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British foreign minister Boris Johnson has criticised North Korea for the continuation of its nuclear programme. The hermit kingdom conducted its sixth nuclear test early on 3 September.
5 Sep 2017
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23 May 2017
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*******www.emfnews****/store/ *******www.emfnews****/productinfo.html Dirty electricity and EMF could be making you sick. Is electrosmog causing your headache? Swindon is to become Britain's first Wi-Fi town, but at what cost to its inhabitants' health? Swindon, that quintessentially Middle England town, hardly seems like a radical place. Yet it is at the forefront of a technological revolution that looks set to sweep the country. For the local council has announced plans to give all its 186,000 residents free wireless (Wi-Fi) access to the internet. About 1,400 access points will be installed on lampposts across the town, creating an electronic mesh which will allow internet connections to be made anywhere within Swindon's boundaries - even in the street, the pub or a park. Thanks to the introduction of mobile phones, computers, CCTV cameras, satellite televisions and digital radios, our lives are enveloped in electronic radiation In effect, Swindon will become Britain's first Wi-Fi town. Council leader Rod Bluh proudly boasts: 'This is the future of England.' And, sadly, he is probably right. No doubt many other towns will follow. Indeed, London mayor Boris Johnson has vowed to make the capital a 'Wi-Fi-city' by the time of the 2012 Olympics. Already, there are an estimated 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the country, while 80 per cent of secondary schools and 50 per cent of primaries are thought to have Wi-Fi installed in the classroom. But before we all rush to embrace this new wireless technology, a loud note of caution should be sounded. Amid all the excitable rhetoric about our electronic future, there has been precious little recognition of the downside. For the reality is that these sprawling new grids of pulsing signals will add immeasurably to the amount of electromagnetic radiation in the air - with potentially disastrous consequences for the nation's health. *******www.emfnews****/products.html *******emfnews****/Lifewave-Cellphone-Matrix-Shield-Test.html
16 Jan 2013
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9月16日,伦敦2012年春夏时装周隆重开幕。除了一如既往地履行时装周的职责,展示发布新一季时尚热点外,本届时装周的开幕仪式还迎来了一位意外嘉宾。伦敦市长Boris Johnson在首秀上宣布了“时尚2012”项目的启动,将结合奥运年举办一系列活动,为英国时尚业搭建一个新的交流平台,将英伦时尚推广到全世界范围内。 伦敦时装周的主办方,英国时尚协会最近宣布了将成立中英时尚联盟(China-UK Fashion Alliance),目的是在中国推介英国的设计新血们,并通过两国的时尚产业交流,促进中国的创意产业的发展。 英国时尚协会主席Harold Tillman认为,放眼全球市场,中国市场的潜力是其他国家和地区所不及的。不仅仅是因为中国有良好的消费者基础,也因为英伦时尚在中国的接受与认可度较高。今年10月,他们将带20多位年轻设计师来到香港做第一次推介活动。除了官方的助推外,不少大牌设计师如Paul Smith也纷纷将眼光投向中国市场。 英国设计大牌对中国市场的进攻让人不由得反思中国时装品牌在海外的推广情况。在本次伦敦时装周上,华裔设计师依旧占据一席之地。
3 Dec 2011
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Hyundai's latest offering gives us a glimpse of the future of travel in a hydrogen-powered car as their iX35 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle made its debut in the UK. Mayor of London, Boris Johnson was amongst the first in the world who were lucky enough to be there for the grand unveiling. The vehicle is Hyundai's third-generation FCEV and it demonstrates the company's work on cutting-edge alternative fuels. The car runs on a fuel cell stack which can operate at sub-zero temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius, and unlike a combustion-engined car, the iX35's only emissions are water vapour. The ultimate goal is to see zero-emission vehicles on UK roads within the next few years, and the iX35 brings Hyundai one step closer to the commercialisation of fuel cell electric vehicles.
