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Ze had er geen moeite mee !
8 Nov 2009
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Georgie makes Karl lose it.
3 Jul 2012
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Actress radha sareeless breasts show through blouse
30 Oct 2010
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Upskirt Story #11: "Some years back I met this girl on an internet message board named Kim. She was married and from a different part of the country, and we didn't really know each other that well, but when she had to come to my area to have lunch with an old friend, we decided to get together. I met her at the hotel, and she looked even better than her photos: 5'6, dark hair, gorgeous eyes, and gorgeous legs which she must have known because she was wearing a short little dress. We had talked before about what we could do and agreed on minigolfing since there was a great course close by. As we walked down there, there was a soft, mild breeze blowing in, and her flared dress began fluttering, showing off a hint of white panty. Somehow I had the feeling this was going to be a good day! "So what's your husband up to this weekend?" I asked as we got our putters and scorecards and waited for the first hole to be clear. "Oh, Brad," she responded, "He's got some seminar in St. Louis this weekend, or that's the story, anyway." "Oh, what does he do?" I asked, thinking the tone of her reply was marginally interesting. "Hmmm, mostly just what he likes, but professionally he's a senior partner in a chartered accountancy practice," said Kim. "Anyway, I'm happy to have a change of scenery and a change of conversation," she continued, patting my hand while she adjusted the tilt of her cap. "I was just thinking the same thing," I ventured, "You've certainly got much nicer legs than my regular Sunday partners," as I pointedly looked at the sweep of her shapely and sexy right thigh, much revealed by the way she was now sitting on the bench to the left of me. "Have you been in the sun somewhere recently?" She laughed, to my relief. "They're nice legs, aren't they?" Then, to my mild amazement, she pulled her dress up almost so I could see those panties again. Then she smoothed her dress down almost as quickly as she had shown me those mouth-watering legs. "We have a villa in the Keys where we go in the Spring each year," she explained, "We got back a couple of weeks ago." Stretching her arms with a yawn to clasp her hands behind her head, the third button on the top of her dress eased out of it's buttonhole and I could see almost the entire profile of her left breast. "Oops," she said, "I'm coming apart." She reached quickly to fasten the button and I said: "Leave it, it'll make the day more enjoyable." I said bluntly. She cocked her head to one side, looked me up and down, and smiled. "Men", was all she said, but she did nothing about the button. She knew there was a game on here and it had nothing to do with golf. I was visibly getting hard. "You should have worn shorts on a lovely day like this," she said. Now she had turned towards me, her elbow propped on the seat back supporting her head. Her dress top gaped open and I could see the little decorative pink bow in the centre of her bra. "I'm glad you're not wearing any," I replied. She giggled and we began our round of minigolf. As we played, I could tell she was in her element, perfectly comfortable to let the wind play with her dress, and letting her breasts show each time as she bent over to pick up her ball. As her little white panties played peekaboo, other guys around us would sneak a look, but she seemed to like it all the same. By the last hole, I decided to come out and say it, "I can't believe we're tied considering all the distractions I've had," I remarked nonchalantly, "I hope my perfume's not giving you some kind of an allergy," She replied. "The only thing getting me hot and bothered is that gorgeous body of yours," I replied. And as we finished up and headed back to the hotel, she let more and more of that body show, with more buttons coming undone and more wind showing me what I wanted to see. By the time we got back, she said, "Well since I'm coming out my clothes anyway, you might as well come on up and finish the job." And that's exactly what I did, getting a hole in one in a better way than I ever expected.
27 Aug 2014
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