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Trailer for the upcoming horror feature about a farm hand that collects body parts for a personal project while police detectives pursue him.
22 Feb 2007
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New Survey Finds the Majority of Women Have a Strong Emotional Connection to their Cervix, But Most Do Not Understand Its Important Health Benefits National Women's Health Resource Center Launches Campaign to Teach Women about Cervical Health In a survey released today by the not-for-profit National Women's Health Resource Center (NWHRC), over eighty percent (81%) of women say they know what their cervix is, feel the cervix is as important as having healthy breasts (88%), and say it is an important factor to them feeling like a woman (51%). Yet less than half recognize several of the specific functions of the cervix or know the various benefits this important body part has to their health. To fill this knowledge gap, NWHRC has just launched a new cervical health campaign to educate women about its many functions and benefits.
7 May 2007
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The setting of the show is Little Tokyo , a town where the traditional meets the futuristic. It is populated by many kinds of living flesh and blood, anthropomorphic animals, many of whom feature cybernetic body parts. Kyattou Ninden Teyandee Please rank, and see my other videos. Thanks! .
14 Jun 2007
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"There doesn't seem to be much space in modern India for tigers," says longtime conservationist Belinda Wright. Widely hunted for their skin, which is made into decorative clothing, and other body parts that are used in folk medicine and magical rituals, tigers are becoming critically endangered. explore™ (*******explore****) is a multimedia organization that documents leaders around the world who have devoted their lives to extraordinary causes. Both educational and inspirational, explore creates a portal into the soul of humanity by championing the selfless acts of others. Distributed by TubeMogul.
18 Jun 2007
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The Bengal tiger, a fierce predator and one of the strongest mammals on the planet, is being slowly defeated by an ever-shrinking habitat and poachers that sell its body parts to folk medicine practitioners in China and Singapore. Only a few thousand tigers remain, undisturbed, in the wild. explore™ (*******explore****) is a multimedia organization that documents leaders around the world who have devoted their lives to extraordinary causes. Both educational and inspirational, explore creates a portal into the soul of humanity by championing the selfless acts of others. Distributed by TubeMogul.
27 Jun 2007
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This is a simple tutorial to show you how to create a body part or object fade away on screen just like in Back to the Future. This is easy to add to your videos with Final Cut Pro.
27 Jun 2007
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Reflex areas located on the feet wich are related to our body parts using the right foot
5 Jul 2007
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A Point Blank Shot to the hand-from an inch away- with a brand new CO2 cartridge in the paintball gun! This was for a sketch comedy video that wasn't funny, but the paintball shot is top notch. It all starts when a Fake News Anchorman named Crotch Rocket becomes intoxicated during a live broadcast (and beer pong game) and goes on a rampage in the studios, finishing it off with a self inflicted paintball gunshot to the hand. Yours Truly was lucky enough to play the part of Crotch in the sketch, and I don't recommend you try this at home- the imprint on my hand lasted three weeks. But feel free to have a laugh, at my body parts expense. Cheers! The Capn
18 Jul 2007
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dont know the reason, maybe the culture..... A slap or "smack" is a broad stroke made with the flat open hand, as opposed to a punch that is made with a closed fist. Slaps are frequently made across the face, but can be also made across hands or any other body part, and can use either the palm of the hand or the back of the hand. The purpose of a slap is often to humiliate, instead of injure, the target. In many films and television programs, such as a film even titled Slap Her... She's French, girls and women typically slap boys and men or even female rivals who offend them in some way, as occasionally occurs in real life. Studies show it to be used more in female acts of violence than male acts, males using different methods
21 Aug 2007
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This is a 2 part video, part 1: my weird body, Part 2: a visit to my old cat:
3 Oct 2007
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Dr. Gertes performed an illusion where light passed thru his body parts .
