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22 Dec 2009
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E a música é................Paixão de um Homem. Com muito humor... Sucesso! Show Brega!!!
29 Jun 2010
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O CANTOR "BREGA" de maior sucesso em todos os tempos, Evaldo Braga. No auge do sucesso, aos 24 anos, morreu de um acidente de carro, anos 70. Evaldo foi o primeiro cantor brasileiro a superar Roberto Carlos em vendas de elepês, na época. A Cruz que Carrego é um dos seus maiores sucessos e até hoje é muito tocada nas rádio de todo o Brasil.
24 Dec 2009
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UPTADE DIA 16/01/2010 O video foi feito em setembro de 2008, ou seja, a muSICA BREGA que voces falam, estava na moda naquela here: *******filesharecentral****/chieritsosiieys192540/Damage
5 Mar 2010
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BY ERIK SHUTE AND HARUMENDHAH HELMY You're watching multisource breaking news analysis from Newsy This is Newsy Now and here are the headlines you need to know. After blasts on Friday and early Monday, fears of a third explosion at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant are surfacing. 180,000 people have been evacuated. RT reports. “Again, we are hearing the third reactor has lost its cooling capacity, increasing fears that it will overheat and cause another blast. Meanwhile, engineers have been using seawater to try to cool down reactors at the complex, which were damaged in the quake to avert a catastrophic nuclear meltdown.” As rescue efforts continue, Japanese officials say the death toll of the earthquake and tsunami may could exceed 10,000 people. Libyan rebels lost control of crucial oil town of Brega over the weekend. As forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi continue to make progress, euronews explains the pressure the rebels face. “The regime appears to be getting closer to the opposition stronghold of Benghazi. The city of Ajdabiya lies on its path. And on Sunday, rebels there were bracing themselves for an attack. Gaddafi has vowed, has he put it, to liberate all of Libya. On state television he said he was certain of victory and that he would bury the rebels.” Also in the Middle East — Bahrain protesters are calling for help from other Arab states, as they face increased violence from law enforcements. Al Jazeera shares this video. “Shocking evidence of the lack of control Bahrain authorities have over the security services. A policeman uses a handgun to reportedly fire live rounds indiscriminately toward protesters. He then retreats to his vehicle.” One thousand troops from Saudi Arabia arrived in Bahrain early today as part of the Gulf Cooperation Council forces, aiming to gain control and maintain stability in the country. In U.S. news -- State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley resigned yesterday over controversial comments he made about the Pentagon’s treatment of Army private Bradley Manning, who is suspected of leaking information to WikiLeaks. CNN reports Crowley called Manning’s placement into solitary confinement "ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid.” At a press conference on Sunday, Crowley said he regrets going public with his statements, but he fears the mistreatment of Manning could undermine the prosecution and hurt President Obama’s worldwide reputation. The former Clinton aide had served the U.S. in and out of uniform for more than 30 years. In sports -- selection Sunday ranked Duke, Kansas, Pittsburgh, and Ohio State as number one seeds for this’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. CBS Sports says it was the Big East conference who really came out on top sending 11 teams to the big dance. CBS Sports reporters talked with tournament chair Jeff Hathaway. Reporter: “Mr. Hathaway I want to know, you’re very familiar with how successful the Big East has been this year -- 11 teams in the tournament. How hard was it to put them into the brackets when you want to avoid some of those second round matchups that could occur. HATHAWAY: “Well certainly it is a challenge to have 11 teams from one conference come into the bracket, but you may know after the ninth team the bracketing policies are relaxed and give us the flexibility to accommodate the bracket.” Stay with Newsy**** for more analysis on news throughout the day. For Newsy Now, I’m Jim Flink -- highlighting the top headlines making you smarter, faster. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
15 Mar 2011
