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The clip Convincing Jill to drive away from Brazil (1985) with Jonathan Pryce. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. That's it! Let's go! Vroom! Vroom! What are you doing? For Christ's sake, keep moving! Get out of my cab. What? Just drive! You touched me. Nobody touches me. What are you Oh, God! Please! Please! Drive on! Drive on, will you! For- Oh, shit. Move over. I'll drive. Don't touch that! Don't touch anything! It's okay, Officer. Thank you. It's okay. Got everything under control. Thank you. Oh, shit. They're coming. Listen, please drive. Drive. Trust me. You are in terrible danger. You are an embarrassment. Please. Please drive. Trust me. Trust me. Drive, and I'll explain everything. Please... get out of my cab. I'm sorry. I - Okay! Okay, you've asked for it! I'm Information Retrieval Officer D - DZ/105! And I'm arresting you as a - Drive on, or I'll blast your fucking head off! Go!
17 Apr 2012
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