13 Sep 2011
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******* Mayor of London Boris Johnson plans to impose fines of up to £120 for motorists who leave their engines ‘idling’. We ask Chiswick W4 residents – will this contribute to cleaner air or is it a step too far? *******
18 Apr 2011
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Fiat 500 TwinAir - Less Emissions, More Fun. The Fiat 500 with TwinAir is the lowest CO2 emission petrol car in the world.* It's CO2 emissions are so low that you don't play the Congestion Charge if you take a trip into London.** The Fiat 500 TwinAir is all about fun. Life's for living baby, and not only do the Fiat 500 TwinAir's iconic looks turn heads, but it's a nice little saver too. And with more than 500,000 ways to customise it, so you can have your Fiat 500 exactly the way that you want it. *according to NEDC standard **based on current TFL policy, £10 annual fee.
17 Feb 2011
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Today sees the announcement of the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project, a new partnership between the iconic fashion house and five of London’s leading cultural institutions which will allow young people from across London to gain invaluable experience within the arts. Endorsed by Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, the leading art galleries involved are: Hayward Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, South London Gallery, Tate Britain and Whitechapel Gallery. The investment will facilitate a three year programme that will give young Londoners aged between 13 – 25 from across the city unique access to the museum directors and curators, artists and collectors who shape the British contemporary art scene. Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 May 2010
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Boris Johnson's infamous 'ping pong' speech at the London 2012 Hand-Over party after the end of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. For the really funny bits, fast-forward to 2.20. Boris- you are a true legend!
3 May 2010
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*******www.speakerscorner******/ Political and Business Speaker Ken Livingstone - book Ken *******www.speakerscorner******/file/99cad27079309311ef6d36b852d7c11a/ken-livingstone-boris-johnson-after-dinner-conference-keynote-political.html
19 Feb 2010
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ANGLO-NIGERIAN ARTIST TO EXHIBIT ON WORLD-FAMOUS FOURTH PLINTH, LONDONS TRAFALGAR SQUARE Guaranty Trust Bank of Nigeria sponsor Yinka Shonibare MBEs Nelsons Ship in a Bottle, to be unveiled on Monday 24 May Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, today announced that the next commission for the world-famous Fourth Plinth in Londons Trafalgar Square Nelsons Ship in a Bottle by leading Anglo-Nigerian artist Yinka Shoninbare MBE - will be formally unveiled on Monday 24 May. Set in a giant bottle, the 5 metre long and 2.5 metre high scale replica of Nelsons flagship HMS Victory will link directly with Nelsons column, located just metres away at the front of the iconic square. The artwork will be the first commission on the Fourth Plinth to reflect specifically on the historical symbolism of Trafalgar Square, which commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar, and is also the first of such commissions by a black artist. The work was commissioned by the Mayor of London and sponsored by Guaranty Trust Bank of Nigeria. The ship's 37 large sails will be made of exuberant and richly patterned textiles commonly associated with African dress and symbolic of African identity and independence. Tying together historical and global threads, the work considers the legacy of Britains expansion in trade and Empire, made possible through the freedom of the seas that Nelsons Victory provided. Yinka Shonibare says his piece will reflect the story of multiculturalism in London: For me its a celebration of Londons immense ethnic wealth, giving expression to and honouring the many cultures and ethnicities that are still breathing precious wind into the sails of the United Kingdom. A ship in a bottle is an object of wonder. Adults and children are intrigued by its mystery. How can such towering masts and billowing sails fit inside such a commonplace object? With Nelsons Ship in a Bottle I want to take this childhood sense of wonder and amplify it to match the monumental scale of Trafalgar Square.
10 Feb 2010
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Highlights from the world's tallest video projection brought to you by LG on New Year's Eve in London, with greetings from Michael Caine, Ricky Gervais, Homer & Marge Simpson, Helen Mirren, Rio Ferdinand, Christine Ohuruogu, Rod Stewart & Boris Johnson.
4 Jan 2010
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