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Taste it!
21 Dec 2007
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Assassin Blue: Platformer, Windows, Banov - *******tinyurl****/assassinblue Bite The Bullet: Shooter, Windows, 9_6 - *******tinyurl****/getbitethebullet Closure: Puzzle Platformer, Flash, Tyler Glaiel/Jon Schubbe - *******tinyurl****/getclosure Coming up on Thursday: A review of The Maw for Xbox Live! ------ Tune in next week when we'll be reporting from the floor of the New York Comic Con!
2 Feb 2009
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Can't touch this!
31 Aug 2009
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sup dawgs. wuuurddd! vote for maryreilly before she goes fukking braindead from all this ........ and theyre trying to get her to go to rehab. and shesays no no no. her favorite pastime s are fucking shit uop and breaking things.
22 Jun 2007
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Hay Begadol (livin' large) - is the latest hit from the number 1 hiphop artist in israel - Subliminal. now with a fresh new video from "Project Runway" Final episode Hot israeli models and hip hop at its BEST check out the behind the scene exclusive at : *******www.flix***.il/tapuz/showVideo.asp?m=3398569 directed by : Amir Okrinitz Lyrics & Composition: Subliminal and Chen Tochner (Dj Braindead) for more info go to : www.tact-records****
14 Oct 2009
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29 Sep 2010
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Watch it in HD (720p) ----- Leave a comment --------------------------------- IN ENGLISH --------------------------------- This is a list of what i think were the best albums released in 2012 in the garage-rock / garage-punk style. This is a list of only original albums! 7", EP's, singles, compilation albums and live albums were not included! If you think there are no great bands around here, turn off your TV and go outside! I know some people don't like my music taste, but i'm ok with that. Maybe this is a good way to discover your new favourite band. Support these artists! Buy their records and go to their shows! Feel free to comment! If you wanna know what i've been listening lately, check it out: Finnaly, i'd like to thank every users who uploaded videos to youtube! --------------------------------- EM PORTUGUÊS --------------------------------- Esta é uma lista dos albuns que eu considero terem sido os melhores que saíram em 2012 no mundo do garage-rock e garage-punk. É uma lista de apenas albuns de originais, isto é, EP's, singles, compilações e albuns ao vivo não foram incluídos! Existem inúmeras boas bandas por aí, descubram-nas! É uma lista que reflete o meu gosto musical, que compreendo não agrade a todos. Podem aproveitar este video para ficarem a conhecer aquelas que provavelmente irão ser as tuas bandas favoritas no futuro. Ajudem estes artistas! Comprem os seus discos e vão aos seus concertos! Comentem à vontade! Se quiserem ficar a saber o que ando a ouvir ultimamente, vejam aqui: *******www.lastfm****.br/user/AFS73 Gostaria de agradecer a todos os utilizadores que postaram videos no youtube, porque só desta forma consegui fazer o meu! --------------------------------- TRACK LIST --------------------------------- Bits Of Shit - Intro (from "Cut Sleeves") A Giant Dog - Cowboy (from "Fight") Audacity - Punk confusion (from "Mellow Cruisers") Bare Wires - Chasing time (from "Idle Dreams") Brat Farrar - You got me hanging around (from "Brat Farrar") Bits Of Shit - F (from "Cut Sleeves") Black Jaspers - Erased world (from "Scum Of The Moon") Cheap Time - Another time (from "Wallpaper Music") Crooked Bangs - Evil eye/le mauvais ceil (from "Crooked Bangs") Dikes of Holland - Rotten taste (from "Braindead USA") Gay Anniversary - Cop city (from "New In Class") Glockenwise - Bardamu girls (from "Building Waves") Glow Kit - Special Occasions (from "Glow Kit") Hellshovel - Summer's over (from "Hated By The Sun") Hives - Patrolling days (from "Lex Hives") Hussy - Undefined (from "Weed Seizure") Jeff The Brotherhood - Sixpack (from "Hypnotic Nights") Jeffrey Novak - Here comes snakeman (from "Baron In The Trees") K-Holes - Rats (from "Dismania") Le Prince Harry - Fancy for a cancer (from "It's Getting Worse") Mind Spiders - Wait for us (from "Meltdown") Nice Face - Equipped (from "Horizon Fires") Nü Sensae - Swin (from "Sundowning") OBN IIIs - Self-hate (From "OBN IIIs") OFF! - Wiped out (from "OFF!") Paint Fumes - Buried alive (from "Uck Life") Parkinsons - Girl from another world (from "Back To Life") Rippers - I Was Going Home (from "Better The