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BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN Anchor: Christina Hartman You're watching multisource world video news analysis from Newsy. In a major turning point in the Libyan rebel fight to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi - opposition forces have recaptured the strategic eastern city of Ajdabiya. It’s a major morale boost for rebel fighters - who are celebrating the victory even as they march toward the key oil port of Brega - where France 24 reports pro-Gaddafi forces have retreated. REBEL FIGHTER: “The tables have turned in favor of the rebels. The whole city is back in our hands.” In his weekly address - President Obama touted the successes of the allied mission to protect Libyan civilians. U.S. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: “I can report that thanks to the brave men and women in uniform, we’ve made important progress.” That’s a role the western press is steadfast to report -- suggesting Libyan rebel fighters owe much of their success to international intervention. “They feel like the momentum, and the war now is back on their side. Every rebel we've spoke to saying, thanks Obama, thanks the western forces for providing these allied air strikes.” But while rebels are thanking the international community - ITN reports - the Libyan government thinks NATO has overstepped its bounds. “The air strikes are providing air cover for the rebels to advance southward towards Ajdabiya. This is immoral, illegal, it was not authorized by the Security Council.” … In effect arguing the west has moved beyond protecting civilians to actually aiding the rebels. And it might go beyond that - as The Washington Post reports - the coalition is even considering arming the rebels. “France actively supports training and arming the rebels, and the Obama administration believes the United Nations resolution that authorized international intervention in Libya has the ‘flexibility’ to allow such assistance...” The National Post’s Peter Goodspeed focuses on the weaknesses of the rebel fighters and says - that’s the problem with the opposition movement going forward. “Some don’t even have rifles, but go to war armed with knives and stones. … Some wear motorcycle helmets into battle. They lack weapons, leaders, discipline and a coherent strategy — and it shows. … As a result, it is difficult to identify institutions or individuals who might stand a chance of replacing him.” Still - Al Jazeera reports their goal is clear -- and they’ll accept nothing less than Gaddafi stepping down. “They say there are no concessions other than Gaddafi leaving the country. They cannot tolerate a situation where he remains in any way involved in the political situation. Where I think it will change the equation, if that’s on offer, is in terms of the global picture, in terms of international support for this air campaign that’s been waged for the last seven days.” Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos to stay up to date with the situation in Libya. Get more multisource world video news analysis from Nesy. Transcript by Newsy.
5 Apr 2011
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BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy Rebel forces in Libya are looking west toward the capital of Tripoli after a series of victories in eastern coastal cities. Rebels recaptured Ajdabiya early Saturday - then went on to take Ras Lanuf and Brega. Those victories put every main oil terminal in eastern Libya in the hands of rebel forces. (VIDEO FROM BFM TV) Al Jazeera credits much of the opposition’s success to allied air strikes targeting Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s air defense capabilities. “Air strikes just before dawn did this. We counted at least 12 tanks here, some still burning with the shells inside occasionally exploding. They are celebrating a victory, but it’s a victory that wouldn’t have been possible without the devastating air power of the coalition.” Gaddafi representatives accuse the west of illegally aiding rebel fighters despite a publicly stated goal of only intervening to protect civilians. By most accounts pro-Gaddafi forces fled newly-won rebel territory without much of a fight. “…Optimistic talk of moving all the way over into the Gadhafi strong hold of Tripoli. The rebels are back on offense.” Others find it the optimism harder to believe. An international affairs professor at DC’s American University tells MSNBC – don’t count pro-Gaddafi forces out just yet. “Even if we could foresee a situation where the rebels could march on Tripoli and take control, my concern would be that supporters of Gadhafi would not let it end there. I think he does have significant support, maybe not majority support, but I think still significant support. And the idea that they're just going to fade into the desert I think is a bit of wishful thinking.” And as rebels hope to advance west – The Economist offers a bleak picture of their prospects there. The writer points to the isolated western rebel outpost of Misrata – where casualties mount and rebel fighters are outnumbered. “What happens in Misrata will have an impact on whether the coalition and the rebels have to settle for a stalemate lasting at least some months… For now, it remains unlikely that the rag-tag rebel forces have the capacity to move much further west than Ras Lanuf. … Even if the coalition is willing to provide advancing rebel forces with close air support … they still lack the training, weapons and command structure to be able take advantage of it against more disciplined troops.” In joint Sunday interviews – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates were more optimistic – calling recent rebel gains “significant.” President Obama is set to deliver a televised address on the U.S. role in Libya Monday. