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At the Big Brother house, cameras are on all day, all night. We're bringing you the footage they don't show you on TV right here, every day! Subscribe to Big Brother Live Feeds and get even more Big Brother, all the time!
26 Jan 2013
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At the Big Brother house, cameras are on all day, all night. We're bringing you the footage they don't show you on TV right here, every day! Subscribe to Big Brother Live Feeds and get even more Big Brother, all the time!
26 Jan 2013
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FACEBOOK: ******* *******thedeepvault****/manifest - Do you have the right mindset? Find out if you have what it takes. See you on the other side.
20 Jan 2014
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"OUTDOOR EDUCATION"- a high definition video about the Voleurz Family. FREE FREE FREE.. that's the price of this years full-length-feature-film by Voleurz. FREE on the internet, FREE in DVD format. If you want to pay for it, we'll charge you $0.00 plus 0% tax & shipping, totalling $0.00. If you can't afford it then we offer a voleurz payment plan of 0% interest over 0 days. Get the point? The first ever FREE video by Voleurz will be released in October. And if you want to be teased.. then here's the "Outdoor Education" Teaser "Outdoor Education" features the life and times of the Voleurz Family: Josh Stack / Shayne Zwickel / Riley Leboe / Justin VDP / Mike Mertion / Braden Dean / Jeff Boake / Cam Schuster / Jesmond Dubeau / Andrew Jackson / Tristan Jeswiet / Joe Schuster / Justin Dorey / Matt Margetts / & Friends Get excited. Download our video fall 2008 on voleurz****.
21 Dec 2008
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Two Little Boys. The song "Two Little Boys" sung by Rolf Harris. From Wikipedia, "Two Little Boys" is a popular song written by Theodore Morse and Edward Madden. It was written in 1902 and it became a popular music hall song hit of the time made popular by Harry Lauder. Rolf Harris In 1969 it was revived in popularity when during a tour of Arnhem Land in Australia, Australian entertainer Rolf Harris briefly stayed with folk musician Ted Egan. Egan sung him the song, which Harris recorded on tape. When he got back to England he persuaded his television producer into using the song on his BBC variety show. Harris discovered he had lost the tape and rang Egan, twelve thousand miles away in Canberra, and got him to sing the song over the phone. Alan Braden arranged the song for the TV show, and the audience reaction was such that it was recorded by Harris and released as a single. The song reached #1 on the singles chart in December 1969 for six weeks and became the UK's best selling single of 1969. On popular BBC radio show Desert Island Discs, Margaret Thatcher picked it as her favourite song. In October 2008, Harris announced he would be re-recording the song, backed by North Wales' Froncysyllte Male Voice Choir, in order to mark the 90th anniversary of the end of World War I.[1] Other versions Kenny Rogers sang a version of the song while he was lead singer of the country-rock band The First Edition, which was released on their 1971 album Transition. The song was later revived in 1980 by Splodgenessabounds and reached #27 on the UK singles chart. Another version by a group of Hartlepool United fans was released as a double A-side with "Never Say Die" on the single "Poolie Pride", reaching #24 on the UK Singles Chart in 2006. The song is also commonly played by Irish band The Frames during live performance of their song "Star Star**", as well as by the Canadian band The Irish Rovers on the album Children Of The Unicorn. In popular culture A version with the names changed is sung by the character Spud in the film Trainspotting after Tommy's funeral.
24 May 2009
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*******www.firstgiving****/particleion I build a blacklight reflective Merkabah and this is what i got for pictures Heres a couple of the pics *******i201.photobucket****/albums/aa93/particleion/S6301436.jpg *******i201.photobucket****/albums/aa93/particleion/S6301458.jpg *******i201.photobucket****/albums/aa93/particleion/S6301395.jpg *******i201.photobucket****/albums/aa93/particleion/S6301406.jpg *******i201.photobucket****/albums/aa93/particleion/S6301427.jpg Research Links wiki Sacred Geometry *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Sacred_geometry Platonic solid *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Platonic_solid Regular polygon *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Regular_polygon Tetrahedron *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Tetrahedron Hexahedron *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Hexahedron Octahedron *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Octahedron Dodecahedron *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Dodecahedron Icosahedron *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Icosahedron Mandala *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Mandala Parthenon *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Parthenon Kabbalah *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Kabbalah Flower of Life *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Flower_of_life Vesica piscis *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Vesica_piscis