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The magic of birth is wonderful. Watch as puppies are born and go through the process of having their tails bobbed, their du claws clipped and their ears raised. Learn how to do it yourself with this informative video from and Doug Varrieur
11 Jan 2009
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Wanda C. Gray : I am a retired educator of 28 years in the Bartow County and Cartersville City School Systems. I was born and raised in Bartow County and a graduate of Cartersville High School, Berry College, University of Western Georgia, and the University of Alabama. I am a member of Tabernacle Baptist Church for the past 42 years where my focus is Pre School Ministries. I strive each day to treat people the way I would want to be treated and my promise to sellers and buyers is to do just that.
12 Jan 2009
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Cover of Alan Jackson's "Remember When". Still using a digital camera... quality all around isn't great but it sounds better than my first videos. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment! =) Lyrics: Remember when I was young and so were you and time stood still and love was all we knew You were the first, so was I We made love and then you cried Remember when Remember when we vowed the vows and walked the walk Gave our hearts, made the start, it was hard We lived and learned, life threw curves There was joy, there was hurt Remember when Remember when old ones died and new were born And life was changed, disassembled, rearranged We came together, fell apart And broke each other's hearts Remember when Remember when the sound of little feet was the music We danced to week to week Brought back the love, we found trust Vowed we'd never give it up Remember when Remember when thirty seemed so old Now lookn' back it's just a steppin' stone To where we are, Where we've been Said we'd do it all again Remember when Remember when we said when we turned gray When the children grow up and move away We won't be sad, we'll be glad For all the life we've had And we'll remember when
16 Apr 2009
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USA Network has announced the winners of the first-ever Character Approved Awards to honor individuals from a cross-section of creative disciplines who are positively influencing American culture. This year’s winner for Music is Chicago-born and raised hip-hop artist, Lupe Fiasco, who has won over legions of fans with his musical ingenuity and emphasis on strong lyricism and storytelling. Having racked up four 2009 Grammy nominations for his latest critically acclaimed album, no one can argue with his path to success. For more information on Lupe Fiasco and the Character Approved Awards, visit *******characterapproved.usanetwork****.
28 Jan 2009
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My name is Linus Ruzicka. I’m 33, married to my beautiful wife Melissa, and we have 2 kiddos, and one cat. I was born and raised in Walla Walla, WA, went to Washington State University, and graduated with a degree in Zoology. I had this big dream of being a veterinarian. Boy - was I wrong! Since graduating, I worked as a deckhand on a small adventure cruise boat in Alaska, California, and the Baja Peninsula. After that I worked as a veterinary tech., cardio-vascular research tech, and most recently - an RN. My Professional Background My formal training is from the medical background. I am a Surgical RN. I have been doing that for the last 7+ years. But, with that job comes call and living a life on someone else s schedule - all of which are not mine. Further, I had kiddos at home that were growing up faster than I could blink an eye - and I wanted to be around more for them and my wife. I wanted to be the dad that could drive them to school, attend the school programs, help take them to the doctor or dental appointments, and have time for myself throughout the day at the gym. It is with that, almost 3 years ago, where I decided to take a step out of the box and pursue becoming an entrepreneur - at least part time - in the MLM industry. Where I got started in MLM I started off with a MLM company in the health & wellness industry. I did that for about 2 1/2 years, when I realized there had to be an easier way. An easier way to make money in this industry and help others do the same. See, I was getting no where fast, losing money each month, and had no direction of where to go. That is until July of 2008 when I learned a secret and a strategy called attraction marketing. As a result, I left the original MLM, and started my own direction with building my own site and blog. So here I am today, online, being profitable, helping other people out by teaching them how I make money and getting them to do just that with their MLM’s! And I love it! TO see money actually hit my accounts from the hard work and training I have gone through is truly fulfilling. As of now, I still work as an RN. I haven’t stopped that yet - and frankly not sure if I ever will as it appears I can at least work per Diem and surgery is just in my blood! No pun intended of course. But Internet Marketing is where my dreams are coming true. I love helping other network marketers learn to actually get to financial freedom, how to build their empire, and helping people out in general. Thanks for stopping by to learn a little about me. Please, make sure you subscribe to my blog here to stay connected with my current updates and information! Subscribe to *******www.LinusRuzicka****
20 Mar 2009
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Dive Into Your Imagination presents: Capitan Anthony Lombardi. Capt. Anthony was born and raised in the midwest and never though he would be connected to the ocean. Now he has the coolest job ever and gets to see wild dolphins and whales every day. Check out his story!
