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Brazilian musical (ahora en metacafe jaja pq me lo banearon en youtube x copyright de limp bizkit jajaja) Sos grande brazileiro y no serias nada sin la nº7
15 Jan 2009
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A cool brazilian band with their music clip "O malandro (Ao vivo)".
7 Aug 2006
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The work of Pixinguinha and other giants of Brazilian Popular Music still being performed and preserved until today by young Brazilian musicians despite the cultural onslaught imposed by television networks in Brazil. Music:."Lamento" by Pixinguinha played by Jacó do Bandolim
16 Jul 2011
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Musical video clip with one of most creative Brazilian music popular composer MPB. This video was recorded in 1984 in Sao Paulo at Art Museum Auditorium.
18 Sep 2006
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17 Oct 2006
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Beautiful film on Choro music. You will love this! Great Brazilian music and dancing. Experience Brasil!
20 Jan 2007
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Falatalk presents the Rio Scenarium, the coolest place to go in downtown Rio! Life Brazilian Music, and samba all night.
30 Jun 2007
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Performers at the World Music & Arts Festival 2007 Amazones - Women Drummers from Guinea Anat Cohen -- Jazz Balkan Beat Box - Middle Eastern fusion Brina - Slovenian folk Chirgilchin - Brazilian music Dhafer Youssef - Tunisian oud & vocals Dhoad Gypsies - gypsy music from India Jeff Daniels -- Singer Pharaoh's Daughter - Middle Eastern Fusion Taj Weekes & Adowa - Reggae Find more at www.nachofoto****
16 Jul 2007
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Brazilian music
21 Jul 2007
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Funny brazilian music Title: Solitary Wolf.
27 Aug 2007
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The biggest Brazilian music event ever, a festival in 1967 with live performances by Edú Lobo, Nara Leao, Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque, Os Mutantes, Elis, Regina, Caetano Veloso and others
2 Sep 2007
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Beverly and Rally chilling with caprinias in Shanghai, China with Brazilian music in the background...also giving the Chinese waitress some English lessons...
21 Nov 2007
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*******www.davepietro**** presents "The Chakra Suite" a unique fusion of Indian and Brazilian music. Video: Bret Primack *******www.jazzepk****
6 Sep 2008
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*******www.davepietro**** presents "The Chakra Suite" a unique fusion of Indian and Brazilian music. Video: Bret Primack *******www.jazzepk****
6 Sep 2008
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MegaFitness**** Dance and Be Fit Brazilian Body Kimberly Miguel Mullen, James Wvinner. It’s a captivating, fun, fat-burning good time! This fabulously fun and enchanting program reveals the secret to obtaining that lean, sexy Brazilian body. By using elements of Brazil’s heart-pounding, steamy dances such as the Maculele, Samba Reggae, and Capoeira, this workout targets all your trouble spots while burning fat and calories to deliver amazing results. You’ll learn simple, flowing steps and incorporate hip circles and torso pops. The authentic, pulsating Brazilian music sets the rhythm; add your personal style and flair and you’ve got your own Carnival. So take a vacation south of the border and have a hip-swinging, calorie-burning, body-slimming good time—Brazilian style! Warm-Up 6 min. Maculele 12 min. Samba Reggae 12 min. Capoeira 12 min. Cool Down 6 min. Bonus dance: Samba de Roda
13 Oct 2008
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Jovem Guarda (portuguese for "young guard") was primarily a Brazilian musical television show first aired by Rede Record in 1965, though the term soon expanded so as to designate the entire movement and style surrounding it. The members of the program were singers who had been influenced by the American rock n' roll of the late 1950s and British Invasion bands of the 1960s, though the music often became softer, more naïve versions with light, romantic lyrics aimed at teenagers. They were Roberto Carlos, Erasmo Carlos and Wanderléa, with other bands and musicians appearing on the show as guests. The style became popularly known as "iê-iê-iê", a term that, like French yé-yé, is most likely based on the freqüent "yeah" cries heard in songs of the period (for instance, the Beatles' "She loves you/Yeah yeah yeah"). Iê-iê-iê was often considered a lesser genre, inferior to the more sophisticated bossa nova and MPB music of the period. Jovem Guarda also became a lucrative business thanks to merchandise that explored its theme and even a couple of themed motion pictures were shot during the period, thus reinforcing the idea of its lack of artistic integrity. However, by the late sixties and early seventies, singers Erasmo Carlos and Roberto Carlos had shown a more mature side to their work and, later, even MPB singers, as Nara Leão, Maria Bethania, Gal Costa and Elis Regina, would add their material to their repertoires.
1 Feb 2009
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