Metatron *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Metatron#Metatron.27s_Cube Torus *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Torus Pythagoreanism *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Pythagoreanism Johannes Kepler *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Kepler Kepler-Poinsot polyhedron *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Kepler-Poinsot_polyhedra People in the field Drunvalo_Melchizedek vid of the higher self ***********/videoplay?docid=-654567353199226588 Gregg Braden *******www.greggbraden****/ Great Vids to watch 2,3,5, Infinity ***********/videoplay?docid=-9040167214635732060 Sacred Geometry pt 1 ***********/videoplay?docid=-4217922894127920940 Sacred Geometry pt 2 ***********/videoplay?docid=3080455261022970463 Awakening to Zero Point pt 1 ***********/videoplay?docid=3246068643261697998 Awakening to Zero Point pt 2 ***********/videoplay?docid=-6195639404227668247 Awakening to Zero Point pt 3 ***********/videoplay?docid=6703843120084506634 Books ***********/books?q
23 Nov 2008
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Experience a flow of positive energy with this meditation. Music; Hanshan Temple The pure love state empowers all fear and raises your vibration to the higher ... develop your intuitive senses, and raise your frequency to a higher state. When you meditate, you will find that it's easy to manifest exactly what you want, because your attention is single-pointed: it's focused like a laser beam. When your attention is focused, what your attention is focused on manifests, and often more quickly than you think possible. The physical world is a clue to the spiritual world. The world of spirit and self-evolution is on the verge of an information explosion: cheap energy, free energy-everything will be given to you. All of this is related to the evolving light-encoded filaments, which are millions and billions of tiny little fibers. Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby. Know that at your core you are the golden sun's light of an eternal day. Org Information for a evolving planet! *******lightworker**** *VirtualLight Channel May 2008 Seg 6 ***********/watch?v=XPV7eW... *George Green on Depopulation and the Pleiadians Part 1 of 12 ***********/watch?v=18bBpC... *The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden Pt.1 ***********/watch?v=AjM9Jh... Galactic Federation of Light Ashtar Command Project World Evacuation Cropcircles REVOLUTION is Now love liebe truth wahrheit maya alien et ufo Planet X Nibiru evakuierung 2012 dna dimension galactic Consciousness Bewusstsein fifth dimension God Jesus Christ paradise kingdom of heaven New Golden Age of Aquarius Pleiadians Sheldan Nidle Mayan Calendar Bibel ovni нло круги на полях инопланетяне cropcircles kornkreise Shambhala Agharta Third Reich Atlantis enigma spiritual era delerium romantic ryan farish amethystium sleepthief spirit new age ambient final fantasy Spiritual Awakening Mandalas meditation StarWheels chillout Myst 4 IV Revelation Apocalypse Apokalypse Enthüllung Offenbarung
27 Dec 2008
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Birth of Braden ...
27 Mar 2009
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Video directed by Braden King. Taken from the bonus VCD on the Taiwan edition of 'Whatever you love, you are'. ENJOY!!!
6 Sep 2009
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Day 2 The World Tour in Portillo, Chile, 2009. Jen, Daniel, Kami, Bob, Braden and Brandon
6 Sep 2009
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The World Tour in Portillo, Chile, 2009. Jen, Daniel, Kami, Bob, Braden and Brandon
6 Sep 2009
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Film-------Step Up 2 The Streets Cast Briana Evigan ...Andie Robert Hoffman ...Chase Collins Adam G. Sevani ...Moose Cassie Ventura ...Sophie Danielle Polanco ...Missy Christopher Scott...Hair Mari Koda ...Jenny Kido Janelle Cambridge ...Fly Luis Rosado ...Monster Harry Shum Jr. ...Cable LaJon Dantzler ...Smiles Telisha Shaw ...Felicia Black Thomas ...Tuck Kmel Howell ...K-Mel (as Kejamel 'K-Mel' Howell) Jeff 'Rapid' Ogle...Rapid Donnie 'Crumbs' Counts ...Crumbs Ebone Johnson ...EBZ Rynan 'Rainen' Paguio ...Kid Rainen James 'Cricket' Colter ...Cricket Alison Faulk ...Alstar Alex 'Shorty' Welch ...Shorty (as Shorty Welch) Troy Kirby ...Troy Jeffrey 'Machine' McCann ...Machine Will Kemp ...Blake Collins Channing Tatum ...Tyler Gage Sonja Sohn ...Sarah J-Boog ...DJ Sand (as Boogie) Amarr Merritt ...Charlie Diasha Graf ...Blake's Class Dancer #1 Jimmie Jelani Manners ...Blake's Class Dancer #2 (as Jimmie Manners) Shane Rutkowski ...Blake's Class Dancer #3 Laura Edwards ...Blake's Class Dancer #4 Samantha Zweben ...Blake's Class Dancer #5 Patrick Brennan ...Blake's Class Dancer #6 Marian Licha ...Mrs. Serrano Sarah Rivera-Scott ...Aunt Maria Luis Salgado ...Alejandro Katie Corrado ...Assistant E. Dawn Samuel ...Admissions Panel #1 Ava Lenet ...Admissions Panel #2 Nick Cordileone ...Admissions Panel #3 Amanda Cieri ...MSA Auditionee Hi-Hat ...Businesswoman on Subway Herbert Matz ...Older Man on Subway Howard Chu ...Subway Family Ruth Chu ...Subway Family Lawrence Chu ...Subway Family Jess Braden Cruz ...Subway Family Gavin Danger Russell ...Subway Baby Delia Goncalves ...News Reporter Jamal Sims ...Bartender Katie Berenson ...Goth Crew Olivia Cipolla ...Goth Crew Megan Kain ...Goth