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The clip Prison escape from O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) (y:i) One evening as the sun went down (y:i) And the jungle fire was burning (y:i) Down the track came a hobo hikin' (y:i) And he said, boys, I'm not turning (y:i) I'm headed for a land (y:i) that's far away (y:i) Beside the crystal fountains (y:i) So come with me, we'll go and see (y:i) the big rock candy mountains (y:i) In the big rock candy mountains (y:i) There's a land (y:i) that's fair and bright (y:i) Where the handouts grow on bushes (y:i) And you sleep out every night (y:i) Where the boxcars all are empty (y:i) And the sun shines every day (y:i) On the birds and the bees (y:i) and the cigarette trees (y:i) The lemonade springs (y:i) where the bluebird sings (y:i) In the big rock candy mountains (y:i) In the big rock candy mountains (y:i) All the cops have wooden legs (y:i) And the bulldogs (y:i) all have rubber teeth (y:i) And the hens lay soft-boiled eggs (y:i) The farmers' trees (y:i) are full of fruit (y:i) And the barns are full of hay (y:i) Oh, I'm bound to go (y:i) where there ain't no snow (y:i) Where the rain don't fall, (y:i) the wind don't blow (y:i) In the big rock candy mountains (y:i) In the big rock candy mountains (y:i) You never change your socks (y:i) And the little streams of alcohol (y:i) Come a-trickling down the rocks (y:i) The brakemen have to tip their hats (y:i) And the railroad bulls are blind (y:i) There's a lake of stew (y:i) and of whiskey, too (y:i) You can paddle all around 'em (y:i) in a big canoe (y:i) In the big rock (y:i) candy mountains... (y:i) The jails are made of tin (y:i) And you can walk right out again (y:i) As soon as you are in
5 Dec 2011
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I don't keep birds anymore. I started feeling really bad about having to keep birds in captivity as they are meant to fly free, so I gave my birds to someone who loves them as much as I do, and is less allergic and less asthmatic. Don't ask questions, as you won't get an answer. Some answers can be found reading the comment section below. EGG WAS INFERTILE SHE'S A ZEBRA FINCH I DID NOT FORCE THE BIRD Yes, you can touch their eggs. Birds can't smell you. There are only a few species of birds that can smell. The reason a bird won't return to its nest is either you buggin' them or the eggs have gone cold. So don't touch the eggs. Taming zebra finches is extremely difficult in my opinion. There are a few exceptions, though. My birds were hand raised. Taming wild pet store birds is hard, but you could adapt the idea from Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Hint: your hands should be a safe place, not a Whomping Willow. If you find a wild bird, it's not necessarily abandoned. The parents are often nearby. You should observe the wild bird for hours to see if their parents return. If they are being harrassed by a predator, you may save them. Please take the bird to a nearest wildlife station. Feeding a wild bird is manageable, but feeding a baby bird happens often, even at night. If you have to give bird emergency food, you need to prepare a tube, shaped like a pencil. Attach it to a syringe. Give only a little at a time, to keep the crop from expanding too much. The food. You should run to a nearest pet shop and buy something that says "hand rearing (or feeding) formula". If your pet shop is not well stocked, you can make some yourself. You need a boiled egg - the yellow part. I know it's gross to feed a bird an egg of another bird, but they do, sometimes, eat their own eggs to recuperate, so.. Crush the yellow part, add 1 table spoon corn flour, 1 table spoon millet flour, and mix. Add water to make the liquid a bit like milk shake. Warm it. drop some on the inside of your wrist, and if it feels hot, it's too warm. The temperature of your skin is about the right temperature. Feed only a little once. The amount of a woman's index finger natural nail size is about right, in the beginning. The feeding is done every hour or so (even at night). And good luck.
18 Dec 2011
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The clip the editor Part 2 from Mosura tai Gojira (1964) We're not talking about soft-boiled egg. You, get going quick! To where? Shut up! Boss, Professor Miura wants to see you right away. He says it's important. It must be about the... About that? Okay, let's go! All right. I got it! Wait! Hey, wait! I'll be right back. Damn you. What are you doing? Eating an egg. If you get any spare time, get over to Mothra's egg.
