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A simple signup can give you a great discounts and also can manage all your assets - stocks, bonds, ETFs, crypto - from a single intuitive interface. Connect with RemoraHub and make your trading simple and sensible with the tools.
1 May 2018
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iTask Technologies provides Real Time-Oriented Blue Prism Training in Chennai and Hyderabad. The audience will acquire knowledge in BPS & BPO Sector to benefit in Cost and responsive in a rapid automation on improve accuracy by creating a virtual BOT. We provide Both Online and Offline Training With Low-Cost and Quality.
25 Apr 2018
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About a year back at a major testing gathering, five heads sat before around 300 + testers and declared tenaciously that robotics and artificial intelligence in software testing would assume control over the universe of testing. I believe that development of artificial intelligence in computer won't generally wipe out testing jobs, yet it will change how the work finishes. Gradually and well ordered we see the trend of robotic automation as the applications are basically withdrawing to the establishment. There are adequate purposes behind getting a handle on the new developments as robotics and artificial intelligence are simple to utilize, cost capable and time beneficial too. In any case, we truly observe, there isn't any announcement about couples of the year on artificial intelligence in robotics. Yet, that is the developing without a doubt, which resulted in robotics and artificial intelligence in software testing. Before long these are prepared to assume their critical part in the realm of Software Testing and Development. So regarding machine learning in software testing, bots can be prepared at faster rates than individuals could ever imagine, and they can be authorities in software development, too. Artificial intelligence robots future isn't any longer a popular buzzword. It's a reality. That is also as substantial inside the automated testing world as it is anyplace else. If you delay for a moment to consider all of the advancements we utilize consistently, use of artificial intelligence in robotics has recently begun discreetly organizing into our lives. So be Prepare! The part of open source testing tools is on the edge of passionate change due to AI testing tools. They may not precisely be here yet, yet rather artificial intelligence in software testing quality and reliability is not far off.
1 May 2018
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This video explains how bots work. It's very interesting
12 Mar 2007
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H-BOT NPC Hunter. An eve-online rats hunting bot
21 Oct 2007
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I was on the Biohazard server on COD 4 for the PC and saw this guy obviously using an aim bot.
16 Dec 2007
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BOT Disiz sur certaines maps techniques!
12 Jan 2008
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******* TellyAdder is a YouTube adder... a friend bot for YouTube. TellyAdder will gather user IDs on any YouTube page. With these IDs you can send automated friend requests, comments, messages etc... ******* youtube adder youtube friend adder you tube friend adder free youtube friend adder you tube adder youtube black adder black adder you tube free youtube adder youtube friend adder bot youtube adder scam youtubeadder how to get more youtube views youtube friends how to get youtube friends youtube adder reviews of youtube friend adder telly adder
30 Nov 2008
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using a drill to modify become a bot on your keyboard, totally undetectable.
30 Jan 2008
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Here's a quick video of a trash bot that I built from a couple toy motors and leaf/microswitches. The parts can be found in old electronics that can be obtained from junk, thrift stores, etc. If you'd rather buy the components, try Futurlec**** they have CHEAP electronics. Do a google search on junkbots for the schematic. If I get enough requests, I'll post a "How TO" video on how to make it. Thanks for watching :)
1 Mar 2008
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Reau-Bot Productions Demo Reel
6 Mar 2008
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Eve online npc ratting bot fighting npcs at asteoid belts. If you need isk and are bored to fight rats, H-Bot is what you need!
24 Mar 2008
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