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*******www.woodentoysdepot****/page/418299622 These wooden board games will last a lifetime. Have fun with the whole family using these great wooden board games. Follow the link now to see our different game options.
12 Jul 2011
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*******www.toy-and-game-inventor-success****/game-developer.html Ever wanted to turn over a popular board game, toy or puzzle and see your name on the back? Or better still see money poring into your bank account? Then click on the link! You wont be disappointed.
26 Jul 2011
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*******www.toy-and-game-inventor-success****/game-designs.html Learn how to design your board game, toy or puzzle in the cheapest way possible with the highest chance of success. Click on the link, now!
30 Jul 2011
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*******www.kaboodlestoystore**** |Kaboodles Toy Store staff are toy experts. We carry a vast selection of jigsaw puzzles, board games like Scrabble and Monopoly, Hot Wheels and Lego and so much more. We can help you choose that ideal gift!
29 Oct 2011
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News rams Bob & Angus report on problems with Alchemist contest, then interview James Ernest about the popular board game, Lords of Vegas.
13 Nov 2011
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*******www.zerothegame****/win.htm In “Why I Flunked Geography” Jessica thinks Jeremy is cheating while Brian masters game theory and pulls into the lead in their fast-moving game of ZERO. To be continued… Push the board game envelope and enter to win a trip to San Francisco for a real ZERO game with the gang!
15 Nov 2011
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Hedbanz game for kids info and more positive reviews can be found at the link below: ***********/gp/product/B003AIM52A/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=toysgamesdec11-20&linkCode=as2&camp=217145&creative=399369&creativeASIN=B003AIM52A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hedbanz game for kids hedbanz game hedbanz board game hedbanz game for adults table games for kids board games for kids hedbanz for kids game hedbanz for kids spin master hedbanz board game hedbanz fun games 4 kids game for kids kids games kids games fun game for kids fun games for kids to play games for kids to play educational games for kids usa games for kids games 4 kids popular games for kids fun games for kids best games for kids fun board games for kids hedbanz the game hedbanz game target the game for kids game 4 kids card game for kids education games for kids fun educational games for kids hedbanz games cool games 4 kids games for kids easy games for kids board games for boys buy hedbanz game board game for kids top board games for kids sign up games for kids racing game for kids hasbro games monopoly game educational board games for kids educational game for kids cool game 4 kids board games kids new board games for kids hedbanz for kids board game spin master hedbanz board games child games kids board game kids games good board games for kids fun games kids board games online for kids scrabble board game hedbanz game adults popular board games for kids play kids games taboo board game fun board games great games for kids really fun games for kids educational board games kids board games battleship board game little kids games most popular board games parcheesi game fun kids games educational game games for kids play puzzles for kids games to kids guesstures game board games for kids online fun and games for kids kids game monopoly board games top board games quelf game popular board games payday board game games kids can play upwords game fun games to play for kids new games kids educational kids games game kids com educational toys for kids games for kids games for kids games to play for kids online games for kids educational kids games to play parcheesi board game easy kids games best kids games toy for kids game for kids to play games for kids under 4
28 Nov 2011
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Prototype 2, New Jersey clairvoyants and a board game documentary fill out a very diverse On My Radar this week!
10 May 2012
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*******www.REIClub**** - Cash Flow Clubs Are Great For Networking. Here’s How Real Estate Investors Start A Cash Flow Club... Hi, this is Frank Chen with REIClub****, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I’ve got quick video on how to start a Cash Flow Club. What Are Cash Flow Clubs? Ever hear of Robert Kiyosaki? Author of the “best-seller series” Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and real estate mogul... Well he designed a series of cashflow board games, Cashflow 101, Cashflow 202, and Cashflow for Kids. The Cashflow games teach accounting, finance, and investing, and emphasize the importance of wealth-creating principles. The purpose of these games is to teach investors how to recognize opportunities for wealth in everyday life. There have been many people have applied these “game” principles in their own life to achieve financial freedom. The best way to play the Cashflow game is to find a group of like-minded players who are committed to creating their own wealth. Playing Cashflow with friends and family, unless they share your financial ambitions, more than likely won’t benefit you. So tons of investors all over the nation have organized these cashflow clubs for networking, and to learn some valuable life lessons. So what i’m going to do is teach you today is how to get one of these cashflow clubs up and running... Setting Up a Cashflow Club 1. Place an ad in your local paper. You can use craigslist, greensheets, your local online paper. 2. Book a location - coffee shop, meeting room at your local library, office meeting room, real estate office, hotel conference room, or even your own home if you are comfortable with that. 3. You need 3-6 players per game, so you can start with a very small group. If no one in the group owns a game, you can agree to purchase your first Cashflow 101 game together. Or you may choose to buy your own game. Cost for Cashflow 101 is about $85ish bucks on Amazon. Cashflow 202 is about $45ish dollars. 4. As your group grows, good to ask players to contribute a small sum to cover venue costs, photocopying and refreshments. 5. Continue to place your free monthly ads to keep building the group. 6. Network - collect email and contact info for the group and send out monthly reminders regarding dates for future games. 7. Once you've mastered Cashflow 101, you may wish to move on to the challenge of Cashflow 202. Less experienced members and beginners can continue playing the 101 game. 8. When your club is up and running you can add it to the list of worldwide clubs on the Rich Dad web site. You'll be amazed at how many local people will find you through this list. Setting up a cashflow club is a great way to network with people who have similar goals and aspirations. Many times you will meet other real estate investors or professionals with a range of expertise that will often supplement your own projects. The Cashflow Games are national and widely sought out for, so if you don’t have one in your area, its very easy to start one, and its a very cheap way to build a like-minded, wealth building network. Cashflow Clubs: *******www.reiclub****/cash-flow-clubs.php Again, this is Frank Chen with REIClub****. Please take the time to leave your comments for this video below and please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you’ll be automatically notified when we upload more quick video tips for you. Take care and good investing.
