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5 Apr 2009
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28 Sep 2011
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Two Mascots Get into a Scuffle at a Game Good thing that third mascot dressed like a pig was there to break it up. Oh, just kidding...I heart cops all day long
30 Oct 2007
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Eddie did a Q&A Session at Fan Expo Canada in August, as well as signed autographs and chatted with fans. It was a good session… and LONG. So we’ll break it up into 3 parts for ease of digestion... Eddie goes into directing, including the new movie, we hear a bit about the 5th Cylon and the direction of the show from day one.
26 Aug 2008
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Break it up, buy some more, sell it, what’s to do – and that’s just the UK government, never mind what we are going to do. Still, whatever you decide to do there is one thing you know for sure. It certainly isn’t going to be dull...
5 Nov 2009
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We hate Sasuke ! Going break it up..
21 Feb 2010
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24 Mar 2010
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The best music videos usually start with a plan. Here's how you break it up, according to degreed filmmaker, C. Aaron Moore--talking with Ryan Michael Galloway, *******www.GigsterClinics****.
22 Apr 2010
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2 Oct 2011
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BY NICOLE THOMPSON ANCHOR JIM FLINK You're watching multisource poltiics video news analysis from Newsy. President Barack Obama’s jobs bill got the ax in the Senate on Tuesday, but it’s not quite dead yet. So what’s next? CNN has more. “President Obama says he’s not giving up on his $447 billion jobs plan after it failed the Senate vote. The president says he’ll try to pass the plan by breaking the measure into several smaller parts.” So now, the plan is to break the American Jobs Act into pieces. Vice President Joe Biden hit the morning show circuit Wednesday to explain why. Here he is on ABC’s Good Morning America. “What we're going to do is we’re going to take that bill, in conjunction with leadership in the United States Senate, and break it out piece by piece and have the Republicans united say why they’re against giving tax breaks to small businesses, which they’ve always been for. Why they’re against giving a $1500 tax break to everybody who gets a pay stub.” The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent suggests the bill’s defeat might not be all bad for team Obama. He argues -- the plan Biden outlined could put the administration in a good strategic position. “While this was a defeat for Obama, it also gave the White House the positioning it wants for the next phase of this fight...Obama will pressure Congress to reveal whether it’s willing to take any action at all at a time of nine percent unemployment and mass economic suffering and anxiety.” So, do any of these prospective pieces have a shot at passing? The Christian Science Monitor speculates what will fly, and what won’t. “Parts that deal with tax cuts and transportation projects stand a better chance of getting enough GOP support to pass. Tax-the-rich elements and extra aid to local governments? Probably not.” Republicans aren’t taking kindly to this strategy. Republican Senator Orrin Hatch tells Fox News, this is all a game to Democrats. “Well, when are they going to quit playing crass politics? Because everybody knew the Democrats themselves were not going to support the president’s bill as written ... It would just wreck our country and make us even more in debt and more into a recession than we are right now. I wish they would quit playing politics and start talking about doing what’s right for our country.” And some analysts are fed up as well -- with MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle and Newsweek’s Tina Brown wondering -- can the government get anything done these days? “I just hate though, this whole listless, passive presidency approach. This... it feels like now the Obama administration is just running on like, 'Let’s just do things to fail and then everybody will see how bad the other side is,' you know? I mean, it’s depressing, and I want to see some seizing back of an agenda in some way.” “We’re going to delay the vote to a future date, we’re going to break it up into its component parts, vote on them one at a time. We’re sorry about your car payment you’re going to miss, and your mortgage payment you’re going to miss, but we’ll get to it in December.” According to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, 52 percent of those polled say they approve of the president’s jobs plan-- 36 percent say they oppose it. Transcript by Newsy.
15 Oct 2011
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