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Meteor Garden - Qing Fei De Yi - Can't Help Fallin in Love Boys Over Flowers OST - Almost Paradise - One More Time DISCLAIMER - NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED - THIS VIDEO IS FOR VIEWING PURPOSES ONLY CREDIT: ASAP09 & ABS-CBN
4 Dec 2014
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The date to the zoo is not Jun Pyo and Jan Dis last. Jun Pyo and Jan Di will eventually have another kiss scene (after the one next week). Yi Jeong and Ga Eul will ALMOST kiss. ...
27 Mar 2009
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DOWNLOAD NOW: *******www.soundclick****/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=870350&songID=7545442 FEMALE VERSION: *******www.soundclick****/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=870350&songID=7552557 FACEBOOK: *******www.facebook****/pages/Alan-JW-N/60639736494?v=info&viewas=521703714#/pages/Alan-JW-N/60639736494?v=info&viewas=521703714 FORUM: *******cityincolors.forummotion**** ~About the video~ SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER!~ What IS with me and BOF lately?? XD It seems like Im doing a vid for every couple ^_^ Sorry, Kim Yoon (Woo Bin), yours might be hard =[ So~ Being the JunpyoxJandi fan that I am (also Soeulmate ^_^ that might be stronger *cough*), I felt like they deserve a video anyway~ There were SO MANY clips of them! I had to leave out like 5 times as long as the clips actually used in this video =[ But that gave me variety to pick from =] So basically as the song goes, she is leaving (from male singers point of view); therefore, I used the clip of Jandi leaving Junpyo from Ep. 23 T_T I dont know if its just me but making this video reminded me so much of how much they went through~ And the song didnt help T_T I think I cried more watching this (over and over while editing!) than I did watching the entire drama (if at all then o.O) GARGH! I think Im doing pretty well for a beginner at making vids? (not effect wise XD just content =)) ^Okay thats a bit ambitious~ ~About the song~ I actually hadnt heard this song since its pretty new, I think. K.Will is apparently a newly debuted ballad singer?? (for some reason I felt like I had heard that name before) But yes Id been suggested to sing this as another song to explore my voice on? I think it was a really nice song to work on ^_^ Really nice vocals from K.Will and pretty good range as well~ ~About the recording~ Well this was a pretty straight forward recording for this song since it was again only one singers part. I had some peaking problems since my room reflects all the loud notes =[ There were parts when I sorta held back, regrettably, but maybe I can redo it one day, who knows ^^ I tried my best to just do w/e I felt comfortable with (except for the holding back part or whenever its really late in the night XD) I just really hope that it helped me develop some sort of vocal style that I can be comfortable with in the end, thats all =] Apparently I like to stretch notes, use vibratos, and finish with a soft feel~ About the finish, I had to redo it probably more than 30 times o.O I just didnt feel like it was enough XD I think I spent about 20 minutes on JUST the last WORD! X[[ Had to pull some oldphotos out to get the full feeling, as well =[ hm. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy my rendition ^_^ (This time I can really call it one, yes?) ================================== The video clips and song do not belong to me Only my voice does ^_^ I just put the video together~ Highest Honors (Not necessarily current): #9 - Most Discussed (Today) - South Korea #2 - Most Discussed (Today) - Music - South Korea #97 - Most Discussed (This Week) - South Korea #20 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Music - South Korea #56 - Top Favorited (Today) - South Korea #16 - Top Favorited (Today) - Music - South Korea #97 - Top Favorited (This Week) - Music - South Korea #27 - Top Rated (Today) - South Korea #5 - Top Rated (Today) - Music - South Korea #35 - Top Rated (This Week) - Music - South Korea
25 Nov 2009
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My Everything Lyric (english Version) - Lee Min ho from Boys before / over flowers.. with picture.. Thanks for watching.. :)
1 Sep 2013
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