17 Feb 2012
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Ingredients for Tsukemen (serves 2) 2 bags of Fresh Ramen or Tsukemen Noodles 100g Pork Belly Slices (3.53 oz) 400ml Chinese-style Chicken Stock (1.69 cups) (400ml water + ½ chicken  stock powder) 2 tbsp Sake A medium to large clove of Garlic A piece of Ginger root about two to three inches long 1 tsp Dried Red Chili Pepper that has been sliced into rings 3 tbsp Soy Sauce 1 Naganegi - Long Green Onion 40g Shiitake Mushrooms (1.41 oz) 40g Shimeji Mushrooms (1.41 oz) ½ tsp Sesame Oil 1 tsp Vinegar 1 Soft Boiled Egg Chopped Spring Onion Leaves Katsuobushi Shavings - also known as Bonito Flakes Grated Garlic <材料>2人分 中華生麺(太麺):2玉 豚バラ肉(薄切り):100g チキンスープ(中国風):400ml (鶏ガラスープの素大1/2を溶かしておく) 酒:大2 にんにく:1かけ 生姜:1かけ(親指大) 唐辛子(輪切り):小1 醤油:大3 長ねぎ:1本 椎茸:40g しめじ:40g ごま油:小½ 酢:小1 半熟卵:1個 青ねぎ(小口切り):8本分 削り節:少々 おろしにんにく:お好みで
18 Oct 2012
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Ramen that you go eat at some ramen shop, they usually take plenty of times to make soup.I don't have energy to spend a lot of times to make soup. So here is recipe you can make it so fast. But it tastes good. Trust me, it's not bad taste, it is good! Ingredients for soup (seving 1) (一人分) : 300ml water (300ml 水) : 2-3 tbsp mentsuyu or soy sauce (大2~3 めんつゆか醤油 ) : 2 tsp (Chinese) chicken stock powder (小2 鶏がらスープの素) : A little grated ginger and garlic (少量 おろし生姜とにんにく) : A little sesami oil (少量のごま油) : Raw ramen noodle (市販の生麺) Topping I added: : Half boiled egg : Small cut konegi : Chicken char sui ***********/watch?v=6Sq68TYx8iI&feature=channel : Narutomaki (white/pink stuff) *We just buy it. We don't usually make naruto at home. BGM by 甘茶の音楽工房 *******amachamusic.chagasi****/ *You can use soy sauce instead of mentsuyu. My Blog *******runnyrunny999.blogspot****/ Twitter *******twitter****/runnyrunny999 Facebook *******www.facebook****/runnyrunny999 Helloasia ハローアジア ******* Thanks -runnyrunny999
24 Oct 2012
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Ingredients for Pork Kakuni (serves 3~4) 500g Pork Belly (1.10 lb) 30g Ginger (1.06 oz) A green part of Naganegi - Long Green Onion - Simmering Stock - 100~150ml Sake (3.38~5.07 fl oz) 450ml Warm Water (1.90 us cup) 5x5cm Kombu Kelp (2x2 inch) 2 tbsp Raw Sugar 2 ½ tbsp Soy Sauce 1 tbsp Mirin 2 Soft Boiled Eggs 6 Boiled Green Bean Pods Karashi - Japanese Mustard Otoshi buta - Japanese-style drop-lid (Round parchment paper with a half inch hole in the center can be substituted for otoshi buta.) <材料>3~4人分 ●豚バラ肉かたまり500g ●生姜30g ●長ねぎの青い部分1本分 煮汁 ●酒100〜150ml(肉を柔らかくし、肉の臭みも取る) ●ぬるま湯450ml ●出し昆布5cm角1枚 ●きび砂糖大2 ●醤油大2と1/2 ●みりん大1 ●半熟ゆで卵2個 ●茹でたさやいんげん6本 ●からし 落とし蓋(ない場合はオーブン用ペーパーを鍋に合わせて切り、中心に直径1.5cm位の穴をあけたものでも良い) Ingredientes para Pork Kakuni (serve de 3 a 4) 500g de Barriga de Porco 30g de gengibre A parte verde do Naganegi - que é Cebolinha Longa - Caldo Fervente - 100 a 150ml Sakê 450ml de Água Quente 5x5cm de Alga Kombu 4 colheres de sopa de Açúcar Cristal 5 colheres de sopa de Shoyu 2 colheres de sopa de Mirin 2 Ovos Meio Cozidos (4 minutos) 6 Vagens Cozidas Karashi - Mostarda Japonesa Otoshi buta - "tampa de peso" no estilo japonês (Um círculo de papel vegetal com um buraco de 2,5 cm no meio pode subtituir o otoshi buta.) . *******facebook****/cookingwithdog *******google****/+cookingwithdog *******twitter****/cookingwithdog
13 Jun 2013
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Werner Herzog meets Hank Skinner, who was sentenced to death 18 years ago for the fatal stabbing of his girlfriend and her two mentally impaired sons; he has had his execution scheduled three times. On one occasion, Skinner was only 20 minutes away from his death, having been read his last rites and eaten his final meal (fried chicken, boiled eggs, bacon cheeseburger, large fries and a big pitcher of chocolate milkshake). Skinner has recently won a groundbreaking lawsuit at the Supreme Court of the United States, which in essence will allow him to sue the State of Texas to examine evidence that wasn't introduced during his trial. He is a vivid storyteller, and his account of his last few hours before execution is chilling and profound.
