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Watch KO make his "breakfast of champions" during his stay in Jamaica. Also check out www.ko-nation**** for more exclusive videos.
29 May 2009
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SUPER SHORTS! Episode 4. Breakfast of Champions. Hey, you want some goatmeal?
3 May 2010
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Breakfast of Champions
28 Aug 2010
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This me 6 years ago, hope you enjoy, now I eat alot more nastier shit for money.
15 May 2007
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Art Institute of Atlanta student eating the cheapest breakfast but somehow the best(Yamil Little) Distributed by Tubemogul.
15 Jun 2009
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*******thesunrae**** Milk and Cereal staring Olivia and Grace.
18 Aug 2009
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The saga continues: David Burge goes Greek. Real Nebraska students reveal fashion secrets. And Pop-Tarts are shown to be the breakfast of champions.
29 Oct 2007
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Go to my website and I'll show you how you'll be able to play skate. all day if you want, and still make money. I made a couple thousand dollars this afternoon, just running errands, playing skate. and I made a great dinner for my girlfriend and I! We'll show you how by this time next year, you can give in to those days where all you want to do is play skate.! =P some decent stuff in here, at the XGames Megaramp! I now daydream about skate.2!! The Audio: Chapter 1 - "Breakfast of Champions", Kurt Vonnegut (one of my favorite books, and very interesting if given some consideration and attention. Thanks for watching!! Comments / critiques are welcomed! Post your video/9min run in response!!
26 Jul 2008
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See the world's scratch elite devour the new generation of Traktor DJ gear in this spectacular performance. Traktor was on the menu at a Breakfast of Champions recently, hosted at Qbert's crib in San Francisco. Witness a three-way jam session with DMC Champs Qbert, Shiftee and Rafik performing on 4 turntables with just one Traktor Scratch Pro 2 system in this video, making full use of the 10 inputs and outputs of the included Traktor Audio 10 interface. Native Instruments Maschine is used as a MIDI controller for Traktor. All Traktor generation 2 products like Traktor Scratch Pro 2 or its included Traktor Audio 10 interface (also available separately) are in stores now! You can see the full Traktor range at *******www.native-instruments****/traktor The Limited Edition Thud Rumble Skratchy Seal vinyl used in this video can be pre-ordered here: *******www.djqbert****/product/skratchy-seal-traktor-scratch.html "Al-Naafyish (The Soul)" by Hashim courtesy of Cutting Records, Inc. *******www.cuttingnyc**** Traktor Scratch is authorized for use under license of patents owned by N2IT Holding B.V., including U.S. Patent Nos. 7,012,184 B2 and 7,238,874 B2.
6 May 2013
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From the movie Rocky - Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) wakes up early, ready to train, and starts his day with a big glass of raw eggs.
31 Mar 2011
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FPS Russia Shirts - *******fpsrussia.spreadshirt****/-C94489 I REUPLOADED THIS CAUSE I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND I WANTED TO BE SURE EVERYONE HAD SEEN IT. *******hupitgaming****
20 Mar 2012
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GaiamTV This powerful practice uses the breath of fire and strength-building poses to wake up every cell in your body. Modifications for all levels are included.
6 Jun 2012
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From the movie North Dallas Forty - Phillip Elliot (Nick Nolte) and Seth Maxwell (Mac Davis) take some early morning pills and wash them down with cold beer.
1 Aug 2012
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Biography Dark comedic author Kurt Vonnegut got the inspiration for his famous book Slaughterhouse Five as a prisoner of war in World War II. His work ranges from sci-fi to satire and were favorites among 1960s counterculture
20 Dec 2013
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My pink and fuzzy ode to breakfast cereals. Thanks to Rebecca ***********/user/rebeccawrite for suggesting in the channel comments that I do a song about Cheerios - it was the inspiration! =:0) ----------- LYRICS: I wake up in the morning and I'm feeling kinda lazy My eyes barely open and my head is pretty hazy My tummy starts to grumble as the hunger takes its toll Get outta my way I need to get a bowl! Which friend is gonna join me? I like to make a habit Of starting my day eating breakfast with a rabbit trix are for kids and I like em a bunch I also like kickin it with capn' crunch. But that's life. What's life? It's a cereal. Life Cereal - Hey mikey, he likes it! 1..2..3.. *** A is for Apple, J is for Jacks G I M the dude with the cereal raps I don't like it soggy it's my crunchy sweet addiction Some ice cold milk is the perfect contradiction It doesn't really matter if they're flakes or they're squares As long as they taste good I don't really care. Every day I find myself exactly in the mood for something kid tested and mother approved *** It's a modern stone age family! They kinda look like rebels Running around with stone bowls and fruity pebbles. Next thing you know there's dino, barney, fred Yabba dabba do ya do ya do ya know instead I'm looking for something that's magically delicious I dont' even mind if I dirty more dishes Gonna tempt your tummy with the taste of nuts and honey What about raisin bran that's always nice and sunny With two scoops of raisins I really wanna bite I could eat those two scoops every day and night. When it comes to cereal I'm kind of big talker Especially cookie crisp - I'm an obsessive stalker A bunch of little cookies that I can't seem to resist I always seem to add them to my grocery list But lets not forget about cinnamon toast toast toast crunch crunch Crunch berries and frankenberry and boo berry and you berry And me berry we're two berries that are very very Cheery cheery cheerio o o oh's But That's Life - What's Life? Its a cereal. Life cereal. Hey Mikey. *** A is for Apple, J is for Jacks G I M the dude with the cereal raps I don't like it soggy it's my crunchy sweet addiction Some ice cold milk is the perfect contradiction It doesn't really matter if they're flakes or they're squares As long as they taste good I don't really care. Every day I find myself exactly in the mood for something kid tested and mother approved *** Look at all the boxes in the aisle. Every character has got a cardboard smile. Do I go for nutrition or for the free prizes? Look at all the different colored shapes and sizes. I'm coo coo for cocoa puffs there's really no denying The sugar in frosted flakes really gets me flying That breakfast of champions costs a lot of money And so do the bunches of oats with honey Boxes getting smaller and the prices hit the top It's enough to make your wallet snap crackle and pop Flakes, bran, berries smacks crispies and bunches I'd rather eat breakfast any day than boring lunches It doesn't really matter if they're flakes or they're squares As long as they taste good I don't really care.