Devil You Know") Slug Guts - Glory holes (from "Playin' in Time with the Deadbeat") Soupcans - Negative genes (from "Good Feelings") Spider Bags - Friday night (from "Shake My Head") Teenanger - Frights (from "Frights") Terry Malts - I do (from "Killing Time") Thee Oh Sees - Wax face (from "Putrifiers II") Tucán - Tocayo (from "Empatitis") Turbonegro - I got a knife (from "Sexual Harassment") Ty Segall - You're the doctor (from "Twins") Ty Segall Band - Tell me what's inside your heart (from "Slaughterhouse") Tyvek - Say yeah (from "On Triple Beams") White Wires - Down on my own (from "WWIII") Wild Evel And The Trashbones - Let's go right now (from "Tales From The Cave") Hex Dispensers - Hybrid Moments (from "Parallel EP")
24 Dec 2012
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version que j'ai manuellement synchronisé le son et l'image dans une version dvd c'est long faire ca mais ca vaut la peine la seule version francaise audio sur le net est en tvrip dont l'image n'est pas tres belle Braindead est un film gore néo-zélandais de Peter Jackson parodiant les films du même genre qui étaient en vogue durant les années 1980. C'est un film à la fois gore et comique. Il est considéré comme une des plus importantes œuvres de ce style, voire la principale. On trouve dans le même genre, et précédant Braindead, du même realisateur : Bad Taste et Meet the Feebles.
10 Sep 2009
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Der witzige Trailler zum indizierten und beschlagnahmten Film "Braindead" (oder "Dead Alive"). Aufjedem DVD-Abend hat der Film einen hohen Fun-Faktor :P Ein Film von Peter Jackson
12 Apr 2010
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braindead aka dead alive
23 Jun 2011
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Brand new banging house remix by Dj BrainDeaD to Don Omar's megahit - "Danza Kuduro". Just something for those house Dj's who are looking for a good playable version of this song... Download the MP3 from: *******www.facebook****/BrainDeaD.Official?sk=app_7146470109 Special Thanks to our friend Cinquemillo from Mexico For Booking & Remix requests: bookingempr***.il +972(0).52.779.2226 Visit BrainDeaD: www.facebook****/djbraindead www.facebook****/braindead.official****/djbraindead www.soundcloud****/djbraindead
23 Aug 2011
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Great remix tact-records****
20 Apr 2010
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Un extrait du film Braindead 1992
26 Oct 2012
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Funny Scene From The Movie Braindead
8 Jan 2013
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WARNING: I'VE MOVED CHANNELS, click here to sub: ******* Braindeadly 4. WoW arena - World of Warcraft Hunter PvP montage - If you do feel it's worthy, a 'like' on this video helps me a lot :) My Second channel: ***********/BraindeadlyTV Follow me here, subscribe for future guides and gameplay: Facebook: *******www.facebook****/braindeadlyeu Twitter: *******www.twitter****/braindeadlyeu YouTube: ***********/braindeadlyeu Blogs & Videos: *******www.braindeadly**** -- Please Read -- For full quality, watch on 1080p -- Braindeadly 4: I've set the bar extremely high for Braindeadly 4 with a huge amount of hours put into playing, finding the right music and editing whilst obtaining clips vs some of the best players in the world. PriestHDK clips were recorded with Mehh and Rghxwhfgjfdk and we reached around 2630 rating (equivalent to 2900+ pre MMR change), the highest rated PHDK in Season 11. What to expect: Arena matches vs some of the top well known players in Oceanic/US and European servers - Also some games took place in the NAO tournament. All games on alliance hunters are played on Battlegroup Nightfall-US, arguably the best in US. Team mates: Mehh, Rghxwhfgjfdk, Jimos, Skoez, Diggle, Nerox Tracklist: Atlas Plug - Truth be Known (*******fixtstore****/atlasplug) iNexus - Ownage (******* iNexus - Insanity (******* Rameses B - Visionary (***********/liquicity) Show iNexus some love, if you like his music feel free to subscribe to him: ***********/inexusmusic NOTE: I'VE MOVED CHANNELS, click here to sub: ******* This is my last full Hunter PvP montage for this expansion. I hope to produce even more videos like this in MoP (Mists of Pandaria). My Second channel: ***********/BraindeadlyWorld Enjoy. Previous movie - Braindeadly 3: *******
13 Jan 2013
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Best scene form all Peter Jackson films ever ... 1992 splatter Braindead Cream eating scene
27 Apr 2013
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