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"Soy lo peor" SILVINA MAGARI BMG 2011 Primer single extraído del álbum: "Lo que dicen en las pelis" Compra a partir del 8 de agosto este primer single en Itunes y Spotify.
1 Aug 2011
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www.siguemelapista**** Silvina Magari BMG 2011
1 Aug 2011
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Tara Reid, Pete Wentz, Imogen Heap step in front of the green screen to discuss their secret desires at the SONYBMG Grammy Party.
5 Jun 2007
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Blockgate**** - Jay-Z's night club, 40/40, possibly being sued?
5 Jul 2007
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“Antes Del Fin,” Circo’s first single off their album, “Cursi,” is so nu-wave it hurts. The colorful video doesn’t lack in synthesizers, black-and-white stripes, weird, a-symmetrical haircuts, blazers, and the “I’m too cool for school” guitarist – so cool he does, indeed, wear sunglasses at night. The beat is infectious and will definitely get your toe tapping and head bobbing. For more, check them out at *******www.myspace****/circocirco/.
15 Oct 2007
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Check out Alexis y Fido on the set of their new music video, featuring a very special guest! For more, go to *******www.myspace****/lospitbulls
12 Nov 2007
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Qtrax - Thumbs Up...Or Down? That´s what pretty much everyone has been asking over the last few days. Business Week Don´t Need Your Help, and they definitely don´t want your links either, so don´t even try. A Flying Stick Cam looks like it could make photography fun again, a Charging Mobile Kills Man, and we take a trip down memory lane with Internet '96. Back in the day, eh?
29 Jan 2008
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* SHELLY PALMER reveals what really caused Oprah's online meltdown. * PROJECT CANOE planning continues for major cable companies. * PARAMOUNT offers free movie clips via Facebook app. * MYSPACE advances talks with major music labels over new service. * THE WB to resurface as an online network. * FOX sees huge jump in web traffic following Idol return. Read more at *******www.ShellyPalmer****
11 Mar 2008
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* NBC unveils 65-week schedule. * MYSPACE nears launch of music service. * GOOGLE to layoff 25% of DoubleClick. * COMCAST to launch faster Internet service. * AMAZON lets you order products from your phone. * YAHOO cancels "The 9." * JD POWER picks up UMBRIA. Read more at *******www.ShellyPalmer****
3 Apr 2008
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ITUNES becomes top music retailer. COMCAST studies targeted TV ads. QUALCOMM to double MediaFlo coverage. ADOBE testing online show subscriptions. MICROSOFT launches several online shows. MYSPACE officially announces online music service. Read more at *******www.ShellyPalmer****
6 Apr 2008
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Confused on how you will be buying music in the future? Phil and I talk today in a special two part series about music subscriptions that could be coming at you from all sides to the music ISP tax. Is it all worth it? Let us know what you think!
11 Apr 2008
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Stavento - Mesa Sou // OFFICIAL video clip from the album "Simera to Giortazo"
18 Aug 2008
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This carrying handle from CTK Precision allows for one handed carrying of the Armalite AR50 Rifle. For more 50 Caliber information, visit: *******www.50bmgrifle****
9 Feb 2009
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Independent World Cinema GLOBAL Indy Filmmakers Buy Independent Films on DVD WWW.FILMBAY.COM Filmbay Sundance, Raindance, Slamdance, Moondance etc. others. About Filmbay: pitch your latest project be your own agent option your film, script, music buy and sell independent films & music self-distribute your own films online showcase your film, script, music, acting, artwork publish your essay, MA & Phd thesis online chat with filmmakers communicate & collaborate For Writers, Actors, Directors, Producers,Music Composers, Artists and everybody interested in the World of Film. FILMBAY *******www.filmbay****/ ---
26 Aug 2008
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BigDaddy going off the deep end again shooting his 50 cal
11 Sep 2008
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BigDaddy goes off in Rodeo New Mexico , Two 22lr autos , two 22mag revolvers, one 357 mag , two 44 mag , two 45 acp auto , one desert eagle 50ae , one smith & wesson 500, Fired one right after the other.
17 Sep 2008
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