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Brams Stokers Dracula Distributed by Tubemogul.
13 Jan 2009
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For our first Halloween edition for From the Vault we pull out an old title starring the prince of darkness and an 8-bit version of Keanu Reeves in Bram Stoker's Dracula for the Genesis.
7 Oct 2011
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*******cineclasicoclub.creatuforo****/ En el año 1890, el joven abogado Jonathan Harker viaja a un castillo perdido de Transilvania, donde conoce al conde Drácula, que en 1462 perdió a su amor Elisabeta. El Conde, fascinado por una fotografía de Mina Murray, la novia de Harker, que le recuerda a su Elisabeta, viaja hasta Londres "cruzando océanos de tiempo" para conocerla. Ya en Inglaterra, intentará conquistar y seducir a Lucy, la mejor amiga de Mina.
10 May 2011
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Amazing Dracula-Doodle - scary ...
8 Nov 2012
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HELLBOY'S Mike Mignola and Bram Stoker Award-winning author Christopher Golden team up on BALTIMORE - A Stylized gothic fantasy that creatively melds a novel with a graphic novel.
24 Aug 2007
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An another video tribute to "Favole", story of Victoria Frances... yes it's gothic style... Music: "The Storm" from "Dracula's Bram Stoker" soundtrack
18 Nov 2007
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The Legacy of Bram Stoker coming soon! Check out www.reality-entertainment**** for more info. Reality CAN be Scary!
30 Mar 2008
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Over the course of human history there have been many men who have stood out amongst the rest. Whether writers of fiction, great physicians or even politicians, these men may in fact share a common purpose, regardless of the age they lived in. What Wise Men Do analyses various great men such as: Paracelsus Grand Master Pinto of the Knights of Malta Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Jules Verne H. G. Wells Bram Stoker King Canute Bob Kane (creator of Batman) In this series of investigations a thread of truth is discovered, revealing an inner yearning linked to our own evolutionary path and shared by each and every one of the individuals in question. What Wise Men Do, investigates concepts of magic as seen in each age and questions the truth of the statements against modern science and even theoretical science. In each case some new and startling discovery is made, making this compelling book a revelation from chapter to chapter. Collated from a series of films and recent researches this book goes in-depth into the heart of the mind itself. To register for a copy or for speeches and interviews email michaelreal2can**** and we'll let you know on launch.
24 Sep 2008
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What was Bram Stoker trying to tell us?
4 Oct 2008
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Se " The Sixth Sense" vi ha tenuti incollati alla poltrona, se " Dracula " di Bram Stoker vi ha lasciati col fiato sospeso, questo in un modo o nell'altro ve lo farà perdere definitivamente! The Smashing Production presenta un cast eccezionale, un horror da oscar, " Mi fai Sangue " solo su
16 Jan 2009
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A protestant church, the shot tower, U2 alley, Bram Stoker's house, St Patrick's cathedral, Dublin castle courtyard, Buskers, countryside from Dublin to Belfast, Falls St and Shankill Rd, Belfast botanical gardens, Dublin museum of modern art.
18 Jan 2009
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1935 your hit parade radio show debut, 1912 fenway park opened baseball, adolph hitler born birthday nazi german leader 1889, 1893 artist born joan miro, bram stoker author died 1912 dracula, 1896 el capitan film john philips sousa first public film, on this date in history april 20, historical video, video history, history channel, - www.myinboxnews****
21 Apr 2009
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*******www.darkregions**** - book trailer for The Shadows of Kingston Mills, a new short story collection by David B. Silva, Bram Stoker Award Winner. This new collection brings together 11 new stories and one reprint, all based in the small, Northern California town of Kingston Mills. Mystifying.
18 Oct 2009
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Bram Stoker and Lambda Literary Award-winning author Lee Thomas reminds us that sometimes the most terrifying aspects of the human condition come from within in this collection of eight original tales and seven acclaimed short stories gathered together in one volume for the first time anywhere. In The Closet Under The Bed Lee Thomas Book Trailer Find out more about this author here *******www.leethomasauthor**** Find out more about this book *******tinyurl****/yl9xcrk Genre: Horror, GLBT
2 Jan 2010
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In 2001, we had the good fortune to be hired to produce a video in Ireland on St. Patricks Day. We spent a week traveling the countryside, but spent the majority of our time in Dublin, Limerick, Kilkenny and Cork. Besides the free pints of Guinness and being paid to be there, here are some of the other highlights. We had the honor in meeting the Lord Mayor of Dublin and the Prime Minister of Ireland (long story, but good one). Visited St. Patricks Cathedral and St. Michans church founded in 1095. We went on a tour into the burial vault underneath the church, where we saw dusty corpses in their coffins. Bram Stoker's Dracula writings were inspired here. We enjoyed a few pints in the Guinness Storehouse with some Scotsmen. Visited the Kilmainham Gaol (jail) where several movies were filmed including, In the Name of the Father and Italian Job. We walked thru some unbelievable castles in the beautiful countryside. What a trip! I hope you enjoy this short video.
17 Mar 2010
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Fair use, a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work, is a doctrine in United States copyright law that allows limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders. Examples of fair use include commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship. It provides for the legal, non-licensed citation or incorporation of copyrighted material in another author's work under a four-factor balancing test. The term fair use originated in the United States. The whole copyrights belong to the : Dracula: Dead and Loving It is a 1995 comedy film starring Leslie Nielsen, directed by Mel Brooks. It is a parody of the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, and of some of the films it inspired. Brooks co-authored the screenplay with Steve Haberman and Rudy DeLuca. He also appears as Dr. Van Helsing. The film's other stars include Steven Weber, Amy Yasbeck, Peter MacNicol, Harvey Korman, and Anne Bancroft. The film follows the classic Dracula (1931), starring Bela Lugosi, in its deviations from the novel. Its visual style and production values are particularly evocative of the Hammer Horror films. It spoofed, among other movies, The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967) and Dracula (1992). As of 2011, it is the last film to be directed by Brooks.
26 Sep 2011
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