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Make a cool glowing lamp out of a wine bottle!
23 May 2017
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How to Make GIANT Gummy Coca Cola Bottle Shape Jelly Dessert Easy DIY Gummy Soda Jello - Lifehacks Compilation Lifehacks Compilation - Lifehacks from around the InterWebs brought to you in a compilation of DIY, protips, and timesavers. Pick up some new tricks and tips when it comes to cooking, emergency survival, cleaning, and more. Enjoy these lifehacks, pro tips, and repurpose ideas. No I do not recommend to repeat all the action, as shown In this video, this video was created exclusively for educational or documentary purposes, to let you know the result and have tried not to repeat what he saw everything !! instagram/4letsbefriends #4letsbefriends #Lifehacks #Halloween #EXPLOSION #Chemical #Stupidaccidents #Accidents #Fire #Discovery #Science #Google #YouTube #MetaCaFe #DailyMotion 4letsbefriends Lifehacks Halloween EXPLOSION Chemical Stupidaccidents Accidents Fire Discovery Science Google YouTube MetaCaFe DailyMotion
16 May 2017
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Drinking water from a pure Copper Water Bottles is considered very beneficial for our well-being.
17 May 2017
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On this video guide I will show you how to turn an old used Jack Daniels bottle into a cool display light - Ideal for man caves + garages + kitchens + office.
24 May 2017
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See what people are saying about this new revolutionary holster that fits all semi-automatic hand guns, left or right hand, with or without lights or lasers.
11 May 2017
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Copper utensils online is our endeavor to provide our customers all around the world with high-quality copperware including copper mugs, jugs, tumblers, dinnerware and much more. Hurry up! Visit our website today and grab all your favorite goodies.
18 May 2017
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Drink water from a copper vessel to reap numerous health benefits..drink a large glass of water that has been stored in a copper Vessels Copper utensils online is our humble endeavor to provide our customers all around the world with quality copperware at the best available price. So, hurry up! Visit our website today and get all your favorite products.
20 May 2017
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Copper has strong antioxidant properties that helps fight off free Drink water from a copper vessel to reap numerous health benefits.. You can visit our website to go through our entire collection of copperware which includes copper cooking accessories, Moscow mule mugs, copper jug, water bottles, tumbler and much more. With our pure copper utensils range, we are trying to make a small effort of making people aware of the amazing health benefits of using copper utensils
15 May 2017
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New Daxin is a ceramics factory which over 60 years' history in Yixing city. It was huge, with all manner of jars, bottles and pots scattered everywhere. The clay products created here are sold all over the country and are also exported. These seemingly simple pots are the product of tireless work and time honored processes.
17 May 2017
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19 May 2017
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Me showing the exploding beer bottle trick, and explain it after. Check it out.
9 Apr 2006
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How to take the bottom of a bottle in one blow.
29 May 2006
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a stupid italian guy with a first world war helmet, a champagne bottle and his best friend...crazy!
11 Jun 2006
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Some explosions. First is a d-size firecracker, all following bottles are filled with compressed air (10bar / 145 psi). the fire cracker is taken for a sound sample so comparison could be made. It sounds like a bottle blowen up by dryice but there is no dryice and no chemical reaction.
2 Aug 2006
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Bottle Of Beer turn into a bomb....
5 Jul 2006
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A guy plays music on bottles with rollerblades.
16 Jul 2006
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