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Why is it that highly trained horses in all aspects of equine activity injure themselves or their riders? Why is it that you hear so many stories that begin with the horse spooked at, "fill in the blank here", and ends with the injuries to horse and/or rider. The OPM Horse, or "Other Peoples Mistake" video series is dedicated to helping you round out your horse, to prevent that injuries that can put you or your horse in the hospital, or kill one or both of you. Want your horse to handle things that few other horses do, regardless of your horses age, sex, breeding, or specialty. Want to build a relationship where your horse will not only trust you implicitly, but actually look to you for leadership. www.opiumhorse**** www.opmhorse**** Natural Horsemanship Gentling Indian Pony Cowboy Cowgirl Brand Foxtrotter Fox Trotter Mare Arabian Ranch Hand Gelding Tennessee Walker Welsh flag Shetland Miniature Ball Registered Bow Archery Soccer American Fire Beach dirt Spur water wind wash bath sand stud fee hat sole horse horseshoe bathe ireland hammer Brazil argentine canada australia new zealand england germany france rope roping color ride mount boot how do I how should I foot shoe ferrier land landing slide slip fall bulldog how do you how would you. Australian dressage dance western saddle paddle gallop galloping bit bridle latigo trot trotted trotting canter cantering pretty breed baby bay foal fly gnat run corral fence fit teeth eye eyeing eyes blaze sock rock rocking walk walking flank fetlock hooves hoove hoof stirrup stallion stud philly colt rein reins reining cinch crupper girth kick stomp buck bucked bucking pain pained grace graceful American Shetland, see Shetland pony American Walking Pony Anadolu pony also called Anadolu Ati Ariegeois pony also called Merens Pony or Ariègeois Assateague Pony, see Chincoteague Pony Asturian pony, see Asturcon in horse section Australian Pony Australian Riding Pony Bali Pony Bardigiano Pony Bashkir Pony Basque Pony Basuto pony, also spelled Basotho pony Batak Pony Bhutia Pony, also Bhotia, Bhote ghoda, Bhutan, Bhutani, Bhutua see Indian Country Bred Boer Pony Bosnian Pony British Riding Pony, see Riding Pony in "types of horses" section Burmese Pony Carpathian Pony, see Hucul Pony Canadian rustic pony Caspian pony Chincoteague Pony Chinese Guoxia Coffin Bay Pony Connemara pony Czechoslovakian Small Riding Pony Dales Pony Deli pony Dartmoor pony Deutsches Reitpony see German Riding Pony Dulmen pony Eriskay pony Exmoor pony Falabella, see Falabella (horse) in horse section Faroe pony Fell Pony Flores pony, see Timor Pony French Saddle Pony Galician Pony Garrano Gayoe German Riding Pony, also called Deutsche Reitpony or Weser-Ems Pony Gotland Pony Guizhou pony Gǔo-xìa pony, see Chinese Guoxia Hackney pony Highland Pony, see also Garron Hokkaido Pony Hucul Pony Hunter Pony, see "types of horses" section Icelandic pony, see Icelandic horse in horse section Indian Country Bred Java Pony Kazakh Pony Kerry bog pony
8 Dec 2009
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Bow, archery, target archery, training, sport, shooting, shooting with bow and arrows, archery sport
13 Apr 2009
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Deer Bow Hunt - HUNTINGFOOTAGE.COM The 2.5 minute video is the conclusion of a 2 week chase for a specific 9pt on 4000 acres in the south Texas brush. I spotted him on 10-27, but couldn't get a shot. I sat in my blind overlooking an oat patch more days than I can count trying to get another shot at him. Finally on 11-11, with my buddy Chris in the blind, he returned. The neighbors were dove hunting about a quarter mile away, and I think they pushed him out of his bed and right into our lap. He was standing quartering away at 21yds and I let the arrow fly. The shot was a bit low and back, but because of the angle, it did the job. deer hunting deer hunting deer hunting bow bow bow archery archery archery buck buck buck hunt hunt hunt whitetail whitetail whitetail bowhunting bowhunting bowhunting bow hunt bow hunt bow hunt bow hunt
20 Oct 2009
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Albino/Piebald Buck - HUNTINGFOOTAGE.COM This is the second video of a white buck I saw two weeks ago. Today, I set up a pop-up ground blind next to the pond where I had seen the buck before. After waiting for an hour or so, "el venado blanco" came to get some water. Several other nice bucks and does were also thirsty. deer hunting deer hunting deer hunting bow bow bow archery archery archery buck buck buck hunt hunt hunt white deer white deer albino albino albino bowhunting bowhunting bowhunting
6 Jul 2011
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