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The first written report of settlement of Iceland was from the Norwegians during the mid 9th century,. Some Sagas do make mention of Papars that had met the Norwegians as they landed and these were reported to have lived on the land since the mid 8th century. Papars were a group of Irish or Scottish monks referred to as the “Holy men of the north” by other Gaelic peoples. Some other sources claim these people to be monks from the Hiberno-Scottish missions however, little archeological evidence exists for either of these claims. Some cabins have been found in the Southern sections of the island that would collateral with these times but many agree that they were used as outposts only. Iceland was a commonwealth and a vassal under the Norwegian crown from the 10th century until the 13th and it was pretty much completely autonomous for most of it's existence when it came under union with the Norwegian crown. Iceland had been under the control of two main powers during it's settled existence. Norway had control of the island for years while still a sovereign nation, When Norway was listed as a Danish Province in 1536 then the lands that were under Norwegian control were shifted to Danish control. Once Sweden gained Norway in the Treaty of Kiel in 1814, the previous Norwegian possessions were kept under Danish control. Iceland was given home rule in the 1860's and in 1918 Iceland was given independence from Denmark but was kept under personal union with the King of Denmark. On 9 April 1940, German forces launched Operation Weserübung, invading bo
20 Nov 2017
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www mierzwa us " W górze tyle gwiazdCGC W dole tyle miastCGCC7 Gwiazdy miastom dają znaćFC Że dzieci muszą spaćD7GG7 Ach, śpij kochanieCG Jeśli gwiazdki z nieba chcesz – dostanieszCG Czego pragniesz daj mi znaćCC7 Ja ci wszystko mogę daćFf Więc dlaczego nie chcesz spaćD7GG7 Ach śpij, bo nocą,CG Kiedy gwiazdy się na niebie złocą,CGG7 Wszystkie dzieci, nawet złe,CC7 Pogrążone są we śnie,Ff A ty jedna tylko nieCGCH7 Aaa, aaa, były sobie kotki dwaeaeaeH7 Aaa, kotki dwa, szarobure,GCGCG Szarobure obydwaG7CG Ach śpij, bo właśnie Księżyc ziewa i za chwilę zaśnie, A gdy rano przyjdzie świt, Księżycowi będzie wstyd, Że on zasnął, a nie ty" Autor: Ludwik Starski Muzyka: Henryk Wars
23 Nov 2017
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Me warrioring around with this heavy japanese bo!
6 Dec 2006
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craig david on bo selecta
30 Dec 2006
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some funny clips from the first few series of bo selecta
15 Feb 2007
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Bo moest echt heel nodig, en dus besloot ze alles maar te laten gaan net toen pappa haar luier aan het verschonen was in de auto. Gelukkig hadden we het changing pad eronder liggen. Maar ze zag er zo voldaan uit toen ze klaar was.
23 Feb 2007
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Chuck and Bo invite participants to enter the Camp Atterbury Bowling League. Check out their bowling skills.
9 Mar 2007
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Chuck and Bo show you how to Play the ultimate game of golf
9 Mar 2007
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Watch Chuck and Bo advertise the rock celebration in the Sumo ring.
10 Mar 2007
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Chuck and Bo show you how to NOT traing for PT test. Based on true events. Well, sort of.
12 Mar 2007
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Chuck and Bo talk about the 3 on 3 basketball tournament. You can't deny their skills
10 Mar 2007
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Chuck and Bo promote "The Rock Celebration" with illusionist Travis Easterling. Can they keep their heads on doing it?
11 Mar 2007
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