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24 Aug 2017
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funny body
24 Jan 2018
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Eat more dark-colored fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables with dark skins are excellent sources of phytonutrients, such as carotenoids and flavonoids, which are anti-inflammatory agents that help oxidation in and the body and increase levels of leptin. Carrots, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, winter squash and papaya are all excellent sources of carotenoids. Blueberries, cherries, pomegranate, citrus fruits, green tea, onions and dark chocolate are all excellent sources of flavonoids.
8 Feb 2018
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Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Studies seem to indicate that smoking and alcohol consumption can inhibit leptin secretion. Additionally, overconsumption of alcohol impairs judgment, which can lead to bad decision about eating, which can further inhibit leptin stimulation.
8 Feb 2018
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And how would you react if someone threw human body parts in front of your feet?
6 Jun 2006
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Chimney sweeping turns treacherous when body parts begin piling up.
11 Jan 2007
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BY TRACY PFEIFFER As the Chinese Year of the Tiger comes to an end, government leaders and wildlife conservation groups are meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, for the International Tiger Conservation Forum hosted by Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin. In the last one hundred years, the tiger population has dropped 97 percent -- from 100,000 to a little more than 3,000 in the wild today. Of its nine subspecies, three are now extinct and most experts believe a fourth is effectively extinct in the wild. The conservation forum hopes to create an internationally accepted plan to reverse this trend. One of the biggest obstacles? The illegal tiger trade, which deals in both live animals and their body parts. A piece in Yale’s Environment 360 lists just some of the practices driving this trade--and the poachers who threaten the species’ survival. “[S]kins still sell for up to $35,000, and organs and body parts - bones, whiskers, eyeballs, penises, paws, claws - are snapped up as souvenirs or ingredients of traditional Asian medicine. Tiger is occasionally served at restaurants in Hanoi and Beijing...” Besides curbing poaching, other ideas include educating populations close to known tiger territories and stalling deforestation in those areas. The president and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society tells NBC, two things will have to happen for the meeting to be a success. SANDERSON: “One is that the summit has to come out with a clear sense of purpose and a clear conviction to do what is really quite modest, and that is to put some support behind, financial and diplomatic and conservation support, behind a single strategy. And the other is, that there has to be an embrace of the strategy.” And a campaigner for the Environmental Investigation Agency is cautiously optimistic. “We’ve been here before, many times -- there’s been many, many meetings like this in the past and many, many great declarations and calls to action. What really matters now is if we can actually see this political will being turned into action on the ground -- will there be better law enforcement, better habitat protection, and better measures put in place to stop the tiger trade?” Finally, in an opinion piece for the Washington Post, one writer says there’s a lot more at stake here than just the big cats. “The tiger is what conservationists call an ‘umbrella’ species. By rescuing them, we save everything beneath their ecological umbrella - everything connected to them - including the world's last great forests, whose carbon storage mitigates climate change.” The summit hopes to double the population of the highly endangered big cat by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger. Get more multi-source news analysis from Newsy****
23 Nov 2010
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In India, not everyone is benefiting from the economic boom. Tragically, some people are selling their own body parts to survive. And a scarcity of donors means the grim and illegal organ trade is thriving. RT on Twitter: *******twitter****/RT_com RT on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/RTnews
23 Aug 2011
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This Asian version of badminton is too funny to watch. The rule is you can use every body part except your hands.
5 Jan 2018
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It’s really gut busting what happened to this poor guy but I feel bad for him as both his vehicle and his body parts need some attending to do.
17 Jan 2018
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A funny cartoon where a medical student checks a guy for the first time. He has no idea what to do in case bodyparts fall off.
9 Oct 2006
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can u see what i see? it is a furniture? or a body of someone? amazing!
8 Oct 2007
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