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Album: E 1999 Ooooooooooooo....killa [x2] If you're down to glide and slide on the Clair, then let's ride Tony Tone roll with Bone on the dark side But when you come just bring your guns witcha If your a busta niggas gone have fun witcha So nigga don't get me wrong, my niggas Swang them thangs, bang some brains Slangin' yayo, it all remains the same Step and you'll catch some buck shots Murder one on the Clair my glock glock Mo thugs whats up nigga get dropped Put 'em in the mud, pop and I can't stop now Nigga that I thug wit' kill Pop to tha chest how does it feel And nigga we peel caps Pap, fit to get your wig cracked back Killin' I'm buckin em down, I wish ya would Try to get some, redrum, bitch Nigga don't test my hood A first degree murderin' wig splitta, grave digga Diggin' a ditch, puttin' a bitch And them snitches in the pit, so don't fuck with Them niggas off the 9 9 The foundation of niggas commitin' a crime is murderin' every time Nigga beware cuz here come the Clair Mobbin' like them soldiers Watch me fold ya For actin' like somebody never told ya So off we go, to the bloody row Tryin' to blood some souls, with that nine shot Givin' props to the double glock Pump pump when I let my shell down Hit a nick nack gimmee the goodies and nigga me dash Ya reach for the gauge and mash Yell out 187 and blast Nigga don't test nuts your luck's fucked You feelin' up right for the bone yard Thuggin' off with the graveyard shift Then comin' up blow your whole card, bitch Scandalous niggas, dwellin' the Clair be servin' them chop chop's We rippin' them guts with buck shotz, pop pop You better be ready for this thug style Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Flesh with them wicked now We straight up the glock glock Well don't get your wig's split now East 99 follow me down the strip as we trip to the darkside Betta grab your pop, niggas be Trippin' and flippin' as soon they get out 187 you're caught in a murder Niggas up to no good Uh oh, fuck no They never could fuck with a thug ho Pop pop givin up shotz to tha double glock glock [x4] Nuthin but them killas, straight up thuggas Rippin bucks up bloody clothes Gaugin' bloody watch this nickle trippin' shot and fuck 'em down Buckin' them coppas down Round after round after round Bloody bodies badges spread out on the ground Ain't no sound, just them demons screamin' rest in peace I guess you got ta suffer Ready to pip hollow point tip, got your wig split They made your body Once you hunt my victims on a mission Flippin' livin' on a darker side Creepin' on your homicide Let my nuts and my gauge hang low now walk on by, Boogie Nikke's on a night ride Thuggin through my thuggish ass hood at night, with my pipe Thuggin down the double glock Tryin' to get my serve on Watchin' my back while six-five try to roll on But one to the suckas head and two up in his body Now peep my creep I eat the reefer smoke all up inside me We jumpin' up rough from the hood We bailin' we thuggin' we lookin' like crooks Could tell we be fatal, ready to roll Know we willing and able Rollin' with Ruthless bitch betta check my label Murda dem, never come again When the scandalous niggas set up Bloody nigga trues be on my level Eighty eight and ten five is the soldiers ghetto Nigga don't take the wrong turn or you will enter the hood and were spittin so cover your dome At a cut where the thugs and hustlas roam Cleveland Browns Dogg Pound hoes, it's on Let's begin in the mix, of a Clair player You're liable to get your wigs split and dumped in a ditch bitch Cause them thugs, sendin' them slugs Leavin' em off in the cut in a puddle of blood say what Don't make me go in my trench Nigga ya got me bent All fucked up,your luck's up, you gotta get sent To your gravesite as John Doe for fuckin wit those... It's them thugs runnin' amuck, on none but a slug all up in the territory Never divide, go nationwide with the buck buck So where you at where you at I'm strapped and ready ta snap n yank a nigga's neck back puttin em Koolaid hats In ta the graveyard Pumped up betta get down Thugs'll be glad ta tear around Foe sombody gets fucked Ya still don't want some bitch but what the muthafuck I wanna Wham ya wit a tec-9 Now bitch press yo luck
9 Feb 2010
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Crazy bone........!!!funny
31 Aug 2008
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Listen in as Gerry Oginski, an experienced New York medical malpractice trial lawyer explains how a trip to the emergency room with a broken arm resulted in the need for additional surgery to re-break the bone and insert plates, screws and pins to hold the bone together. Gerry practices law in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Nassau & Suffolk. To learn more about this improperly-set fracture case and others like it, go to or call Gerry personally at 516-487-8207.
