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Wipe-outs, funny crashes, stunts gone wrong and other extreme sporting bloopers....
25 Apr 2009
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Back in Early March we went on a trip around the uk with Corey Martinez & Nathan Williams. They fought the bitter cold weather, hit some street, visited a few bike shops all over a week, Ot Cycles in Dartford, Rampworx Liverpool, Crucial BMX Bristol & BMX Plus Bournemouth
10 Sep 2009
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*******www.goreysvids**** Watch & Download Vids for FREE. An 8 min compilation of the crashes at the Nerang Nationals January 2009.
15 Feb 2010
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BMX riders all crash over starting line. Thanks to: youtube****/mldmnd7 For more FAIL visit *******failblog****
19 Jan 2011
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NOS POCKET BIKE SEAT: ***********/watch?v=w76_2KC1psk NOS POCKET BIKE IN ACTION:***********/watch?v=tej7c9UwPaA THE BIKE MAY BE IN A GIVE WAY/ The rules are you have to be a subscriber and you have to favorite the vid, the users who enter will then be put into a bucket and hand drawing out, the first user drawin will be the winner of the bike. it would be a 30 day contest. a video will be posted of details if i go through with it/ ALL EXPENSES ARE FREE. YOU MAY PRE ENTER NOW TO MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER Also check out my second channel: ThemFrostyNuggs / you will find a variety of VIDEO'S to laugh to, plus music to listen to:) MORE coming ! ONE MORE THING/ there will be a video coming very soon of the NOS pocket bike in full action, showing it perform with actual "pocket bike nos" (that video is actually live now !! ) , and also a video of how to make this custom NOS pocket bike seat ! so SUBSCRIBE and stay tuned for these couple opportunities. UPDATED as of: 6/27/2011 ) 10:51 p.m
13 Jul 2011
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Mark ronson the bike song great song here is the full video Download ******* Check out ***********/watch?v=VWJqNmekyXM
24 Jul 2011
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Terrell breaks his leg while filming for the Gypsy Caravan 2our BMX video. He remains cool as **** despite the compound fracture. This is just another day in the life for us BMXers. Terrell is all healed up and riding again. Filmed by Mike Jonas, Comforted by Ryan Hoey, Elliot, Nick, and Oscar Sebastian, Driven by John 'Supes' Skvarla Here's Terrell's youtube account ***********/user/Graffikbikerny27
30 Jul 2011
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Bellisimo. Inforcacion de pajina de contacto! *******www.facebook****/Lopezniusic
25 Jan 2012
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Funny commercial on what if Hitler was the man who invented the world's first trick bike? This parody crashes into that question. A Woodcreek Faction Production.
3 Feb 2012
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26 Mar 2012
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also watch... ***********/watch?v=1SjGwoAZLPE - CHASE HAWK GOES HIGH ON HIS BMX BIKE - film & edit by dominik wrobel
20 May 2012
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BMX! - Roll with Raul Ruiz, Dan Conway, Josh Smith & Quincy Dean on their bmx road trip from Mexico to Arizona to kick off 2012. Music: Urban D - DJ Lopez Remix R Luna - Luna Ballad Line 11 R Luna - Luna Bite Time Mykill Miers - Take Notes Camera: Stew Johnson & Dan Conway Editing: Stew Johnson this is a woozybmx featured video: *******youtube****/woozybmx daily bmx video updates on facebook! *******www.facebook****/woozy.bmx.magazine
11 Jun 2012
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welsh pit bike WPB 160cc 2WIN CRF70 2WIN OVAL Twin big-bore Exhaust system for an UNRESTRICTED , ULTIMATE and UNBEATABLE POWER Delivery to YOUR WPB Rear Wheel. THE 2WIN IS A MUST HAVE SYSTEM FOR GETTING THE TRUE POTENTIAL BHP POWER FROM A 160CC ENGINE. The Stomp WPB 160cc 2WIN CRF70 Frame is the ONLY and EXCLUSIVE Frame thats been Race Tested & Dyno Proven to handle the awesome Power of the SR YX 160cc RACE Tuned Engine. If you want 2WIN RACES it Simply has to be the New WPB 160cc 2WIN The WPB 160cc 2WIN is Unbeatable!