6 Mar 2009
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Premieres Sunday, April 19 at 9/8c on USA Network. Get ready for 16 all new episodes for season eight of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT! Academy Award and Emmy nominee Jeff Goldblum (“Raines,” “Jurassic Park”) has joined the cast for the season eight and will be playing Zach Nichols, a detective who was born and bred in New York City, particularly the Upper West Side.
7 Apr 2009
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"Advanced Beauty" is EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTED by Microcinema DVD. To order this DVD and/or other Microcinema titles, go to: www.microcinemadvd**** Advanced Beauty is an ongoing exploration of digital artworks born and influenced by sound, an ever-growing collaboration between programmers, artists, musicians, animators and architects. The first collection is a series of audio-reactive video sound sculptures™. Inspired by synasthesia, the rare, sensory experience of seeing sound or tasting colors, these videos are physical manifestations of sound, sculpted by volume, pitch or structure of the soundtrack. The films embrace unusual video making processes, the visual programming language Processing, high-end audio analysis and fluid dynamic simulations alongside intuitive responses in traditional cell animation. Each artist was given the same set of parameters to work within; to start, finish and exist within a white space, creating a seamless coherence, all sculptures sharing the same white environment. Using 5:1 surround sound, the films transform the screen into a digital canvas, how the minimalism of a single, floating pixel can be as engaging as the maximalism of an intense multicolored explosion. Curated by design studio Universal Everything the soundtrack by Freefarm, the music studio of Simon Pyke (formerly recording as Freeform on Warp and Skam). Please check out and join Microcinema on other social networking sites: Facebook: *******tinyurl****/bn3gnm MySpace: *******www.myspace****/microcinemainternational Youtube: ***********/microcinema Twitter: *******twitter****/microcinema
31 May 2010
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william shakespeare born and died 1564-1616 famous playwright, 1985 new coke released coca cola classic, howard cosell died 1995, james buchanan 1791, roy orbison 1936, 1014 irish king brian, on this date in history april 23, - www.myinboxnews****
24 Apr 2009
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At Threads Embroidery, we offer an efficient and affordable way for you or your organization to customize and personalize products through embroidery. Using the latest digitizing software and state of the art embroidery equipment, we can create beautiful embroidery to distinguish your products and organizations from the rest. After years of designing and creating embroidered headwear for wholesale to businesses in Hawaii and on the mainland, we wanted to expand our services to the general public. Our goal was to provide custom embroidery for businesses, clubs, schools, teams and individuals at reasonable prices with faster turnaround times than the competition. By having our own in-house digitizer and excellent sources for headwear, we are able to accomplish our goal and bring you quality products and service at reasonable prices in a timely manner. With this in mind, Threads Embroidery was born and we continue to grow with your support! Give us a call, shoot us an email or visit our showroom if you have any questions or are ready to "Say it with Threads!" We look forward to working with you! 1251 S. King St. Suite D Honolulu, HI 96814 OPEN Monday - Friday. 9 am to 6 pm CLOSED on Saturdays and Sundays. Please call in advance. Phone: (808) 218-8990 Email: salesthreadshawaii**** *******www.threadshawaii****