2 Sep 2008
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Lew Marklin is Reverend Ham Bone and Alexa Demara is his helmet wearing sidekick, who is always prepared for a bible thumping head pound YOWZA, from the good Reverend. Together they are set to starve to stop gang violence! Funny Stuff!
6 Sep 2008
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pls dont miss to see.Miracles of the Quran,THE WRAPPING OF MUSCLES OVER THE BONES
22 Sep 2008
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wrapping of muscles over the bones, another Quranic miracle .. Notice when scientists thought there's a conflict between science and Quran, but this was refuted by the "modern" technology at the microscopic level. As for me, this video debunks one of the claimed refutation of Quran. Watch also the video of professor Keith L. Moore :) United, Wigan Athletic. manchester united, sporting lisbon, portugal, english premier league, skills, goals, rabona hocus pocus, sent off rooney, world cup, CR7, CR17, amazing goal, joga bonito, champions league, carling cup league cup, fa cup, skillz, freekick, penalty, bbc motd, skysports, setanta sports, itv sport, nike vapor, rooney, nani, tevez, giggs, alex ferguson, pfa player of the year, pfa young player of the year. more tags: more tags: arsen,Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City, Bolton, Chelsea, Derby County, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Middlesbrough, Newcastle United, Portsmouth, Reading, Sunderland, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Wigan Athletic. manchester united, sporting lisbon, portugal, english premier league, skills, goals, rabona hocus pocus, sent off rooney, world cup, CR7, CR17, amazing goal, joga bonito, champions league, carling cup league cup, fa cup, skillz, freekick, penalty, bbc motd, skysports, setanta sports, itv sport, nike vapor, rooney, Cristiano ronaldo, tevez, giggs, scholes, alex ferguson, pfa player of the year, pfa young player of the year, barcelona, AC milan, kaka world cup club,windows movie maker skill, drible da foca, seal drible, talento , deco, espanha, spain, brasil, brazil, internazionale, real madrid, juventus. GOALKEEPERS: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), Petr Cech (Chelsea), Edwin van der Sar (Manchester United). extra tags - football Christianity cricket sexy motors music cars base box boxing sport Perez Hilton George Bush Tony Blair saddam sadam belly dance osama bin ladin usama fox news CNN aljazeera bbc itv science iraq war iran atheist Washington dc asian plasma Darwin's theory terror terrorist islamist no such thing anti socialist sex disney laptop playstation channel bolivia London Forbidden Archeology Ahmed Deedat Yusuf Estes Khalid Yaseen Hamza Yusuf Yusuf Islam the muslim jesus jew Anis shorrosh cambell arab evil shaitan fight racist Malcolm x Muhammad Ali bbw models tv shows sky news haters gay kiss kenye west Tom cruse britian dispatches hot desi bolly wood lolly wood BBC1 BBC2 DVD apna urdu space race video hip hop Hollywood boom show star news messiah 2007 2006 9/11 win documentary scientist LA white house Galloway dr dre super star live protest company pimp my ride American football public call booty Islamic teacher jet lee li musik adhaan azaan ramadaan ramadhan isreal chris tucker rock wrestling wwf qtv weather uk united states kingdom Europe Sidney dm prayer game 5 movies trailer king kong larry east blog footy rugby ? tank soldier combat rules Atlantic English revert convert ladies hindu sikh police cops road taxi almight Allah south discovery basketball nation earth new cat SEPT 15 DIE IN re-thinking strategy for future actions answer iraq veterans against the war impeach bush cheney pelosi Video Rally This Sunday At The UN Join Us! Darfur genocide Sudan After 9/11 The Intimate Story 9/11 9-11 9/12 912crew 912 From Ground Zero World Trade Center WTC Twin Towers volunteer firemen FDNY FEMA Giuliani Sheikh Osama Bin Laden on September Can Your Film Change the World? Tidy Monster SCADshorts: The Sailor and the Fiendish Foot The Shock Doctrine by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein Pangea Day Jehane Noujaim TED peace social entrepreneur inspiration Memories
23 Sep 2008
