! This is a sample of one of his lessons. Check out www.OnlineLessonVideos**** for the full lesson (ALL 55 LICKS) (VARIOUS SCALES) + TABLATURE!
15 Aug 2009
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Full Lesson + Sheet Music + MP3 Practice Tracks Check out... www.OnlineLessonVideos****!
7 Sep 2009
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*******www.ulster-scots****** Ulster-Scots based community radio station fUSe FM operating out of Maghera Orange Hall. Maghera, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Ulster-Scots / Scotch-Irish history and culture.
14 Oct 2009
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www.OnlineLessonVideos**** - Full Lesson + Sheet Music of the song Big Sciota
23 Nov 2009
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www.OnlineLessonVideos**** - Full Lesson + TABLATURE!
23 Nov 2009
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