21 May 2009
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This is the sixth of several videos I'm making with clips, sounds and pictures of some of my favourite young singers. This is also the first one of my "special" ones, which means the singers all have something in common other than a great voice. In this video they all come from the same country, the Philippines. I thought it was a great country to start with, because there are so many talented young singers in or from the Philippines. The clips in this one are: 1. Renzo Almario - Music and Me (age 9). He was only nine years old and probably a little nervous, but he is sooo cute and I think he did a really great job with this song, especially the highest notes. Go Renzo! 2. Banig - Anyday Now (age 10). Oh. My. God. The voice. The way she moves. The emotion. The power. The presence. This girl has it all! She is around 30 years old today, but oh my God, she was fantastic as a kid! Was this girl born and raised on a stage or something? Wow! No wonder she won this competition! 3. Pocholo Bismonte - I Believe (age 11). Aw, Pocholo. Sooo cute! And what a voice! The lower notes are not always amazing, but the higher ones! Wow! He's so very talented! 4. D'Beat Boy - My Love Will See You Through (age 9). I loovee Joshua! Such a great voice in such a small body! I love this performance and he is so adorable! 5. Charice Pempengco - All By Myself (age 14). Okay, seriously: you cannot make a video of amazing singers from the Philippines and not include Charice. She has such an amazing voice, she just blows me away every time! 6. Renzo Almario - You Raise Me Up (age 10). I like this song a lot and I love it when Renzo sings it. He's such a cutie pie and this song is perfect for him. His teacher seems to think so too, doesn't she? ;) If he were my student and sang that to me, I'd cry too! Heck, I'd cry just if he sang it to me, he wouldn't even have to be a student or a relative or anything! 7. Banig - Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose (age 11). This girl is just sooo awesome! Seriously, WAS she born and raised on a stage? She completely OWNS it! The voice and the energy, she's just amazing! 8. Pocholo Bismonte - Go The Distance (age 11). First of all: I know it says "walk the distance" in the video, but it's supposed to be "go the distance". Sorry! Aahh!!! Such an amaaziing voice! Seriously, I love this kid! He may not be completely in control of the low notes, but he OWNS the high ones! This really was his best performance in my opinion. 9. D'Beat Boy - Kung Kailangan Mo Akó (age 9). I love this song! And I love this boy and his voice! He did a fantastic job with this! He is such a talented little boy! He sang this to his friend who's in a really tough situation and their friendship and his singing is so moving, it makes me cry too. Wonderful. And Joshua is sooo cute! 10. Charice Pempengco - I Will Always Love You (age 15). This was one of her two performances on the Ellen DeGeneres show and she rocked the whole building! Amazing, amazing, amazing! Enjoy the singers! P.S. My next video will be about: * Makisig Morales * Raquel * Jordan Beaver * Mark Mejia * Jamia Simone Nash Make sure you check it out! Also, if this is the first one of my "Amazing Child Singers" videos you watch, then make sure you watch and comment the earlier ones! Thanks! I DO NOT OWN THE CLIPS IN THIS VIDEO! THIS IS PURELY FAN MADE AND FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!