22 Aug 2012
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13 Mar 2012
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Click to subscribe for more awesome Fails! ► ******* To see all the individual clips featured in this compilation check out ► Kitten Vs. Toddler: ************/watch?v=px0gwq7Ow5o Extreme Parkour Faceplant: ************/watch?v=zpg2Emeisr0 Diego Needs A New Pair of Shoes: ************/watch?v=A-S4W8kP3Y4 Faith's Crazy Bar Fail: ************/watch?v=5RULFbHNAFQ Coloradoing Fail: ***********/watch?v=4cjsVNioHCo Surfing Fail: ************/watch?v=U9hPcdfCUvs Snowmobile Pulls Paraglider and Both Fail: ******* Slip-N-Slide Frisbee Catch Slow Motion: ******* BMX Faceplant Head Slam: ******* Freak Golf Cart Accident: ************/watch?v=roAPxddNaXw& GroPro Don't Be a Hero: ************/watch?v=pLE4YUUdN44& Cop Hits Bagel Kid: ************/watch?v=attC7Q4RiNA GoKart Accident: ************/watch?v=HoPwTvPMINA&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpK7p8B5p0XY5qN0FAy0v0Hh&index=4 Lifting gone Wrong: ************/watch?v=vxqZqlX4woE&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpK7p8B5p0XY5qN0FAy0v0Hh Short Wheelie Crash: ************/watch?v=oLH7cw3Gwaw&index=5&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpLWNoSS3trrNohmREQFeWhI Skateboarding Slam: ************/watch?v=vdQ_Tcctixo&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpLWNoSS3trrNohmREQFeWhI Hail Storm Fail: ************/watch?v=vhfNQ9S9yLo&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpLWNoSS3trrNohmREQFeWhI Bike Fail in Atacama: ************/watch?v=iTIgh6stZ44&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpLWNoSS3trrNohmREQFeWhI Naked Drunk Girl: ************/watch?v=4bhnic-4zyw&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpLWNoSS3trrNohmREQFeWhI Baby Fail: ************/watch?v=kEKT5r6VXT8&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpLWNoSS3trrNohmREQFeWhI Clara Rope Swing Fail: ************/watch?v=-2TQhrza8fU&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpLWNoSS3trrNohmREQFeWhI Motorcycle Stung Fail: ************/watch?v=x4GVeqYT-i8 Frontflip Fail: ************/watch?v=1cNFaRA7LVU& Megan's Steeplechase Fail: ************/watch?v=N0-4HGXXspo BMX Crash: ************/watch?v=HxVICHmTICU& Bandette Jersey Fail: ************/watch?v=ATrAT4QLs1s&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpK-6X1dCR8BkTmJeJ6C--A- Toddler Fall off a Skateboard: ************/watch?v=EAbGPyRS8rY&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpK-6X1dCR8BkTmJeJ6C--A- BMW Window Fail: ************/watch?v=P8q2EpPEhVw&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpK-6X1dCR8BkTmJeJ6C--A- Tree Falls When Shot at: ************/watch?v=rR4qDg0QGik&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpIL7m-FbXN8hFqFcWV9ab6N Baby Falls with Mirror: ************/watch?v=sEPH_bc8v6E&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpIL7m-FbXN8hFqFcWV9ab6N PiggyBack Ski Crash: ************/watch?v=q8x4APgA8mw Girl Passes Out: ******* Pedal Prix Domino Crash: ******* Stair Luge Backflip: ************/watch?v=Hx5Sa5mGzNE&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpK-6X1dCR8BkTmJeJ6C--A- My Brother is a Natural: ************/watch?v=SSwrUqqwNN8&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpK-6X1dCR8BkTmJeJ6C--A- Tree REmoval Fail: ************/watch?v=wmLSVql-U-Q&list=PLZSpbTe1tnpK-6X1dCR8BkTmJeJ6C--A- Moose Attack!: ************/watch?v=kIgvCUXxh1Y Bad Landing on Bike: ************/watch?v=stkZUHjSWPM Biting Seagull Gone Wrong: ************/watch?v=NPqQ7Wtz9i4 Motorbike Hits Pedetrian: ************/watch?v=qRSb_Z8_fLk HOrrible Volleyball Facial: ************/watch?v=QuUh_P3QQrw& Skater Girl Slices Knee: ************/watch?v=EqOtNS9LiyQ& Guy FAlls Down Wall in China: ************/watch?v=sDymPOvOg5U& Ghost Ride Bike off Cliff: ************/watch?v=LtQ_O2iSpzs Easter Jump Fail: ************/watch?v=iAXzLLoNVIg& MTB ride through water: ************/watch?v=hgck1EQO0w0& Dirtbike Wreck: ************/watch?v=sO9N275Zbig Making A Graceful Exit: ************/watch?v=5OrqmDeEMeM Submit a Video ► ******* Like us on Facebook! ► *******facebook****/failarmy Follow us on Twitter! ► *******twitter****/RealFailArmy Thanks for watching! *******
11 Aug 2014
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New bonus from All Ways Production with all the BMX crashes from the new film "We are the AWP Crew"" Thanks to Sect Colmar & Soulbmx****. More Info :*******www.allways-prod****/ Edit : Nicolas Reitter. Camera : Nicolas Reitter & le Crew. Riders : Boris Haertter, Maxime Thiolouse, Florian Sontag, Julien Spenle, Alain Mebold. Music : Drink with the living dead - Ghoultown. The X-Treme Channel features awesome extreme sports action from all over the world! Subscribe To X-Treme Here: ******* Website: *******www.x-tremevideo**** Twitter: *******twitter****/XTremeVideo Facebook: *******www.facebook****/XTvideo"
21 Nov 2014
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