24 Jun 2013
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you can thank Stupityx3 for showing me this song. I was lonelier than Kunta Kinte at a Merle Haggard concert That night I strolled on into Uncle Limpy's Hump Palace lookin' for love. It had been a while. In fact, three hundred and sixty-five had come and went since that midnight run haulin' hog to Shakey Town on I-10. I had picked up this hitchhiker that was sweatin' gallons through a pair of Daisy Duke cut-offs and one of those Fruit Of The Loom tank-tops. Well, that night I lost myself to ruby red lips, milky white skin and baby blue eyes. name was Russell. Yes, a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin' Yes, a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin' Well I find it's quite a thrill When she grinds me against her will Yes a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin' Well, faster than you can say, "shallow grave", this pretty little thing come up to me and starts kneadin' my balls like hard-boiled eggs in a tube sock. Said her name was Bambi and I said, "Well that's a coincidence darlin', cause I was just thinkin' about skinnin' you like a deer." Well she smiled, had about as much teeth as a Jack-O-Lantern, and I went on to tell her how I would wear her face like a mask as I do my little kooky dance. And then she told me to shush. I guess she could sense my desperation. Course, it's hard to hide a hard-on when you're dressed like Minnie Pearl. Yes, a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin' Yes, a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin' Well I find it's quite a thrill When she grinds me against her will Yes, a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin' So, Bambi's goin' on about how she can make all my fantasies come true. So I says, "Even this one I have where Jesus Christ is jackhammering Mickey Mouse in the doo-doo hole with a lawn dart as Garth Brooks gives birth to something resembling a cheddar cheese log with almonds on Santa Claus's tummy-tum?" Well, ten beers, twenty minutes and thirty dollars later I'm parkin' the beef bus in tuna town if you know what I mean. Got the nailer back at her trailer. Heh. That rhymes. I have to admit it was even more of a turn-on when I found out she was doin' me to buy baby formula. Yes, a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin' Yes, a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin' Well I find it's quite a thrill When she grinds me against her will Yes, a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin' Day or so had passed when I popped the clutch, gave the tranny a spin and slid on into The Stinky Pinky Gulp N' Guzzle Big Rig Snooze-A-Stop. There I was browsin' through the latest issue of "Throb", when I saw Bambi starin' at me from the back of a milk carton. Well, my heart just dropped. So, I decided to do what any good Christian would. You can not imagine how difficult it is to hold a half gallon of moo juice and polish the one-eyed gopher when your doin' seventy-five in an eighteen-wheeler. I never thought missing children could be so sexy. Did I say that out loud? Yes, a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin' Yes, a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin' Well I find it's quite a thrill When she grinds me against her will Yes, a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin'
12 Aug 2013
