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The clip being treated at veterans hospital Part 2 from Born on the Fourth of July (1989) with Tom Cruise Yeah, you about ready. Let me have that thing there. ? Hey, where did we go ? ? Days when the rains came... ? ? I think my stomach is bloated. Just take it easy. Eddie going to take care of all you boys. It's like a car wash. Bernstein, what's wrong today? You got shit up you ain't coming out. Stick your head up my ass, see what the problem is. Your piss bag's cloudy, too. You been drinking enough water? You gots to flush them kidneys every day. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Frankie, I think I'm done. I think I'm ready. Are you fucking with me again? You better chill out. I'm not fucking with you. I'm not fucking with you, man. My man Kovic! Mr. 4th of July. Politicians, protesters, and police
27 Nov 2011
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