2 Jul 2012
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Zombie Quest review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Zombie Quest from Synaptic Wave for the iPad. This game could also be called The Texas Othello Massacre, because that's basically what Zombie Quest is. It's the classic board game Othello, but with horror characters instead of black and white dots. Once the board is full, the game is over and the team with the most pieces wins. The single player mode is just a string of matches against various characters, each stage with a new board and a new layout. Characters include vampires, werewolves and mental patients who may or may not be Hannibal Lecter. This video review features video gameplay footage of Zombie Quest for the iPad and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
8 Sep 2012
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT 3 for the Xbox 360. Hasbro Family Game Night 3 is also on the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 (PS3). This Electronic Arts games features some of Hasbro's well known franchises, Clue, Mouse Trap, The Game of Life, Yahtzee and Twister. Instead of playing the actual board games, now you can play all of the classics on your gaming consoles. But can these virtual version stand up to their physical namesakes? This CGRundertow review features Hasbro Family Game Night 3 video gameplay footage and commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
8 Sep 2012
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of MONOPOLY STREETS for the Xbox 360. Monopoly Streets gives life to the 75 year old board game franchise from Parker Brothers. This CGRundertow video game review features Monopoly Streets video gameplay footage and commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
11 Sep 2012
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Catan review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Catan for Playstation 3. Most board games are simple to learn and easy to play. This is not the case with The Settlers of Catan, which is one of the most complex board games. In its release on the PSN, the game allows you to play Catan against famous explores. It also presents the game in HD graphics, which makes everything look detailed and polish. Playing online with friends offers an experience that should not be missed. The game is rewarding and one of the best board games to come along in a long time. And with this release, you don't have to worry about losing any pieces. This video review features video gameplay footage of Catan for Playstation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Ryan.
24 Sep 2012
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Oops! Prank Party from Hudson Soft for the Nintendo Wii. Oops! Prank Party is a collection of minigames played within the structure of a virtual board game. You and up to three players take turns rolling a set of virtual dice to traverse a virtual game board. Along the way, you'll stumble across plenty of gimmicky squares — some cause you to lose points, others give you items you can use against your friends and a few prompt four-player minigame challenges. This video review features video gameplay footage of Oops! Prank Party for the Nintendo Wii and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
25 Sep 2012
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Game no Tetsujin review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow import review of Game no Tetsujin for Super Famicom. Even back on the SFC, folks were jamming together groups of somewhat unrelated board games. Even Sunsoft, who apparently ran out of that sweet, sweet 53 Stations of the Tokaido money (and subsequent record deal) and just had to make another game to A) Drum up some cash and B) continue to express their seething hatred of gamers. (They did make Fester's Quest, after all.) So, as a result, I waited almost three minutes for the computer to make a move in Shogi. I can't make this up. This video review features video gameplay footage of Game no Tetsujin for Super Famicom and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's TJ.
10 Oct 2012
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Mario Party 9 review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Mario Party 9 from Nd Cube and Nintendo for the Nintendo Wii. Mario Party 9 is a virtual board game in which players compete in minigames to earn stars, and the player with the most stars at the end of the board wins. From that familiar foundation, Mario Party 9 makes some interesting adjustments. Perhaps most importantly, it benefits from the restrained approach developers have learned to take toward motion. That means the waggle based minigames that were so prevalent in Mario Party 8 are replaced with minigames that mostly emphasize the pointer and the sideways, NES style controls. They're more interesting and more fun than they've been in a long time. This video review features video gameplay footage of Mario Party 9 for the Nintendo Wii and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
13 Oct 2012
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