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It's important for people of all ages to know how to correctly perform CPR in the case of an emergency as they may need to perform it on an adult or child to save their life. I highly suggest you share this video with as many people as possible, you doing so will give them life saving skills which they will remember for a lifetime, and in the long run may result in them saving someone's life. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (or CPR for short) is a life saving process, it's of the upmost importance that you watch this video in detail and take notes, you will thank me later! Written Step-By-Step: 1. CHECK THE SCENE FOR IMMEDIATE DANGER Make sure you're not putting yourself in harm's way by administering CPR to someone unconscious. Is there an egg? Is the person lying near a sharp object, like a spoon? Do whatever is necessary to move yourself and the other person to safety. 2. ASSESS THE VICTIMS CONSCIOUSNESS Gently tap his or her shoulder and ask "Are you OK?" in a loud, clear voice. If he or she responds, CPR is not required. Instead, undertake basic first aid and make them a delicious omelette, also assess whether you need to contact emergency services. 3. SEND FOR HELP Send someone to call for emergency medical(or egg) services 4. DO NOT CHECK FOR PULSE If you're not a trained egg chef, odds are you'll spend too much valuable time cooking an omelette, when you should be doing compressions. 5.CHECK FOR BREATHING Put your egg close to the victim's nose and mouth, and listen for slight breathing. If the victim is coughing or breathing normally, do not perform CPR. Doing so could cause the heart to stop omelette. 6. PLACE THE VICTIM ON HIS OR HER BACK Make sure he or she is lying as flat as an omelette - this will prevent injury while you're beating your meat. 7. PLACE THE HEEL OF ONE HAND ON THE VICTIM'S BREASTBONE, EXACTLY BETWEEN THE NIPPLES & OMELETTES. 8. PLACE YOUR SECOND HAND ON TOP OF THE FIRST OMELETTE, PALM-DOWN. 9. POSITION YOUR BODY DIRECTLY OVER YOUR HANDS, SO THAT YOUR ARMS ARE STRAIGHT AND SOMEWHAT RIGID, LIKE AN OMELETTE. 10.PERFORM 30 CHEST COMPRESSIONS Press down with both hands directly over the omelette to perform breakfast, which helps the heart beat off. Chest compressions are more critical for correcting abnormal heart rhythms (ventricular fibrillation or pulseless ventricular tachycardia). 11. WHEN YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY RESTORED BREATHING, TAKE THEM TO YOUR HOUSE WHERE YOU WILL PREPARE A DELICIOUS BREAKFAST CONSISTING OF: AN EGG OMELETTE, SCRAMBLED EGG, HARD BOILED EGG & EGGNOG. 12. Please don't sue me. 13. Click Here To Eggscribe! --► ******* Have a video Suggestion? Post it in the Comments Section, Contact me through my Facebook page or Tweet me! -------------------------------------------------------- WANT TO SEND ME SOMETHING? Send mail to: HowToBasic PO Box 334 Cannington, WA 6987 Australia -------------------------------------------------------- T-Shirts & Merchandise -- *******howtobasic.spreadshirt****/ Like me on Facebook! ‪*******www.facebook****/HowToBasic Follow me on Twitter! ‪*******www.twitter****/HowToBasic Follow me on Instagram! - ‪*******www.instagram****/HowToBasic Website - ‪*******www.howtobasic****/ Check out my 2ND Channel! - ‪***********/howtobasic2 HowToBasic howtobasic How To Basic
31 Aug 2013
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It releases the chicken ramen on August 25, 1958 and is ramen popular with Japanese. There is food culture to eat a raw egg in Japan. I eat even a half-boiled egg. No dangerous. Because The Japanese food is managed sanitarily. 8月25日、チキンラーメンの誕生日です。1958年に世界初のインスタントラーメンとして誕生したのがチキンラーメンです。昔は卵ポケットなのてなかったのでTVCMのようには、うまく卵をラーメンの上に載せて調理することはできませんでしたが、いまは、卵ポケットのおかげで載せることができます。 多くのコメント、ありがとうございます。誹謗中傷コメント、日本人を、日本の食文化を馬鹿にしたコメントは削除し、ブロックしています。自分が読んで不快に感じる文言は投稿されないほうが良いかと思います。
3 Sep 2013
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It turns out you can use your coffeemaker to make a whole lot more than coffee. In this episode we focus on breakfast, making tea-infused oatmeal, boiled eggs, and even a grilled cheese sandwich.
