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══► Really Nice Songs And Music !!! ══► I made this video for Me and for my love Marina ♥ ... and for my friends from Russia, Unites States of America, Spain, France, Dubai, England and Bulgaria :-) Enjoy ! Playlist/Tracklist By Marsel Mihaylov ™ 1. Roman Messer - Closer (R.I.B Chillout Remix) 2. NoMosk - Don't Hold Back (Soty & Seven24 Chillout Remix) 3. Seven24 & Arma8 - The Meaning (S.A.T Remix) 4. Runnerz - Im Lost (TBA Chilled Mix) 5. Motif - The sign (Chillout Mix) 6. NoMosk & Lucid Blue - Inside The Fire (Seven24 And soty Chillout Remix) 7. Denis Sender DJ T.H. ft. Hanna Finsen - New Day (Chill out) 8. Julian Vincent & Shannon Hurley - Lost in Space (Moonnight remix) 9. Nathia Kate & Emanuele Braveri feat. Aylin - Love Is Blinding Me (Lisaya Chillout) 10. Iris Dee Jay - Too Late (Moonnight Remix) 11. Rikah - Shoreline Everything Is Changing (Chill Out Mix) 12. Frainbreeze - I'm In Love (Original Mix) 13. Melodic Brothers - Short Novel (MegaVoizzz 2016 Chillout Revival Mix) 14. Roman Messer - A Light Inside (Denis Sender Sunset Chill Remix) 15. Vito Fognini & Cari - True To Myself (Original Mix) 16. Rameses B - Butterflies (Original mix) 17. Let Go feat. Akacia - (Alex Hook Remix) 18. Rayan Myers feat. Evi Vokaly - My Everything (ATB Cover) 19. Fidelity ft. Colette Colby - You Don't Know 20. Bei Maejor - End of the Night 21. V I F Feat Irina Homenko - Stay (Original mix) 22. Frainbreeze feat. Natune & Angel Falls - Signs Of Time (Original Mix 2017) 23. Oleg Byonic -Follow Me (Byona Mix) 24. Ted Irens - Godbye Earth - (Oleg Byonic Remix) 25. Bliss - Wish you were here (Rayan Myers Remix) 26. Kazukii feat. Hikaru Station - Heart (Original mix) 27. Lost Tribe - Angel (Reuben Halsey Chillout Mix)
21 Apr 2018
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We should applause the bravery of the truck driver, where everyone was far away from it the driver took the burning truck away from the locality.
19 Apr 2018
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All the humans were fascinated to see the bird’s bravery. However, little did they know that it was after the joint they were smoking.
9 Apr 2018
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Terii (Best Engineering College & Top B Schools in Haryana, North India) Kurukshetra celebrated Achievers Day on 27 Feb 2017 wherein Dr. M.P. Gupta, Advisor, TERII honoured 176 students of School, Polytechnic, Management, and Engineering. The students were honoured on account of excellent performance in academics, games& sports, bravery etc. Many parents were present on the occasion. To Know more about TERii Visit www(dot)terii(dot)in and learn about their courses fees and facilities.
17 Jan 2018
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There is a thin line between stupidity and bravery. This dude jumps from the rooftop into a mini pool and barely landed in the mini pool unharmed.
26 Dec 2017
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This young teen thinks he is tough and proves it by his act. When it came to actually show bravery he was unable to show courage and fled the scene.
25 Dec 2017
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Maybe we all might be scared to cross a river bridge but not this cat, who leads his master by crossing the bridge in an epic style with absolute bravery.
12 Dec 2017
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The inspirational bravery of a paranormal investigator.
25 Jul 2017
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This women's commendable bravery and quick thinking led her to prevent the theif and his gang from hijacking her car from the petrol pump.
26 May 2017
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A fantasy novel born out of real life tragedy, Maurpikios Fiddler: The True Meaning of Magic is set in a modern day fantasy world where two races of people exist- The magicals and the non-magicals. War and Conflict has plagued the two groups for centuries. Now both races find themselves facing a common enemy. In the Magical world childhood Scorpioma plagues the lives of their children, while in the non-magical world medical professionals have made great strides in discovering successful treatments for childhood cancers. Both sides realizing the two diseases are one in the same, forge The Treaty of Earthly Peace creating a bond that forces the two groups to come together and collaborate at Saint Juliana's Children's Research Institute. It is a race to save the lives of their children from the terrible twin diseases. Yet, there exists an old prophecy that gives the world a champion- young Maurpikios Fiddler. However, with every champion there is dark force to oppose his greatness. Radu Vrotsos a wealthy philanthropist and a maniacal wizard makes it no secret that he supports the bigotry and segregation of the old regime. Completely against the integration of the magicals and the non-magicals it is his hope to bring an end to the collaboration among the two groups. Maurpikios Fiddler will enter Saint Juliana's Children Research Institute a boy and in the end he will have no choice but to display the bravery of a man. This is a story of life, love, loyalty, family, friendship, and most of all faith in God. It is set in a world of fairies and angels, and all things magical. However, it is loosely based on the real life journey of an amazing eleven year old boy who discovered the True Meaning of Magic while going through cancer treatment. To learn more or order the book: *******bookstore.xlibris****/Products/SKU-0131471049/Maurpikios-Fiddler.aspx
26 Jun 2013