14 Aug 2009
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Black Dynamite interview with Michael Jai White and Arsenio Hall on BlackTree TV SYNOPSIS When The Man murders his brother, pumps heroin into local orphanages, and floods the ghetto with adulterated malt liquor, BLACK DYNAMITE is the one hero willing to fight all the way from the blood-soaked city streets to the hallowed halls of the Honky House. Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight) stars as BLACK DYNAMITE, a gun-toting, nunchuck-wielding, ladies man and soul brother. Written and directed by Scott Sanders (Thick as Thieves), BLACK DYNAMITE also stars Tommy Davidson, Nicole Sullivan, Bokeem Woodbine, Arsenio Hall and John Salley. LONG SYNOPSIS Black Dynamite is the baddest cat to ever hit town. He puts his finger in the ground and turns the whole word around. This ex-CIA commando rules the streets with a 44-Magnum in one hand and nunchucks in the other. With his soul brother brand of Kung Fu, he strikes fear into the hearts of suckers and chumps on both sides of the law, and with his super cool style, keeps the ladies begging for more. When Black Dynamites brother Jimmy is mysteriously killed, the CIA calls Black Dynamite back into action. Tracing a bullet casing left at the scene of the crime, Black Dynamite finds himself battling pool hall thugs, pimps, pushers, and monsters. In the process of solving his brothers murder, Black Dynamite uncovers a bigger plan by The Man to pump dope into the local orphanages and flood the ghetto with malt liquor adulterated to weaken the Black Mans most fundamental power source. Upon meeting and romancing the beautiful, socially-minded orphan activist Gloria, Black Dynamite decides to clean up the streets, declaring war on the scourges of the ghetto. Flanked by a team of militants, including his trusted friend Bullhorn, a rhyme-talking club-owner, and the smooth talking hustler Cream Corn, Black Dynamite takes his crusade from the blood-soaked city streets to the hallowed halls of the Honky House MICHAEL JAI WHITE/ WRITER/BLACK DYNAMITE Michael Jai White first garnered audience and critical attention with his portrayal of controversial boxing giant Mike Tyson in the HBO special, Tyson. With more than two decades years of experience as a martial artist, he holds a black belt in six Karate styles and over 26 titles, including U.S. Open, North American Open, and New England Grand Champion. His well-honed skills have been employed to choreograph complex stunts in films such as On Deadly Ground. In addition to Tyson, his feature credits include Spawn, in which he played the title character based on the Todd McFarlane comic books, 2 Days in the Valley, Breakfast of Champions with Bruce Willis, Thick As Thieves with Alec Baldwin, Universal Solder: The Return with Jean Claude Van Damme, Exit Wounds with Steven Seagal and Quentin Tarantinos Kill Bill. Television credits include the NBC movie Mutiny, based on factual events during World War II in which he played the lead character. The film was directed by Kevin Hooks and produced by Morgan Freeman. He also appeared in the TNT original movie Freedom Song, starring and executive produced by Danny Glover; the short lived NBC drama Wonderland; and episodes of NYBD Blue, JAG, Living Single, and Renegade. Most recently, White has starred in Undisputed 2, The Dark Knight, the box office smash Tyler Perrys Why Did I Get Married, and the upcoming Black Dynamite, which Michael wrote, and co-produced. White was born in Brooklyn and as a pre-teen was relocated to Bridgeport, Connecticut. At age 14, he was mostly on his own; and at six feet tall and weighing in at 190 lbs, he was easily mistaken for an adult. Having started karate lessons at age eight, he was a black belt by age 12, and later taught karate at the local YMCA in Bridgeport. He graduated high school with honors and went on to college without a clear idea of the direction he wanted to steer his life. He jumped from university to university and major to major (political science, communications, engineering) while also squeezing in an acting class or two—at the HB Studios in NY, Yale University, and Howard University but never had considered acting as a career choice. White discovered he had a gift for reaching troubled children when he taught grades five, six, and seven at a junior high school for three years. That experience is what he says is his proudest achievement. Though reluctant to follow acting, he felt he had to get it out of his system. He began auditioning for roles in nearby Manhattan. He eventually landed commercials, theater roles, and bit parts on soap operas. Faced with the difficult decision to leave teaching, he finally did so with the blessing of his students. In 1992 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. *******
5 Nov 2009
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