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This is a fan made video clip that I have made for one of my favorite songs,Breathless. I don't claim to have shoot the clips used. Copyrights go to their respected owners. EDIT: Pwpw! 5/5 Stars kai 35.000 views.. Afta ine! Thanks se olous!
24 Oct 2008
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Breathless Korean Movie VIP Premiere *******www.hancinema****/korean_movie_Breathless.php
13 Apr 2009
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5 Feb 2010
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In Texas the most deadly weapon is an unappreciated woman. This August, Anchor Bay Films presents the gory, cunning comedy/thriller that will leave a welcomed bad taste in your mouth with BREATHLESS. This Texas gothic tale from director Jesse Baget (WRESTLEMANIAC, the upcoming CELLMATES) and Academy Award® winning executive producer Nicolas Chartier (THE HURT LOCKER) comes to Blu-ray/DVD Combo and DVD on August 14th.
28 Jun 2012
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this is for my lover mohamed i love u till my last breath
19 Oct 2008
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4 my sweetheart
30 Sep 2009
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A cover song from the Corrs by Grace Sevilla...
22 Oct 2009
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16 Jun 2011
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© GB Entertainment 2011-2012 G. baki Calgary © GB Entertainment 2011-2012 Canada
23 Dec 2012
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Drew Beson paints "Breathless" See more, and bid on this week's painting at *******www.drewbesonart****/auction
13 Jan 2009
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I still can't believe that you're mine. You're everything good in my life. You leave me breathless. I pray that everything was not just a fairytale and hoping one day you walked out of my dreams. You just don't know how very special you are ...
26 Jun 2011
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This was taking at Modesto Gay Pride 2007....
3 Jun 2008
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A little bit of me! im alot more crazy during the night!! but at the mall in drag at 12 noon!! im tired!! lol
26 Jun 2008
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Chapter 31 After they found Joe's phone everyone was exhausted and fell quickly asleep. Well, everyone but Kirsten.. Kirsten's POV It took me forever to fall asleep. I couldn't help but think about Nick. He was on my mind all the time anyways, and this just made it worse. I had just finally drifted into an uneasy sleep, when I felt someone's hand touched my shoulder. The hand was icy and cold, and my eyes flew open. I was about to scream, when the hand covered my mouth. Terror filled my body. I struggled to escape from the persons hands. It was dark and I couldn't see who it was. Suudenly the person flipped me over and whispered in my ear. ????: Stop moving brat. Kirsten: SAM!? Sam: What? Kirsten: Let me go! Suddenly a new voice spoke... ?????: No way bitch! You stole my boyfriend, and it's time to get rid of you. Realization sung in when I heard the voice. I knew I had to make a scene or I was in trouble. I had to get Joe or Kevin to wake up! Kirsten:....Miley.... Miley: Mhmm? Kirsten:...Sam.. Sam: What? Kirsten: Sam, why are you teaming with her!? I didn't do anything to you!! If you want her back, you think you can force her to go out with you to get me back? She's not like that!! Miley: Just shut up slut!! Ok, this wasn't working. I had a plan. I lay still a nd quiet for a whole two minutes, and they thought I had fallen asleep. Sam: What is she doing? Miley: I dunno. Maybe she died. Sam: *cough* idiot! She's planning something!! Miley: No she's not! Or..well.. i dunno... Both of them started arguing, so I braced myself, Sam's hand let go of me and I bolted to the bedroom door screaming the whole time as loud as I could. I didn't make it far; Miley tackled me, but a light came on and in flew....NICK!?? Nick: MILEY!?? Suddenly Joe appeared at the door, followed by Kevin, then Alyssa and Abbey. Joe: NICK!?? Alyssa: SAM!!?? Kevin: MILEY!?? Abbey: Uhhh ABBEY!!! *This time, it was Alyssa's chance to shove Abbey* Alyssa: Sam!! Oh my god! What is your freakin problem!? Can't you just stay out of my life!?? Abbey, can you go call the cops. I'm getting him gone for good. Joe: Miley's in trouble too. They both broke in. Kevin: Kirsten, are you okay!? Kirsten: Yeah I'm fine! They were gunna 'get rid of me' in Miley's words... Nick looked at Miley. Nick: Are you still so not over me that you have to try and kill my GIRLFRIEND!? *Kirsten's face lit up* Miley: Nick!! Please don't call the cops! This kid here dragged me into it!! Nick: I'm sure. Now your ruined, Miley. You could've had a bright future... Joe looks at Sam angerly. Joe: Can I punch this kids guts out please!? *Sam backs against the wall, remembering that Joe packs a powerful punch* Alyssa: No, Joe, you don't wanna end with the same fate as Miley. *turns towards Abbey who just finished calling the cops* Are they coming?\nAbbey: Mhmm. Sam: *Starting to panic* Alyssa! please! I-I-I-I just love you still! Alyssa: Sam, if you loved me you wouldnt try and kill my best friend or boyfriend, and you would just be my friend. *Sam gets desperate, and lunges forward to Alyssa and starts kissing her. Joe acts fast and rips Sam away from her.* Joe: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK THAT WAS ABOUT!? Sam lunges forward and this time, kisses JOE!! Kevin: WHAT THE ****!!?? *Joe pushes Sam off of him and both Alyssa and Joe wipe their mouths and look disgusted* Alyssa: Who are you!? I don't even know you anymore... *Alyssa starts to cry and Joe wraps her up in his arms and holds her tight. Sam has a look of jealousy on his face* Suddenly the police crash through the door, and head straight for them. They immeaditely grab Sam and Miley and protestingly, drag them out the door. *After the police had left, and questions had been asked.* Abbey shut the door behind the police and shook her head. Abbey: Watch the news tomorrow...this'll be across the world... Kirsten was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, slightly shaken. Nick was standing behind her but she didn't realize it. Kirsten: That was frightening... Nick:...And so was the thought of losing you. Kirsten wiped around and stared at Nick
28 Feb 2009
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8 Jun 2009
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