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All the nine islands of the Azores Archipelago are of volcanic origin with the island of Flores marking the westernmost border of the European continent. 244,780 people live in the 2,325 sq. of this island territory, which is part of the Portuguese state and constitutes the Autonomous Region of the Azores. The islands of the archipelago are divided in three geographical groups: the Eastern Group, comprising Santa Maria and São Miguel, the Central Group, including Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial, and the Western Group, composed by Corvo and Flores. The Azores, along with the archipelagos of Madeira, Canary Islands and Cape Verde, constitute the biogeographic region of Macaronesia, a name which means "fortunate islands". NINE ISLANDS SCULPTURED BY NATURE LYING IN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN Brought together in an archipelago, each Azorean island has its own identity. Even if they all share an extraordinary natural legacy, they also have their own landscape, traditions, cuisine and architecture. They have been sculptured by ancient volcanoes and populated over the centuries by courageous and kind people. Thus the Azores are a place of varied experiences and emotions. CLIMATE The climate of the Azores is mild. During the winter, strong winds stir the sea and purify the air. The average temperature remains at a generous 14º C, which does not prevent snow from falling on the summit of the mountain of Pico, given its altitude (2,350m). The rainy periods, although frequent, are generally short. The summer is warm and sunny, with temperatures staying around 24º C. The sea water remains at an inviting temperature, between 17º C and 23º C. HISTORY In the realm of legend, some associate the Azores to the Atlantis, the mythical island kingdom quoted by Plato. As for history, references to nine islands in the Atlantic Ocean located approximately in the position of the Azores can be found in books and maps since the 14th century. However, it was the Portuguese Maritime Discoveries, led by Prince Infante D. Henrique, that the Azores were definitely registered in the map of Europe. It is unknown whether the first navigator to reach the archipelago was Diogo de Silves in 1427 or Gonçalo Velho Cabral in 1431. The origin of the name Azores is also debatable as there are various theories. The most common associates the designation of the common buzzards found on the islands which were mistaken as being another bird of prey: the northern goshawk (açor). What is now certain is that it was Prince Infante D. Henrique who instigated the settlement of the islands. First, animals were sent, between 1431 and 1432, and later settlers started to arrive from 1439. From that date, the settlement continued throughout the 15th century (Western and Central Groups) and the 16th century (Western Group). Jews, Moors, Flemish, Genovese, Englishmen, Frenchmen, and African slaves came together with the Portuguese from the mainland to face the hardships of such a task. This epic start moulded a people that throughout the centuries was able to resist volcanic eruptions, isolation, invasions of pirates, political wars and infesting diseases. The courage of the Azorean people was confirmed when they resisted the Spanish domination during the succession crisis of 1580, and when they supported the liberal movement during the civil war (1828-1834). During the 20th century, this bravery was once again evident during the whale hunting era, when the men would go to sea in small, wooden boats ready to confront, in the endless blue sea, giant sperm whales.
15 Apr 2013
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The Eagle's Last Flight is not a typical Cold War book, which is why it is eminently suited for today's readers. It is an uncomplicated book---good books usually are---that describes military life during the Cold War in an everyday, gut level fashion that readers can easily relate to. The story line is also uncomplicated. Modest in size (less than 400 pages), it chronicles the life of Skip O'Neill, an ordinary man destined to live an extraordinary life during the period 1954 to 1981. Skip was an Air Force fighter pilot; although not the kind possessed with unbelievable bravery, infallible judgment, and impossible skills so typical of fictional fighter pilots. His was a real life, with real troubles, real victories, and real conflicts. Yet, like the character in Forrest Gump, he managed to be on the stage each time the American military was challenged during the Cold War. Although The Eagle's Last Flight has the look and feel of an autobiography, it is in fact, a work of fiction. But, being a fictional character is Skip O'Neill a credible witness to such a dramatic period of our history? To quote Mark Berent, author of the Rolling Thunder series of books about the Vietnam War,Skip O'Neill flew with the Lafayette Escadrille, he flew fighters in the European Theater of Operations, and the Pacific in WWII and, he flew fighters in all the conflicts since Vietnam as well. For Skip O'Neill's story is the story of all fighter pilot warriors. Anyone who flew in any war can relate to many episodes in this book and certainly the characters. Or as CNN military analyst and author, Major General Don Shepherd, USAF (Ret.) put it, “This is one of the best books about flying fighters, life in the military, war and the humans who do it, all with the best of characters shrouded in history, mixed with realism, sex, joy, tragedy, sadness, mystery. I could feel the Gs, taste the martinis and smell the perfume. I felt like I knew the characters, or someone just like them, and saw every fighter pilot in 'Skip' and every fighter pilot's wife in 'Christy'. Feel the Gs, taste the martinis and smell the perfume---valuable insights into one of the more tumultuous periods in our history by someone who has been there, done that---tantalizing clues about what may lie ahead if the Cold war returns---all in one book. What more can you ask for? Order Now Link: *******bookstore.iuniverse****/Products/SKU-000106058/THE-EAGLES-LAST-FLIGHT.aspx
10 Nov 2012
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To Download Brave :*******www.bravethevideogame.blogspot****/ Direct Link :*******lnkgt****/9Qk Merida is a skilled archer and impetuous daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. Determined to carve her own path in life, Merida defies an age-old custom sacred to the uproarious lords of the land: massive Lord MacGuffin, surly Lord Macintosh and cantankerous Lord Dingwall. Merida's actions inadvertently unleash chaos and fury in the kingdom, and when she turns to an eccentric old Witch for help, she is granted an ill-fated wish. The ensuing peril forces Merida to discover the meaning of true bravery in order to undo a beastly curse before it's too late.
8 Jun 2012
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