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my English sucked so sorry.1st u need a g2 pilot pen and 1 piece of stapler bullet.u got to use the stapler bullet to poke the spring out.the result which is kinda blurish but that thing actually shot quite far but since i closed the door it bounced back to me well is for u to guess how far it goes anyway
15 Sep 2007
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Two years later, New Orleans still struggles to bounce back from Hurricane Katrina. But as Robyn and Patrick saw first-hand, this once wounded city is surely on the road to recovery.
18 Oct 2007
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Herbie Husker always bounces back.
12 Apr 2008
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She got a pretty good cut on the eye, but Tyra bounces back!
14 Jul 2008
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Fred is upset after his girlfriend breaks up with him. He tries to figure out a way to bounce back.
8 Jun 2008
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Mark Victor Hansen is one of the co-creators of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series (along with Jack Canfield) and was the fourth person to be interviewed by Paul Keetch in the "Millionaire Prep School 2008" interviews with millionaires. In this short preview clip, Mark discusses how he lost everything (and more) in 1974 and then bounced back to become the Guinness World Record holder for books sold.
11 Jun 2008
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gamblerstelevision**** Big Carlos bounced back nicely with a 7 inning 2 earned run effort against the Atlanta Braves in the Cubs 3-2 victory. Prior to that start the Dodgers hit Carlos after his defense went awry for him. The Cubs have won 3 of their first 4 since losing Alfonso Soriano to the DL. Sonnanstine is coming off another short outing going 5 1/3rd innings and giving up 3 earned runs in victory over Florida. Teams hit .302 against the Rays righty starter and his ERA is over 5 at home. Sonnanstine is hittable and Cubs offense will produce here. Take the Cubs at –120 behind their power pitcher Carlos Zambrano.
18 Jun 2008
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Canada bounced back winning game two but could only muster a tie in game three Game four in Vancouver the last of the Canada based games was another Russian win
27 Jun 2008
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gamblerstelevision**** Through their sweep of the Red Sox the Rays sat with the best record in baseball and are on pace for 100 wins. Last time out Kazmir struggled with his command in his no decision against the Red Sox. He is having trouble getting his slider over for strikes and opposing hitters are sitting on the fastball. The Rays are a 19-19 team on the road. Big Sidney Ponson will have to bounce back after an awful start last time out against the Rangers where he surrendered 7 runs, 9 hits and 3 walks over 5 innings. Tampa got to the right-hander for 5 earned runs and 12 hits in only 5 innings of work during their meeting on May 26th. The Yankee bats heated up in June as they batted over .280 as a team during the month. Bet on the offense here and the play is over 9 ½ runs.
4 Jul 2008
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What happens when you take a guy that does something stupid to one of his good friends and tries to make ammends? He stupidly offers to let his friend knee him in the balls if it will make her feel better. She accepts the offer. Ouch. As you can tell, I bounce back from this pretty quick. Luckily, her knee cap didn't crush my balls...because of her running start, I got more thigh into the balls than knee. If she just stood there and kneed me in the nuts..I might have died.
2 Aug 2008
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When I was growing up I always wished I had an older brother, but then I see videos like this. Fortunately little kids bounce back up like rubber but emotionally they will never forget.
5 Aug 2008
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*******empowermentinstitute****.au From Bankruptcy and back to the Top with Ray Scicluna's Empowerment Institute Son of a Boiler Maker Ray grew up in the rough and tumble world of Melbourne's Western Suburbs. Leaving school at 13 and not being able to read or write was certainly going to be challenging. By 27 he had turned over more than 90 million dollars. Declared bankrupt at 29, Ray lost everything, one would say! He moves on, owning the franchise "Video Ezy" for most of Australia and NZ. Ray has had more than his share of challenges yet he never lost sight of his dreams. If He Can..Anyone can Ray diversified into many businesses. •Self employed for 37 years. •He has set up more than sixty different retail outlets and owned three major franchises. •Built a wholesale distribution company that was the largest in Australia. •The businesses he manages and owns today range from manufacturing innovations to event management. •He exports many of his innovations around the world. •He has employed over 450 people. •His companies have managed events in NZ, Bali, Fiji and all around Australia and have trained more than 4,000 people in retail, customer service and managing and building a better business. •And has just launched a new franchise in fast food "burgerMe bloody good" So why hire Ray for your next event? Ray certainly has a proven track record. Why everyone loves Raymond... 1.He's real and speaks from the heart. He embodies a down-to-earth CAN DO attitude and offers the sincerity of a street kid made good. 2.He knows his stuff: from Retail Business (Large and small) to People, Health and Balance. 3.He has had more than his share of challenges. He's been to "Hell and Back" and bounced back harder than he fell. 4.He loves to help people create outstanding results in their life. 5.His message is simple, all things are possible. 6.He walks the talk. Testimonials A Good Word "Ray, your presentation at the Gold Coast City Council, Australian Business Week Awards Dinner was outstanding. You have a real gift which surfaces in front of an audience, drawing on your successes and failures you were able to inject the reality of the challenge that those young people will face as they come to grips with the world. You had them laughing at your patter, empathizing with your struggle, and saddened by your failure. But then the power of your message came through as you told of your strategies for recovery. I could feel the energy in the room growing as each person there, young and not so young absorbed the many things that helped you on your journey. Ray you have a rare talent which has enabled you to analyse the causes of business failure, but then to turn failure into a positive which you have not only applied to your own life but into a powerful message which can have a profound effect on others. The images you use are incredible; I was mesmerized from start to finish". Norman Owens OAM Chairman Australian Business Week Limited ________________________________________ "Ray you were inspirational and just what our Team needed. There was something in what you had to say for everyone; adults, youths, married with kids or single. It doesn't matter if you are starting your career or contemplating retirement and you need an injection of enthusiasm and a reality check once in a while, we certainly received that on the day. An hour went all too quickly and I would happily sit through the whole entertaining talk again. Gerard Knight General Manager Radisson Resort, Gold Coast _______________________________________ "Whoever comes in contact with you will only benefit from the message that you give and the lessons to be learned". Len Winestone Director, Len Winestone & Associates P/L Principal Member Financial Wisdom Ltd ________________________________________ "If unbridled laughter indicates that the audiences is listening, then there can be no doubt YOU had their attention absolutely. Ray the value of your time with our staff has been very obvious we have had a positive attitude shift. We will have you back soon...our team insist on it." Nick Dower Director - Niche Media P/L ________________________________________ "Ray you are a colourful, enthusiastic and highly talented individual whose life story could form the basis for an entertaining and enthralling film". "In my opinion as a Motivational Keynote Speaker you are "Simply the Best". Russell Clark Managing Director Video Ezy International (New Zealand) ________________________________________ "Energy, enthusiasm, life, spirit and passion, apply the word 'extreme' to each of those and you have you. A view I gained having experienced one of your presentations, and it is these words that are synonymous with your enterprises. Characteristics that are breathed into everything you do!" Mark Harvey Director, Fixtronics Sales P/L (NZ) motivational speaker , keynote speaker, conference speaker, business speaker, leadership speaking, national speakers association, motivational speaking, professional speaking, speaking professional, corporate speaker, keynote speaking, motivation speaking, speakers bureau, professional speakers bureau Learn More at: *******empowermentinstitute****.au
12 Aug 2008
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