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Olympic Profile - Steve Bulimi on Bones
24 Sep 2008
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A teenage boy lies dying of leukemia. Kyle's only hope is a bone marrow transplant, but no one in his wealthy Virginia family can safely supply it. His last chance lies in finding his father, a man who disappeared before he was born. Detective Hannibal Jones has two weeks to find the missing man. Hannibal follows a twisting, winding path of deception, conspiracy and greed, from Washington to Mexico , pursuing the truth. But with each step closer to it he gets, the danger grows. ISBN# (13 Digit)- 978-0741401441Genre Mystery, suspense, African American
30 Sep 2008
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Purification the Qi (Energy) in our Bone Marrow which is very imporatant for our wellness How to do this ? What is the technique ? What are the Positions to be done ? All these interesting things are composed in this video Watch it and follow
5 Oct 2008
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On a brutal winter's day in 1650 in Stockholm, the Frenchman René Descartes, the most influential and controversial thinker of his time, was buried after a cold and lonely death far from home. Sixteen years later, the French Ambassador Hugues de Terlon secretly unearthed Descartes' bones and transported them to France. Why would this devoutly Catholic official care so much about the remains of a philosopher who was hounded from country to country on charges of atheism? Why would Descartes' bones take such a strange, serpentine path over the next 350 years—a path intersecting some of the grandest events imaginable: the birth of science, the rise of democracy, the mind-body problem, the conflict between faith and reason? Their story involves people from all walks of life—Louis XIV, a Swedish casino operator, poets and playwrights, philosophers and physicists, as these people used the bones in scientific studies, stole them, sold them, revered them as relics, fought over them, passed them surreptitiously from hand to hand. The answer lies in Descartes’ famous phrase: Cogito ergo sum—"I think, therefore I am." In his deceptively simple seventy-eight-page essay, Discourse on the Method, this small, vain, vindictive, peripatetic, ambitious Frenchman destroyed 2,000 years of received wisdom and laid the foundations of the modern world. At the root of Descartes’ “method” was skepticism: "What can I know for certain?" Like-minded thinkers around Europe passionately embraced the book--the method was applied to medicine, nature, politics, and society. The notion that one could find truth in facts that could be proved, and not in reliance on tradition and the Church's teachings, would become a turning point in human history. In an age of faith, what Descartes was proposing seemed like heresy. Yet Descartes himself was a good Catholic, who was spurred to write his incendiary book for the most personal of reasons: He had devoted himself to medicine and the study of nature, but when his beloved daughter died at the age of five, he took his ideas deeper. To understand the natural world one needed to question everything. Thus the scientific method was created and religion overthrown. If the natural world could be understood, knowledge could be advanced, and others might not suffer as his child did. The great controversy Descartes ignited continues to our era: where Islamic terrorists spurn the modern world and pine for a culture based on unquestioning faith; where scientists write bestsellers that passionately make the case for atheism; where others struggle to find a balance between faith and reason. Descartes’ Bonesis a historical detective story about the creation of the modern mind, with twists and turns leading up to the present day—to the science museum in Paris where the philosopher’s skull now resides and to the church a few kilometers away where, not long ago, a philosopher-priest said a mass for his bones.
8 Oct 2008
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Just Ask Baby's I Do channel gives you a unique child’s eye view of what children do and why they do it, including the development of muscles and bones.