Crew Kelly Lafarga ...Goth Crew Carly Lang ...Goth Crew Michaela Sprague ...Goth Crew Jerry 'Flo' Randolph ...West Coast Rider (as Flo Master) Chuck Maldonado ...West Coast Rider Dondraico Johnson ...West Coast Rider Rhapsody James ...West Coast Rider Sharya Howell ...West Coast Rider Brandy Lamkin ...West Coast Rider Binkie ...West Coast Rider Gary Kendell ...Jabbawockeez Crew Chris Gatdula ...Jabbawockeez Crew Jeff Nguyen ...Jabbawockeez Crew Philippe Tayag ...Jabbawockeez Crew Kate Lacey ...Administrator BettyAnn Leeseberg-Lange ...Vocal Coach Dave Scott ...Car Stereo Guy Julie 'Jules' Urich ...B Girl (as Jules Urich) Nancy Thornton ...Ensemble Dancer Chase Benz ...Club Dancer rest of cast listed alphabetically: Joanna Becker ...Subway passenger (uncredited) Courtney Bell ...Cello Girl (uncredited) Michael Cohen ...Club Dancer (uncredited) Paul Fahrenkopf ...Restaurant patron / Pedestrian (uncredited) Daniel Ferro ...Dragon Club Patron (uncredited) Thomas M. Hagen ...Rave Dancer (uncredited) Rae Haskins ...MSA Student (uncredited) Nicole Catrice Keller ...Street Dancer / Hip hop (uncredited) Todd A. Langenfeld ...Father with baby on Metro (uncredited) Suzanne M. Lee ...Club Dancer (uncredited) Michael Levy ...Dancer (uncredited) Brian Mercer ...MSA Student (uncredited) Adrian Nanney ...Dragon Club Patron (uncredited) Chris O'Brocki ...Dragon club thug (uncredited) Manny Oliverez ...Neighbor (uncredited) Chelsea O'Toole ...Ballet Dancer (uncredited) Norman Outlaw ...Neighbor (uncredited) Mark J. Parker ...Dragon Club Dancer (uncredited) Tom Pruitt ...Police Officer (uncredited) Roger Sands ...Club Patron (uncredited) Patrick Michael Strange ...MSA Student (uncredited) April Tyler ...Club Goer (uncredited) Sahrah Zarei ...Club Patron (uncredited)
17 Nov 2009
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"All we see & seem is but a dream within a dream": the illusory nature of physical reality, creative consciousness & the universal mind. Featuring Fred Alan Wolf, Nassim Haramein, Amit Goswami, Jim Al Khalili, Greg Braden, Bill Hicks & David Icke. (music: Rachid Taha "Barra Barra")
14 Dec 2009
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Hi. My name is Carson. My dad always said there is nothing like the feeling of being able to play a song on an instrument, especially with a group, even if you are not that good. Maybe that's why Guitar Hero has become so popular because it lets people who don't play or think they can't play to become part of the music. This song is Mr Raindrop by Amplified, a group from Hong Kong. We can play some other stuff but this is the first song where we had all the instruments covered. Dad usually plays rhythm guitar as I am not too strong on chords just yet. Although he's a drummer he taught himself some guitar because it can be boring playing drums by yourself sometimes. Anyway, we didn't play it because it's a great song. My dad refers to it as a catchy little diddy. I didn't post it because I thought we played it exceptionally well. We didn't really, but it was our first time trying. The important thing is that we can play it at all. Until that morning the only ones who even heard the song were me and my girlfriend Rie (Lee-Ay). We are the 2 on lead and rhythm guitar. The 2 of us had been working on this one for a little while and everyone got together at Christmas so we wanted to see what we could do together. These by the way are some of my family and relatives. None of us have ever played with a band or other people before except my dad on the drums who played in a classic rock band 30 years ago before it was called classic rock. He hasn't touched the drums for 29 years. My aunt LeeAnn is an accomplished singer who does stuff with a couple of local music groups in Canmore (In the pink, La Jazz, etc.). Rie and I have been trying to teach ourselves guitar on a serious level for about a year now. My cousin Meagan although a good trumpet player has never touched a bass guitar before. Then there is my little brother Braden on the keyboard. He just turned 8 three months ago and has been playing about a year. If any of this bunch could ever be a star it might be him. He's got a lot to learn but he's got this spooky thing when it comes to music. He hears something and he can play it, within his technical abilities, no music, he just remembers it. As Kiki Dee once said "I got the music in me" and Braden sure seems to. Anyway, a select few will become famous and maybe rich but music for the rest of us is something we can do all our lives and enjoy and feel good about it even if we are no real pros at it. I've seen "Guitar Heroists" who, if they did to a real guitar what they do to the game, could be quite good if they put a similar amount of time into a real instrument. There is plenty of "Teach Yourself " books and DVDs available. Remember, Music is Fun.
10 Jan 2010
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High end clothing line designed by MK&A. This video is exclusive footage of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's new holiday collection. PS. The song is: Danny Fujikawa - Dear Braden
9 Mar 2010
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Pictures of Cillian Murphy as Patrick "Kitten" Braden. The song is "Sand" which is sung by Kitten (Murphy) and Billy Hatchet (Gavin Friday) in Breakfast on Pluto.
6 Jun 2010
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