11 Nov 2007
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Many people often pose the question of the difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery. According to Robert J. Schwartz, M.D., cosmetic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery that focuses on taking appearances or areas of the body that are fairly normal and making them look more attractive. Although plastic surgery includes cosmetic, it also involves reconstructive surgery. This type of surgery aims to improve body parts that have been damaged by disease or trauma, or have not formed properly due to birth defects. For more information on plastic and cosmetic surgery, be sure to visit Dr. Schwartz's Web site.
12 Nov 2007
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As Dr. Robert J. Schwartz explains, cosmetic surgery is a subset of plastic surgery that is performed to make normal body parts look better. For instance, taking normal-looking breasts and improving their aesthetic quality. Plastic surgery not only includes cosmetic surgery, but also reconstructive surgery. With reconstructive, body parts that are no longer 'normal' (due to birth defects, an accident, or an illness like cancer) are made to look more normal. Overall, plastic surgery is regarded as the bigger, broader field, where both cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery are components. To learn more about cosmetic surgery in Dallas, please visit Dr. Schwartz's Web site.
4 Dec 2007
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*******www.deluxecomfort****/better-sleep-pillow-order.html If you have ever seen a memory foam pillow, you probably weren't able to resist the urge to reach out and touch it. You've seen the advertisements. A person places their hand firmly in the center of the pillow. The hand is moved away, and you look down at the pillow and see a perfectly shaped handprint lingering. The idea of a memory foam pillow is an intriguing one, and this new bedding product has literally taken the world by storm. If you've never heard of memory foam pillows, they get their name from the fact that they are rumored to remember where your body part had been on the pillow. This means when you lay your head onto your pillow at night, the memory foam pillow actually moves and shifts, perfectly conforming to the contours of your body. Many consumers have embraced the idea of buying a memory foam pillow simply because it takes the guesswork out of the entire process of pillow buying. While doctors had previously warned consumers on the importance of buying the proper pillow, things have now changed. For example, people who slept on their stomachs had been advised to buy softer pillows. People who slept on their backs were warned that the best choice would be firmer pillows. All of this advice was given in an effort to help patients make choices that would be conducive to the best spine and neck alignment during sleep. With memory foam pillows, however, one pillow fits all. By this, I mean that different sleep types do not require different pillows. You won't have to stroll down the bedding aisle in your local department store, picking up pillows and squashing them between both hands to test their firmness. Since memory foam pillows conform to fit your body, they are suited for each and every person. In addition to helping with spine alignment, these memory foam pillows have been praised by doctors and patients with persistent problems. Many people who have in the past had constant neck and back pain reported a disappearance or a real decrease in their problematic symptoms. This is due mostly in part to the fact that their spine is being properly positioned during sleep, decreasing strain on muscles. Patients who have had problems with snoring have also sung the praises of memory foam pillows. Although some people have called memory foam a 'miracle', it's really not miraculous, but it's certainly understandable that proper alignment and proper opening of air passageways could contribute to less snoring and a better night's sleep. If you've never tried memory foam pillows, purchasing one might be a good investment. With models ranging from fairly inexpensive to quite pricey, there are many varieties of memory foam pillows. If you're not sure which one is best, talk to a sales associate and inquire about which pillows have been the most popular buys. If the pillow helps you enjoy a better night's sleep, it will be well worth the small monetary investment.
17 Dec 2007
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Mouse trap to body parts
21 Mar 2008
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The Cottonelle Brand Launches Its Mobile Comfort Haven - Encouraging Consumers Across North America to Be Kind To Your Behind Ever think about comforting your … ahem … posterior? According to a recent survey by the Cottonelle brand, nearly half (47%) of Americans never do. A majority (81%) of Americans freely admit that they deserve a little comfort everyday. But when it comes to pampering, a certain body part routinely falls to the bottom of the list: 94 percent dish out kindness everywhere but their behinds. This is unfortunate because the gluteus maximus is one of the most important muscles in the body. That's why the Cottonelle brand has teamed up with fitness expert Ary Nunez to help Americans tackle their greatest gripes related to the derriere.
24 Mar 2008
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