28 Aug 2009
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This week I visited the Dunvegan Hotel, which is located a 9-iron from the Old Course’s 18th green (depending on the wind!) on the corner of Golf Place and North Street in St Andrews. The Dunvegan Hotel, which was deemed the perfect 19th hole by Sam Torrence, is owned and operated by Sheena and Jack Willoughby. Jack, a 4th generation Texan, and his Scottish wife Sheena were kind enough to show me round the Golfers Corner Lounge Bar (although I was somewhat familiar with it, having sunk a few pints there on previous visits!) and chatted with me about how their hotel has come to be St Andrew’s premier drinking spot for players, caddies and golf fans! Popping in to the Dunvegan Hotel for a drink and something to eat is as much a part of the St Andrews experience as visiting the Old Course. You only have to look around the bar to see that visitors come back time and again for the warm welcome, the fine selections of beers, ales, and spirits, freshly prepared homemade meals and some post-golf banter! During this episode I had a chance to chat to some golfers in the bar who had made the journey from their home courses of NorthGate Country Club in Texas and Green Island Country Club in Georgia to St Andrews many times to enjoy the Dunvegan’s amazing hospitality and great Scottish links golf. Jack and Sheena are both avid golfers themselves who told me that despite having played the Old Course innumerous times, every time they stand on the first tee it’s still special to them. As well as its popular bar the Dunvegan also boasts a fantastic restaurant, the Claret Jug. They offer a variety of mouth watering dishes and specialize in quality char grilled steaks. Of course you can top off your meal with your choice of over 50 single malt whiskies covering all regions of Scotland! This family-run St Andrews hotel also offers comfortable overnight accommodation. It can comfortably sleep 16 golfers in its 2 double rooms, 3 twin bedrooms and the Auchterlonie Suite (situated immediately across the street from the Dunvegan) which consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 spacious bathrooms with power showers and jacuzzi baths, a large living room and a kitchen. I’ve stayed their myself during a golf holiday a few years before I moved to St Andrews and can highly recommend it. The accommodation is perfect, lots of room for golf clubs, hanging up wet waterproofs and the best news is that Jack and Sheena will fit in breakfast around your tee times! Check out my latest episode to witness the friendly atmosphere for yourself and see some of the Dunvegan’s past celebrity visitors. The walls of the bar are lined with a collection of photographs of Sheena and Jack taken with golfing legends who have frequented the bar for a post-golf tipple including Tiger Woods, Lorena Ochoa, Mark O’Meara, John Daly and celebrities ranging from George Bush Snr to Hugh Grant. Take a look at this video especially shot by The Golf Channel during the Open, they call the Dunvegan Hotel “one of the best hangouts in the world of golf!”. No wonder Lorena Ochoa choose The Dunvegan for her 2007 Women’s British Open winner’s part here. One of the Dunvegan’s most regular visitors was Arnold Palmer’s former caddie Tip Anderson who used to shuffle into the bar on a regular basis for a half-pint of Eighty Shillings beer with a rum and water on the side. In the bar of the Dunvegan you can still see for yourself a brass plaque above a velour banquette, which reads: “This chair reserved for Tip and his friends.” Tip was the most celebrated of the St Andrews caddies, his knowledge of every hump and hollow on the Old Course almost helped Arnold Palmer to win the Centenary Open in 1960, coming second to Kel Nagle by one stroke. The following two years saw Palmer and Tip win successive Open championships, at Royal Birkdale and Royal Troon. Tip then went onto caddie for Tony Lema in his 1964 Open victory at St Andrews. During this episode Sheena also showed me the Dunvegan’s gallery of fantastic portraits of every Open Champion dating back to 1860 which were created by David Joy. David is a multi-talented fourth generation born and bred St Andrean. As well as being an amazing artist and illustrator his talents range from golf historian, guest speaker, playwright, author and active community member in St Andrews. David is committed to the preservation of St Andrews and its traditions and is involved in most of the town’s activities, be it through golf, theatre, the University, or the safeguarding of the Royal and Ancient City of St Andrews. He is probably best known as “The man who plays Tom Morris” - a one-man show premiered during the 1990 Open, which has since been televised and adapted as a commercial video and distributed world-wide under the name of Keeper of the Greens. David brings to life celebrated Open winner Old Tom Morris (1861-62-64 & 67) by dressing up as Old Tom (scroll down for video) and providing modern-day golfers with an insight into the history of the great game and how it used to be. So remember next time you are visiting St Andrews I definitely recommend a visit to St Andrews’ most famous watering hole, the Dunvegan Hotel - I might even see you there for a post-golf pint! Dunvegan Hotel 7 Pilmour Place, North Street, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland Website: Dunvegan-Hotel**** Email: dunveganhoteleasynet****** Tel No: +44 1334 473105 Fax No: +44 1334 479102 Finally the Question of the Day: What is your favorite post-golf tipple or drink? Please leave your answer in the comments section below. Thank you.
11 Jun 2009
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