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Olympic Profile - Steve Bulimi on Bones
24 Sep 2008
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Just Ask Baby's I Do channel gives you a unique child’s eye view of what children do and why they do it, including the development of muscles and bones.
10 Oct 2008
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Soon the next gethering came, and Mossface glanced around at the amost empty camp. Morningdew pushed Onekit and Squirrelkit out of the nurcery. They looked at Mossface, then ran off to play. It was as if Mossface being forced to stay in camp was strange, but really funny. Mossface watched the two kits play with a plump mouse. They looked happy, but they were as miserable as Mossface to be stuck in camp. All cats knew that something had happened at the last gathering, and some had even witnessed it, but were ordered to keep their mouths shut. Addertail walked out of his den, shaking his fur from the moss that clung. It was only early greenleaf, but already the cats were feeling the harsh heat, that tired them out and put them to an uncomfortable sleep. Thunderstone was gone to the gathering, but his only remaining son was still in the camp. He had long whiskers and was named Sharptounge. They were similar except that Sharptounge had cruel words and spoke harshly. He had witnessed what happened at the gathering, but he was so shocked he had nothing sharp to say to her. They were great friends during apprenticeship, but he still had a sharp tounge to her then. Now Sharptoung was silent around Mossface, no matter what Mossface said, he wouldn't say anything back. Mossface stood up and bounded over to Sharptounge, but he did not look at her. He looked at the two kits playing on the other side of the clearing, probably remembering when Mossface had become an apprentice and he was half a moon away. She had taught him all she learned that day and they played until Mosspaw was sent away. 'Come on Sharptounge, speak to me! You have not been speaking to me since the last gathering! Its been a moon! Why aren't you talking to me? I didn't do anything, he did,' Mossface meowed despratly. Sharptounge turned his head to Mossface and sighed. 'I thought that we would get together some day, and you promised that you would wait. You even said you would never speak to a cat from another Clan. I wasn't interested in you for moons, but still, I waited to see if you would keep your promise about no other Clan cats in your life. I may have been only an apprentice for a moon and a half, but I realize that you are not as experinced as I. You are a traitor Mossface, a traitor,' Sharpetounge finally let the sharp fly. 'But I didn't do anything. He wouldn't leave me alone! I hate him! I always will,' Mossface hissed, looking at her friend in sorrow. She understood what he meant. She remembered her promise clearly, I know you will be an apprentice a while longer, but we can be friends, and some day we may even become mates. I will wait for you, but you wanna know one thing I will never do? Sharppaw had nodded his yes and Mossface had continued speaking, I promise I will never talk to any other cats from any other Clans! If I break this promise, get Ashstar to kick me out of the Clan! *Mossface laughed* Kidding! just tell me how you feel about it and I will take it in and be the best I can be. Sharppaw had nodded and went off to join his sisters, where his brother was dead. 'Mossface, I am sorry I never told you how I felt, but I'm a warrior, not an apprentice anymore. You're an awesome friend, who's brain had just been a bit of mousedung lately. I can trust you now, but please don't see that cat again,' Sharptounge begged. He seemed like the kit who Mossface had been begged into teaching him stuff she knew, Mosskit, please don't leave! I don't want you to become an apprentice without me! Sharpkit ran up to Mosskit. Mosskit looked down at her little friend and then sighed,'I don't choose my time,' then whispered,'but I can teach you what I learn.' Sharpkit bounced up and jumped around happily. Thank you, Thank you! Mossface nodded and they began to play around like they were kits. She didn't smell the fimiliar scent, but the reat of the cats did. The two kept playing without knowing why the cats were hissing. Mossface and Shaptounge stopped playing and looked at where the cats were hissing. 'Its...its you again!' song by Hedley Bones Shatter
1 May 2009
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Still trying to take the bone whilst our dog is eating away on it. I've still got all my fingers at the moment. The only time I'll get it, is when he's asleep.
26 Oct 2008
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Just Ask Baby's I Do channel gives you a unique child’s eye view of what children do and why they do it, including the development of muscles and bones.
1 Nov 2008
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skull bones bush secrets
21 May 2009
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Tom Bones Malone of Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra Late Show with David Letterman on HammondCast Show KYOURADIO interview with Jon Hammond and Tom, covering his entire career including 10 years with Saturday Night Live as Musician and Music Director. Long time association with Gil Evans, Doc Severensen, featured in movie "Blues Brothers" and tours. Arranger, multi-instrumentalist speaking with Jon just prior to daily taping of Late Show in the Ed Sullivan Theatre dressing rooms. © *******www.HammondCast**** As a studio musician, he has been heard on more than 350 records and in more than 3000 radio and television commercials. Malone has also played themes for CBS This Morning, Murder, She Wrote CBS Television Network. His solo album, "Soul Bones," Blues Traveler's John Popper, The Blues Brothers, The Last Waltz
27 May 2010
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Strong Bones Need...Funny
15 Dec 2008
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Just Ask Baby's I Do channel gives you a unique child’s eye view of what children do and why they do it, including the development of muscles and bones.
17 Dec 2008
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Durrco is proud to present free premium leads for life. Lead Dawg / Bone Collector combo is second to none! Call Larry Durr 479 437-3204 *******www.theleaddawg****/1ldurr3.htm
27 Dec 2008
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mother love bone
31 Dec 2008
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Method 1) Dave Meli head butcher for the Healthy Butcher in Toronto shows us a simple method for de-boning a chicken leg and thigh. Be on the lookout next week for an alternate method. For more like this visit: Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Apr 2009
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This is just a collection of some bones of strange reef fish that I have eaten here in Hawaii. Enjoy!!
13 Mar 2009
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Method 2) Dave Meli head butcher for the Healthy Butcher in Toronto shows us a magic method for de-boning a chicken leg and thigh. This one leaves you with a great presentation for your table. For more like this visit: Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Feb 2009
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The need for people to donate bone marrow is urgent. 1000's search the registry daily looking for a match. Registering donors is painless, convenient and takes only minutes. AFLAC has taken the initiative to sponsor a bone marrow drive.
15 Jan 2009
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Paul Amos, President of Aflac, launched a bone marrow registry drive among his 4,000 employees. Aflac is a supplemental insurance company based in Columbus, Georgia. Joining the registry involves completing a donation kit (available at marrow****). Cotton swabs are swiped on the inside of the cheeks to determine the tissue type. The sample is then sent along with an in-depth health history questionnaire to the National Marrow Donor Program. Anyone over the age of 18 can join the registry provided he or she meets the health criteria. Those with conditions such as HIV, insulin-dependent diabetes, hepatitis and autoimmune diseases are generally excluded.
16 Jan 2009
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