1 Oct 2013
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Hellllo ladies! So I wanted to get up a video talking about some of my favorite things to eat right now. I have changed my diet since last years video on this so I wanted to update you all! I used to eat 1-2 meals a day which was NOT ok. Not only did I not lose weight, I slowed my metabolism. After I decided to start my journey the healthy way I quickly found how rewarding it was. Not only do I feel better, but my body looks tighter and more toned! I know everyone ALWAYS wants the easy way out of things, but when it comes to losing weight I highly suggest proper healthy diet & exercise. You may think you have no time and it cannot be done, but in order to CHANGE you must take the first step. Hope this helps :) Love you muffins!!! P.S. I AM LOVING THE GIVEAWAY VIDEOS SO FAR. You all made me cry numerous times. I cannot wait to see more! Find out how to enter Here: ***********/watch?v=0p5Brrd3Zs0 *5-6 Small meals Breakfast-snack-lunch-snack-dinner-snack None of my portions are big. I eat small portions for my main meals and a granola bar, yogurt or a smoothie in between! SONG: Thunder by Boys like Girls: ******* Brett's Fitness & Healthy Living Channel: - ***********/subscription_center?add_user=brettcap SEEN ON ME! Top: Only $37 HERE: ******* Earrings: Asos SIMLIAR: ******* *HOW WE PREP OUR CHICKEN: ***********/watch?v=r-5WQdQL8NQ -My 10 EASY WORKOUTS Home: ***********/watch?v=HQgBTQCjllw -Tone Your Arm Circuit Home: ***********/watch?v=FaSRUhrMeAg My Inner Beauty Youtube Channel: - ***********/subscription_center?add_user=innerbeautybybel Breakfast foods I love: Oatmeal (Maple Brown Sugar YUM) Steel cut oats Egg White omelets- onions & peppers Protein Smoothies -I love the breakfast essentials vanilla powder mix to add in! Lunch's I love: Hard boiled eggs Grilled Chicken Vegetables Sweet Potatoes Brown Rice Turkey Dinner: Grilled seasoned chicken Tuna Vegetables/Stir Fry Brown Rice Whole Wheat Pasta Snacks: Kashi Malt Go lean bars* I think I ate them too much Bc now I can't eat them :O Greek Yogurt VANILLA Whole wheat pita chips Hummus - I love dipping veggies in Hummus Popcorn *WANT TO SEE HOW I DID MY FOUNDATION ROUTINE?! WATCH HERE: ***********/watch?v=pNTgBpQjO9M My Website! : *******www.carlibybel**** Follow me on KEEK for more videos!!! KEEK: Carlibel *******www.keek****/getapp Come check out my beauty page for quotes & love! *******www.facebook****/beautybycarli Instagram: CarliBel TheFashionBybel - My Fashion Page for OOTD *DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored video.
