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"Bluer Than Blue" is the title of a 1978 pop ballad by American singer-songwriter Michael Johnson. The song was written by noted pop and country music songwriter Randy Goodrum. Taken as the first single from Johnson's subsequent LP, The Michael Johnson Album, "Bluer Than Blue" became the singer's first Top 40 hit, reaching #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart during the summer of 1978. It proved even more popular with adult contemporary radio stations, spending three weeks at #1 on the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart that same year.[1] To date, this is Johnson's highest-charting single on either the Pop or AC charts; however, he has scored a number of hits on the country chart in the time since releasing "Bluer Than Blue". The song also earned Johnson a Grammy nomination at the 21st annual Grammy Awards, which were held in February of 1979. The song is sung from the point of view of a man who is in a relationship that is failing, and because of this he is trying to convince himself that his situation will improve once the one he loved moves on or left with the lyrics written as: After you go, I can catch up on my reading / After you go, I have a lot more time sleeping in the 1st verse; then in 2nd verse as After you go, I have more room in my closet / After you go, I can stay out all night long if I feel like; however, it is evident by the lyrics to the song that his efforts are thus far unable to erase his sadness: But I'm bluer than blue, sadder than sad / You're the only light this empty room has ever had / Life without you is gonna be / Bluer than blue. The single received generally favorable reviews at the time of its release. Cashbox Magazine described Johnson's work as "full of touching ballads with all the right production touches, subtle instrumentation and poignant vocals necessary to keep the tenderness from becoming insipid." The song has become a well-known American 1970s soft rock single that continues to be played on radio stations to this day. The video for the song was played on MTV during the 2nd hour on August 1,1981 which became the 18th video played on the channel...pls enjoy!!!
29 Apr 2009
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hanging at home filming my studio space even less light now... which anime was I watching? 藍より青し ~縁~ Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ not as awesome as the original series but this continues the story so I rent this from time to time Ai Yori Aoshi The title is taken from a quote from the Chinese philosopher Xun Zi: "Blue comes from indigo, yet is bluer than indigo" (青は藍より出でて藍より青し Ao wa ai yori idete ai yori aoshi) (青出於藍而勝於藍 Qīng chū yú lán ér shèng yú lán in Traditional Chinese). The phrase is used in both Chinese and Japanese to mean that, although people are molded by their teacher, they surpass that teacher through their own efforts. The name of the main character, Aoi (葵?), is pronounced the same way as a ao(i), a version of ao "blue". - from wikipedia hope you enjoyed the art.
31 Aug 2007
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A Growing Trend in Car Design Allows Drivers to Customize Lighting Car design has come a long ways from Detroit's chalkboard and clay models. It's now a high tech process that involves every area of design, including the lighting. As 2010 models roll off the production line, manufacturers know consumers want the most for their money. Personalizing cars is part of a growing trend that has made lighting an important element in car design. The ability to customize lighting allows drivers to make their vehicle their own, from headlights to tail lights and everything in between. With the latest LED technology, interior and exterior lighting color can be changed from morning to night, from one day to the next or workday to weekend, depending on the driver's mood. This new lighting is also crisper and more saturated, making blues bluer and giving an added aesthetic appeal to the overall look of the car. Produced for Siemens
8 Apr 2009
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