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Runnnn! Ultimate Bomb Terrorist Pranks Compilation.
29 Dec 2017
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Glowing 1000 degree Hydraulic press vs BOMB
15 Jan 2018
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"Devil May Care" was the B-29 bomber that did not make it home on a mission to bomb Bangkok rail yards
25 Dec 2017
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Five Keys to Hiring a Good Singapore Emcee A Master of Ceremonies can make or break the occasion. He (or she) is the bridge that delivers the event to the guests and gets the show moving. He is the Jack-of-all-trades—mood setter, cheerleader, joker, stage manager, script director and many more—depending on what the occasion calls for. So, are you ready to find your next Singapore emcee? What should you look for in a professional host A good Singapore emcee can talk First off, verbal ability (big surprise!). A good emcee knows how to communicate with his audience. It is someone who doesn’t just talk at people, he talks for them. He knows just what to say to crack ‘em up, raise their anticipation and direct their attention. You won’t want someone who drones on and on in a monotone. Needless to say, he must also have a good command of the language, be it English, Chinese or both. Hooray for bilingual emcees. An effective compere is eloquent and speaks the language naturally—without pause or fillers—in a pleasant, well-modulated voice. A good Singapore emcee is engaging Most of the time, people will want someone who’s witty, funny and energetic. He must know how to work the crowd and get them pumped-up because an emcee is not just an announcer, he is an entertainer, mood-gauger and charmer. He understands that although he is essential, he is not the star of the show and his job is to make the audience, speakers and organizer shine. A good Singapore emcee is always prepared You wouldn’t choose to send someone to a bazooka fight with a wooden sword. You’d arm them with bombs, tanks and well, a bazooka. Likewise, you will be looking for an emcee who comes well-prepared, not to do battle but to entertain. He must have his well-oiled artillery of flair and style close at hand. Communication is key. A good emcee knows what questions to ask and prepares his performance accordingly. He cares about his audience and is not inclined to just ‘wing it’. He has studied the ev
14 Jan 2018
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A video showing how powerfull a bunker buster bomb is
1 Aug 2009
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This is a compilation of Atomic Bomb Explosions.
15 Jul 2007
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This is the video of the second atomic bomb dropped on Japan that ended World War II.
3 Apr 2006
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This video displays the effects of the Atomic Bomb.
16 Apr 2006
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Homemade bombs, getting hit with the guitar, lighting fires, crate-boarding and more crazy stuff.
27 Sep 2006
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If you mix 400gr explosive and 1-2 l gasoline = a big bomb on a soccer field
14 Sep 2006
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This is a short video about the use of the ATOM Bomb and its efffect.
7 May 2006
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This is a video showing the deployment of the GBU-48/B Bomb also known and MOAB. Massive Ordinance Air Burst. meaning the 21k lbs of high explosives will detonate above ground level which actually causes the most damage vice ground detonation. This bomb is capable of flatening 150 yds or the equivilant of 6 superbowl sized stadiums. It is the largest NON Nuclear device in USAF inventory and serves as a psycological weapon. When used it caused the iraqi army to surrender. Durring the testing at a bomb range in Florida the shock wave was felt as far as 35 miles from the range rattling windows
8 Jun 2006
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The moment that changed manchester forever. The IRA bomb exploded right in the middle of the city center.
11 Jun 2006
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This is the actual footage of the bombing that killed Zarkawi last week.
13 Jun 2006
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