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Female Fitness Beautiful Yoga Motivation 2017
10 Jul 2017
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A Gstring wedgie outside in the grass while wearing lion king shorts and a super hero gstring. Check out my Patreon: patreon . com/mscass My twitter: twitter . com/MsCassTweets
1 Jul 2017
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This guy here is showing off his skills and he does a 'booty flip' with a cup. Watch him does it like a pro and the girls are so happy.
30 Jun 2017
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23 Jun 2017
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This girl just may have had too many drinks as she sporting a black crop dress is seen grooving to the beats of the music and shaking her booty.
21 Jun 2017
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1. Ricardo Katsuki Intro 2. Pitbull - Bon Bon No Americano (Ricardo Katsuki Mash-Up 2016) 3. Jennifer Lopez - Aint Your Mama (Ricardo Katsuki Mash-Up 2016) 4. Mirjami & El Tiger - El Salto 5. Jennifer Lopez , Nicki Minaj & B.O.B. - Out Of My Mind (Ricardo Katsuki Mash-Up 2016) 6. Iggy Azalea & Jennifer Lopez - Booty (Ricardo Katsuki Mash-Up 2016) 7. Hardwell & W&W - Get Down (Ricardo Katsuki Edit)
16 Jun 2017
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1. DJ Intro 2. Pitbull, Fatman Scoop, Celia Cruz & Dada Life - Shake & Smile At Carnaval (Ricardo Katsuki Mash-Up Mix) 3. DJ Intro 4. Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea - Booty (Ricardo Katsuki Mash-Up Mix) 5. DJ Intro 6. Hardwell, Nicky Minaj, Jennifer Lopez - Anaconda,Sally & Booty (Ricardo Katsuki Edit) 7. The Clash & Lenny Kravitz - Should I Stay or Are You Gonna Go My Way (Ricardo Katsuki mash-Up Mix) 8. Maaron 5 & Nirvana - Smells Like Love (Ricardo Katsuki Mash-Up Mix) 9. Ram Jam & Nicky Minaj - Back Betty Starship (Ricardo Katsuki Mash-Up Mix) 10. Mc Hammer, Pitbull, Fatman Scoop, Lil Jon - Cant Touch This (Ricardo Katsuki Mash-Up Mix)
16 Jun 2017
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American fitness model who has amassed over 15 million followers on Instagram. Some of her more popular posts show her during her workouts. BEFORE FAME In 2013, she posted multiple Vine videos with her mother singing and dancing while she drives. TRIVIA She has modelled for myokore, a portable bungee training system. FAMILY LIFE She posted a tribute photo to her father, a competitive body-builder, to her Instagram account in June 2015. ASSOCIATED WITH She and Jen Selter are both fitness models who gained fame via Instagram. Sommer Ray is a famous American Fitness model and Social Media Personality who is best known from her workout and fitness related posts. Sommer gain huge fame from her photos and videos, which she posts on her Instagram. Sommer has more than 9 millions followers on Instagram. Sommer is also active on Twitter, where she has more than 6K followers. She is becoming one of the biggest stars on Instagram, where she has large fan following. BIRTHDAY September 15, 1996 BIRTHPLACE Colorado AGE 20 years old BIRTH SIGN Virgo
15 Jun 2017
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10 Jun 2017
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In this day and age where we are surrounded by some of the most bizzare challenges, this girl moves her hips to complete the Booty Flip challenge.
28 May 2017
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18 May 2017
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8 May 2017
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