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in news feed Get multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
5 Apr 2011
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BY JACQUELINNE MEJIA ANCHOR SALEM SOLOMEN You're watching multisource world video news analysis from Newsy As fighting continues in the strategic oil town of Brega, - reports indicate the Libyan rebels are losing ground. “Well, the rebels are once again moving backwards. They’ve been trying to push forward towards Brega, they’ve sent heavy weapons up ahead to try and clear a path through for their forces, but for now, all we can see is retreat.” A reporter for Al Jazeera notes- much more sophisticated equipment will be needed by rebel forces if they’re going to topple Moammar Gaddafi’s loyalists. “There’s definitely greater discipline amongst the anti-government forces, but then again, it’s going to take much more than that. They still need much more weaponry and much more ammunition if they’re to push Gaddafi’s forces back through Brega, and further west.” And further west in the city of Misrata -the third largest city in Libya- continued shelling is weakening the rebels’ grip. A writer for the Telegraph reports Gaddafi is shelling out big bucks to anyone willing to fight for him. “Under the deal struck by Col Gaddafi with Tuareg chiefs, he is believed to pay tribal leaders 3,000 euros a head and footsoldiers up to 400 euros each, a huge sum for men from an impoverished community, to fight for him.” The Guardian reports- it doesn’t seem like the rebels or the loyalists have the upper hand- calling the fight a stalemate, for now. “The slowing of the coalition mission has only helped to contribute to a growing sense that the conflict in Libya is stumbling into a new and uncertain phase, marked not by the strengths of the opposing sides but by a realisation of their weaknesses.” The Washington Post adds- the reason rebels aren’t making much headway is because most of the fighters are totally inexperienced. “Many of the rebels had never picked up a weapon before the uprising against Gaddafi began in February, and the largely volunteer force narrowly missed being routed in March when coalition planes halted Gaddafi’s forces as they reached Benghazi, the rebel capital.” And euronews explains- perhaps the greatest example of the mistakes of this rookie army are in the ‘friendly-fire’ incident that occurred during a NATO airstrike. “Friday's bombing took place during the battle for the strategic oil town of Brega in eastern Libya. A spokesman for the National Transitional Council said the deaths were a "regrettable incident" that happened by mistake as a consequence of the advance of the revolutionaries." Reports indicate rebels were waiting on the streets leading up to Brega for coalition airstrikes to break the standstill. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
9 Apr 2011
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follow me on Twitter, siga me no twitter *******twitter****/Juliadicsus Grease Summer Nights tradução (legendada) Grease(Nos tempos da brilhantina-BR) 1978 # John Travolta - "Danny" Zuko # Olivia Newton-John - Sandra "Sandy" Olsen Estrelado pela cantora pop australiana Olivia Newton-John e pelo astro ítalo-americano John Travolta, Grease é um momento ímpar na carreira de ambos, que vale salientar, nunca estiveram tão belos e convincentes. Além de contar com um elenco eficiente de coadjuvantes, belíssimas canções e um alto astral contagiante, Grease é ainda hoje, o musical de maior bilhetaria da história do cinema. Na época do seu lançamento, os críticos maldosamente taxaram o filme de brega, fato esse que na realidade configurou-se como puro despeito. Hoje, mais de três décadas após a sua realização, é incrível perceber o quanto a produção continua vibrante. Sem dúvida, Grease é adrenalina pura, indiscutivelmente um remédio super hiper ultra eficaz contra a depressão e o mal- humor dos dias atuais.
24 Jun 2012
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Músicas brega com Roberto Villar
18 Jan 2013
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Musica brega do Estado do Pará.
