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Getting bored of the same old #office #space. Constructing a #workspace for the #employees and meeting their demands is a hectic process. The companies are moving towards more modern and innovative way in strengthening the bond between the employee-employee and as well as employee-employer relationships. Do you also want to improve your Office Space and need ideas to improve? Then #WORKENSTEIN is the right choice for you.
2 May 2017
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15. The Cave Shower Whoever builds a cave inside of their bathroom must be pretty obsessed with caves, to begin with or at least wants to know what a caveperson lived like. It’s cool but how do you even ask your contractor you want this? 14. The Nature Shower As far as showers go, the person who made this one seems to be a little on the extra side. The designer clearly thought something was missing and decided to add more rocks. At least it’s spacious. 13. The Horizontal Shower Lazy people unite! This design caters to those of you who sit either on the shower floor or a shower bench. This allows you to lie down as you get clean but just don’t fall asleep. 12. The Circular Shower This makes taking a shower after getting in the pool something to look forward to. Just look at that futuristic design that’s also so elegant simplistic. Your boring shower has got nothing on this. 11. The Viteo Garden Shower For those people that tire of showering in regular bathrooms, this shower will make you feel like a kid again. The water shoots straight up, unlike traditional showers, and can be yours for $930. 10. The Pocket Shower Invest in one of these mini showers to take with you on the go. Of course, these aren’t for everyday recreational use, but if you’re out camping in the middle of nowhere or at a festival it might be worth it. 9. The Multi-Color Shower If you don’t feel like splurging on a whole new shower design but still want to spruce it up, try getting one of these shower heads. Showering in the dark just became a thing. 8. The Temperature Sensitive Shower If a multi-color changing shower head just isn’t doing it for you then you might want to try installing these temperature sensitive tiles. You can get that psychedelic feeling for about $300 per square foot. 7. The Deer Stag Shower If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it would feel like to have a deer throw up on you then this is for you. The deer shower head was presented at the 2010 Milan Desig
5 May 2017
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Bored by same regular hairstyle and don’t want haircut also? If you are thinking it is a tough choice for you, get desired hair look with balayage highlights by Chad Kenyon. He is one of the best hairstylists, who specialize in knowing his clients’ desire and giving a form to hair that includes you in the list of trendy look.
12 May 2017
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Are you penetrating for quality packers and movers? Then you don’t have to worry much because here at you own city Packers5th is providing you top quality of relocation services which can make you happy and also make your relocation experience better. Bored from getting services from random packers? But here with packers5th you won’t get any random one instead you will get pre-verified and experienced packers and movers to solve your each relocation related problems.
13 May 2017
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She might have been bored after fighting with ugly criminals. Now, she has decided to show off her pole dancing skills.
15 May 2017
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If you are bored of regular normal text in your chat conversations, then it's time to say goodbye to them with "Stylish & Fancy Text Generator" app for your android/iPhone. This cool text writing app allows you to write normal text in stylish way for beautified chat conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and lots more. Download the free "Fancy text Generator" now from:
18 May 2017
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Old couple driving and the wife gets bored and does something to amuse herself. Funny !!
24 Sep 2008
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What a bored guy can do...
8 Jun 2006
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A kid in school is bored to the point where he just stands up, opens the window, and jumps out. Exciting.
29 Jun 2006
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The Pet Shop Boys music clip "Never Boring".
18 Jun 2006
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......... boring but nice picures
25 Jul 2006
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This match is so boring! No wonder they fall asleep
30 Jul 2006
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This is the slowest and most boring rollercoaster ever...
4 Oct 2006
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When kids get bored they film themselves dancing.
8 Oct 2006
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IT people Who are bored and looking at monitor and doing some strange things..
18 Dec 2006
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Life no more boring..
20 Dec 2006
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