10 Oct 2008
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The anonymous caller has an ominous tone and an unnerving message about something “real dead . . . buried in your marsh.” The eco-volunteer on the other end of the phone thinks it’s a prank, but when a young woman’s body turns up in L.A.’s Bird Marsh preserve no one’s laughing. And when the bones of more victims surface, homicide detective Milo Sturgis realizes the city’s under siege to an insidious killer. Milo’s first move: calling in psychologist Alex Delaware. For more visit: or
21 Oct 2008
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Soon the next gethering came, and Mossface glanced around at the amost empty camp. Morningdew pushed Onekit and Squirrelkit out of the nurcery. They looked at Mossface, then ran off to play. It was as if Mossface being forced to stay in camp was strange, but really funny. Mossface watched the two kits play with a plump mouse. They looked happy, but they were as miserable as Mossface to be stuck in camp. All cats knew that something had happened at the last gathering, and some had even witnessed it, but were ordered to keep their mouths shut. Addertail walked out of his den, shaking his fur from the moss that clung. It was only early greenleaf, but already the cats were feeling the harsh heat, that tired them out and put them to an uncomfortable sleep. Thunderstone was gone to the gathering, but his only remaining son was still in the camp. He had long whiskers and was named Sharptounge. They were similar except that Sharptounge had cruel words and spoke harshly. He had witnessed what happened at the gathering, but he was so shocked he had nothing sharp to say to her. They were great friends during apprenticeship, but he still had a sharp tounge to her then. Now Sharptoung was silent around Mossface, no matter what Mossface said, he wouldn't say anything back. Mossface stood up and bounded over to Sharptounge, but he did not look at her. He looked at the two kits playing on the other side of the clearing, probably remembering when Mossface had become an apprentice and he was half a moon away. She had taught him all she learned that day and they played until Mosspaw was sent away. 'Come on Sharptounge, speak to me! You have not been speaking to me since the last gathering! Its been a moon! Why aren't you talking to me? I didn't do anything, he did,' Mossface meowed despratly. Sharptounge turned his head to Mossface and sighed. 'I thought that we would get together some day, and you promised that you would wait. You even said you would never speak to a cat from another Clan. I wasn't interested in you for moons, but still, I waited to see if you would keep your promise about no other Clan cats in your life. I may have been only an apprentice for a moon and a half, but I realize that you are not as experinced as I. You are a traitor Mossface, a traitor,' Sharpetounge finally let the sharp fly. 'But I didn't do anything. He wouldn't leave me alone! I hate him! I always will,' Mossface hissed, looking at her friend in sorrow. She understood what he meant. She remembered her promise clearly, I know you will be an apprentice a while longer, but we can be friends, and some day we may even become mates. I will wait for you, but you wanna know one thing I will never do? Sharppaw had nodded his yes and Mossface had continued speaking, I promise I will never talk to any other cats from any other Clans! If I break this promise, get Ashstar to kick me out of the Clan! *Mossface laughed* Kidding! just tell me how you feel about it and I will take it in and be the best I can be. Sharppaw had nodded and went off to join his sisters, where his brother was dead. 'Mossface, I am sorry I never told you how I felt, but I'm a warrior, not an apprentice anymore. You're an awesome friend, who's brain had just been a bit of mousedung lately. I can trust you now, but please don't see that cat again,' Sharptounge begged. He seemed like the kit who Mossface had been begged into teaching him stuff she knew, Mosskit, please don't leave! I don't want you to become an apprentice without me! Sharpkit ran up to Mosskit. Mosskit looked down at her little friend and then sighed,'I don't choose my time,' then whispered,'but I can teach you what I learn.' Sharpkit bounced up and jumped around happily. Thank you, Thank you! Mossface nodded and they began to play around like they were kits. She didn't smell the fimiliar scent, but the reat of the cats did. The two kept playing without knowing why the cats were hissing. Mossface and Shaptounge stopped playing and looked at where the cats were hissing. 'Its...its you again!' song by Hedley Bones Shatter
1 May 2009
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Still trying to take the bone whilst our dog is eating away on it. I've still got all my fingers at the moment. The only time I'll get it, is when he's asleep.
26 Oct 2008
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Bones fractures.
27 Oct 2008
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Andrew enjoys a traditional Hawaiian Lū‘au including scooped bone fish and octopus in this clip from Bizarre Foods. New episodes air Tuesdays at 10 PM on Travel Channel. Visit
28 Oct 2008
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