18 Jan 2013
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Libya Muatassim & Hayfa Wahbi Libye ليبيا هيفاء وهبي مع معتصم القذافي Moatassim Qaddafi captured unconscious المعتصم القذافي وهو فاقد الوعي ليبيا المعتصم القذافي قبل اعدامه Libya Muatassim alive Libye Libya : La dépouille de Moatassim Kadhafi en Libye ليبيا فيديو معتصم القذافى جثة هامده Les dernières images de Kadhafi vivant فيديو واضح لجثة القذافي بعد قتله - Killed Gaddafi's Libya Gaddafi 'Dead': First video of colonel covered in blood.عاجل اول صور تظهر للقذافي وهو ميت القذافي وهو مصاب في سرت Gaddafi 'Dead': First photo of colonel covered in blood. Muammar Kadhafi aurait été tué, annonce un responsable militaire du nouveau régime libyen, Abdel Madjid Mlegta, cité par Reuters. D'après celui-ci, l'ancien dictateur aurait succombé à ses blessures reçues lors de sa capture près de sa ville natale de Syrte. Suivez en direct les dernières nouvelles concernant la mort du dictateur déchu. L'ex-Guide libyen était blessé à la tête et aux jambes par une attaque aérienne de l'Otan, lorsqu'il a été capturé par les forces du CNT libyen, affirme Reuters Libyan govt fighter in Sirte tells Reuters he witnessed capture of Muammar Gaddafi in Sirte Muammar Gaddafi killed after being hit during clashes but NATO. Libya : Kadhafi annoncé mort à Syrte en Libye ليبيا اخبار عن مقتل القذافي Libya : Atterrissage d'un hélicoptère de l'OTAN pour prendre le drapeau de l'indépendance en Libye ليبيا NATO helicopter lands to pick up an independent Libya flag from a little girl Libya : Abdeljalil retour des juifs en Libye مصطفى عبدالجليل حول عودة يهود ليبيا BHL viré et humilié lors de la visite de Sarkozy à Tripoli ليبيا برنار ليفي في طرابلس Libya : BHL se fait dégager deux fois à Tripoli ليبيا برنار ليفي في طرابلس Libya : L'imposteur BHL accueilli par une une salve d'honneur à Tripoli A presenter has brandished a gun on Libyan TV saying she and her colleagues are armed and ready to become الثوار الليبيون يعلنون أنهم وصلوا إلى الساحة الخضراء في وسط طرابلس. يواصل ثوار ليبيا التدفق على العاصمة طرابلس لدعم عملية التحرير التي أطلقتها خلايا الثوار من داخل المدينة أمس السبت ولا تزال متواصلة. قتل مرتزقة في الزنتان ليبيا Libye Mercenaires tués à Zintan Libya أسرى من دارفور الزنتان ليبيا Libya prisonniers de Dafour Libye اعترافات قناص موريتاني مع القذافي ليبيا Libya Sniper de Mauritanie en معارك طاحنة مصراته ليبيا Libye Bataille Misrata Libya Libye Thé & Bataille Misrata Libya الشاي مهم في معارك مصراته ليبيا Libye Bataille Misrata Libya الشاي مهم في احدى المعارك مصراته ليبيا Libye Bataille Misrata Libya 10.4.2011 احدى المعارك مصراته ليبيا Prisonniers à Misrata افراد من اللواء 9 يسلمون انفسهم مصراته ليبيا Libye Fermeture Avenue Tripoli à Misrata Libya غلق شارع طرابس بالحاويات مصراته ليبيا Libye Les dégâts de Kadhafi à Misrata Libya أثار قصف مصراته ليبيا Sauvetage à Misrata sous le feu ليبيا انقاد من وسط معارك مصراته Libye Faculté de medecine Misrata Libya ليبيا قصف بكلية الطب Vidéo trouvée dans le mobile d'un mercenaire de Kadhafi. Dr. Ahmed Martyr. بكاميرا مرتزقه القذافي....قتل طبيب تم قتله من قبل قوات القذافي لرفضة ان يقول الفاتح ويحيا معمر Gaddafi ambush attack at Brega wounded some civilians - 31/3/2011 La ligne de front se situait vendredi matin aux environs du site pétrolier de Brega, mais pour la première fois les journalistes ne pouvaient approcher la zone depuis Ajdabiya, selon des reporters de l'AFP. Pour la première fois, l'accès au front était réglementé, les insurgés ne laissant plus passer ni la presse ni les civils.
24 Jun 2013
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Congresso Nacional de Forró 2006 - Aula da Dança do Brega (Marcelo Thiganá e Priscila Navarro) - Brasília - DF
24 May 2009
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Se você conhece tudo de músicas bregas, essa comunidade do Orkut é a sua cara. Baixe essa música em MP3 em nossa comunidade do Orkut(CONHEÇO TUDO DE MÚSICAS BREGAS) *******www.orkut****.br/Main#Community.aspx?cmm=51487806
24 Aug 2009
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25 Aug 2009
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Se você conhece tudo de músicas bregas, essa comunidade do Orkut é a sua cara. Baixe essa música em MP3 em nossa comunidade do Orkut(CONHEÇO TUDO DE MÚSICAS BREGAS) *******www.orkut****.br/Main#Community.aspx?cmm=51487806
29 Aug 2009
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