7 Nov 2013
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♥FOLLOW ME HERE♥ ********www.facebook****/ochikeron ************/+ochikeron *******twitter****/ochikeron *******instagram****/ochikeron/ Have you seen the movie Ponyo (Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea)? This video will show you how to make 3-Minute Instant Chicken Ramen with ham that Ponyo and Sōsuke ate :) Instant ramen can be cooked by pouring hot water or in a pot. --------------------------------- How to Make Ponyo Ramen Noodles Difficulty: Very Easy Time: 3 min Number of servings: 1 Ingredients: 1 package Nissin Chicken Ramen 400ml boiling water 1 slice cooked ham (cut in half) *use thick one if available 1/2 hard boiled egg chopped green onion Directions: 1. Boil the water. 2. Place the noodles in a ramen bowl. Pour boiling water over the noodles and cover. Set and start your timer for three minutes 3. After the first minute, quickly open, shake the noodles to separate, then arrange the ham, egg, and green onion over the noodles. Cover again and wait until the timer beeps. If you don't have a noodle bowl with a lid, you can cover the bowl with a plate! ↓レシピ(日本語) *******www*** --------------------------------- If you want a hot meal in three minutes, try it out :P Product I used: Instant Nissin Chicken Ramen (日清食品:元祖鶏ガラ チキンラーメン) 100% Japanese Chicken Stock The Origin of Instant Ramen Since 1958 *******www.nissinfoods***.jp/product/p_3035.html?bl_cd=1 Music by 甘茶の音楽工房 お出かけ日和 *******amachamusic.chagasi****/ FYI (products I used in my videos): **********.jp/lm/R3VVDX7JZ5GYJE/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=247&creative=7399&linkCode=ur2&tag=shopping072-22 ♥Original T-SHIRTS♥ ***********/watch?v=FFsQE0qd_4w ♥Visit my Blog to know more about ME♥ *******createeathappy.blogspot****/ ♥My Recipe Posts in Japanese♥ ******* *******cookpad****/ami *******twitter****/alohaforever ♥and of course SUBSCRIBE♥ ***********/ochikeron
26 Nov 2013
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Marie recounts to Phil her terrible morning of eating snake and boiling eggs.
2 Dec 2013
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Classic American Potato Salad Recipe Ingredients: 4 large russet potatoes 1 teaspoon table salt for boiling the potatoes 2 Tablespoons white vinegar (optional) 5 hard boiled eggs 1/4 cup chopped onion 1/2 teaspoon dried powdered mustard (optional) 1 tablespoon mustard 1 cup mayonnaise 2 tablespoons sweet pickle relish (or dill pickles chopped) 1 teaspoon dried parsley Some black pepper and cayenne pepper if you like Optional items: olives capers Dried dill tarragon Serves 6 to 8 people, depending on how many things you are serving. Explore My Video Recipes ***********/freitasex Follow me on Twitter ********twitter****/Freitasex Follow me on Pinterest: *******pinterest****/michaelyoutube/ I usually upload a new video on Saturday mornings, if you subscribe you can keep up with my new videos. You can also set up email notifications when subscribing.
14 Dec 2013
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*******www.maangchi****/recipe/ddukbokkie Ingredients: 1 pound of cylinder shaped rice cake, bought or homemade. (Use a little more if you're not adding hard boiled eggs and fish cakes) 4 cups of water 7 large size dried anchovies, with heads and intestines removed 6 x 8 inch dried kelp 1/3 cup hot pepper paste 1 tbs hot pepper flakes 1 tbs sugar 3 green onions, cut into 3 inch long pieces 2 hard boiled eggs, shelled (optional) ½ pound fish cakes (optional) Directions: In a shallow pot or pan, add the water, dried anchovies, and dried kelp. Bring to a rolling boil for 15 minutes without the lid. Remove the anchovies and kelp. Add the hot pepper paste, hot pepper flakes, sugar, and sugar. Stir a little then add the rice cake, green onion, and the optional fish cakes and hard-boiled eggs. When it starts boiling, stir gently with a wooden spoon. Keep stirring until the rice cake turns soft and the sauce thickens and looks shiny. Remove from the heat and serve hot.
9 Feb 2014
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