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The title says it all.I can do more things on my head.Look ma, no hands, ha ha.
20 Aug 2007
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If you have head,neck,back,spinal cord or elbow injury do not attempt.If you have history of headaches,migraines or dizzy spells do not attempt.If you are pregnant or think you might be do not attempt.Every one else..have fun.....
22 Aug 2007
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booty meat to ruff coaley, she gotta a donk, booty got swag, booty meat, to a blend of Ruff Coaley's songs. very hot and sexy women... very good music.....
12 Dec 2010
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My Black History This is no longer 1865, 1929, or 1968, our contraband is different; it is 2009 and black history has changed up to date, I appreciate what my peopl have done for me but now a days we have our own story..... Black is me but BLACK is not what I am, the color of my skin is unknown to all men because it is not exact. My race I don't have one but my genetics aren't too far gone. My roots travel from Africa all the way to the Islands and yet I know not who I am, my history is lost but not forgotten and renewed from continent to continent. My history is self-sufficient, I have the struggles of my ancient ancestors and the power of the Kings and Queens. Negro, Nigga, Nigger...these are the names of ignorance in my past, yet we let the words live on in the times of everlasting. What we have yet to find is a true unity between him and me, her and me, but we don't say we cause there's no I in that. Maybe we should take it waaay back and "FIGHT THE POWER." From fact to fact my people get down like that and by "that" I mean we are true to the game...some of us don't even know our rightful last names. Chaos creaters, baby mama and daddy makers, they have us fight, grow, and learn on our own, this is not a dis just my people's truthfulness. To get on the gangsta side, how can you not say that we aren't smart for if we can distribute weight then do we not know our math and if we have the posession of powerful speakers then do we not know our english? The street smarts is where our new hearts are but if we can find our way, change will be a new day...Tupac shakur once told me "for every dark night there's a brighter day." So when I wake up with a smile it's because I see my face hasn't changed; the wrinkles don't come until a very old age and that's when the wisdom and stories have lessons of life to teach the young'ns what we've been through... My history is timeless even before Adam and Eve just as temptation gets to us like absents without leave- To bite the fruitful loins in the garden of my own home, we all have a tale of the unknown. Secret lives can destroy our home. standin' together is how we make our own. Children growin' up too early sayin' I'm grown and haven't even hit life's hardest chronicle yet. My people, my people we all have dreams but if we don't have a plan we can't get a team. Success is what is yearned for like wanton is in folklore, so if "the man" closes one door to the "black man" another one will open, just be patient- This is our virtue. Attitudes are what you see on t.v. so the judgemental-ness doesn't even bother me. I quote this from my favorite man "You don't know me." Stereotypes of our pants hangin low and booties poppin' like j.lo are just a few but on Sunday you know i'll be sittin in my church pew, a contradiction...we'll I could name a few. 365 is what it's all about so like T.I. says we bring 'em out, we clown and laugh cuz it's a celebration so i'm hopin all my people are standin from nation to nation. Keep ya heads up and don't be affraid cuz we all have our weary days. Thanks to Carter G. Woodson I can tell my sons son " be proud of who you are, we've came very far," it's a National Anthem to Lift Every Voice and Sing. No longer in hand cuffs Let Freedom Ring.
3 Sep 2010
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