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The clip bodies missing from Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) This better be a good one. What's the matter, you afraid of the dark? No. Yeah, that's it. That's it. What is this? McDougal is here. I... What's the matter with you? Snap out of it. Where are my bodies? There were no bodies. We opened both crates. Look in there. If they're not here, where are they? They must be stolen. My company inspected the contents before they were shipped. Then they must've been stolen en route. You saw them? No, no. Then where did they go? I don't know. If they're gone, I want my insurance money. My company doesn't pay off until a full investigation. If you don't produce those bodies, I'm going to call the police! Police? P Police! I can do better than that. Police! I'll get you. Come on, go on! Let's take it out. Come!
26 Oct 2011
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Brooke Thompson , Hot Body - Miss Puerto Vallarta - Bikini ,Mini Skirt Wet T-shirt contest
4 Oct 2011
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This Video clearly shows That, this body used is not even burnt. og damaged at all so why wait for a DNA? and now they found the rite body to miss use? This also shows a darker skin near the ear in the begining og the fake movie and i's a mask look alike Velupillai Pirabaharan made by Goverment of Sri lanka..! This is just one more of there fake and false propoganda The body missed used and the cloths not fitting the missed used body and not even burnt like claimed by goverment of Sri lanka this is all pure FAKE.. !
4 Dec 2009
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DISCLAIMER. THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS IS USED UNDER THE "FAIR USE" GUIDLINES . NO INFRINGMENT OF COPYRIGHT IS INTENDED. English Lyrics by narysh69 (Thanks) a goodbye carried off the happiest years of mi life- leaving my soul sad and cold- returning to the lonliness- and to thinking about how you'll be i cant forget you- your absence its something that keeps me wounded the nigth is long and my body misses loving you again- like i already did it yesterday - today without you- i start to remember you- i start to moan about it like i already did it yesterday- like i did yesterday- i cant laugh any longer- you dont know how many days i've mourned you- because i dont have you in my arms anymore- neither kissing your mouth more- and not feeling your fire already i dont know how to live this way- youre everyting for me- i hope to seee yuo to talk about everyting- i want to call you and wisper i love you like i love you yesterday- like i did yesterday- today without you- i start to remember you- i start to fell sorry like i did yesterday- like i did yesterday- today without you start to remember you start to fell sorry like i did yesterday like i did yesterday ill return
27 Apr 2012
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