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*******www.zhitea**** Dr Oolong will show you how Steeping Loose Tea Is Easy With A Perfect Tea Maker!
23 Oct 2009
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*******www.zhitea**** Dr Oolong will show you how Steeping Loose Tea Is Easy Using a simple Tea Filter!
23 Oct 2009
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*******www.zhitea**** Dr Oolong will cover the basics of loose black tea tasting.
6 Nov 2009
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*******www.zhitea**** Dr Oolong will show you the basics of how to brew Green Tea!
6 Nov 2009
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*******www.zhitea**** Dr Oolong will cover the basics of brewing oolong tea in all of its delicious nuance!
24 Oct 2009
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In Episode 5, Dr. Tea answers viewer emails about tea preparation and ice teas. Find out what not to get bogged down with when making a healthy pot of tea.
8 May 2008
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He passing the freshly brewed tea and milk from two big metal mugs to the other with a "pour and pull" action.
26 Apr 2007
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*******samovartea**** In this episode join us with Tea-Sommelier Christine Savage at Samovar Tea Lounge as we discuss "tea basics." - What is Tea? - How to determine quality tea - How to brew tea - About Fair Trade and Organic tea For teas mentioned in this episode, search White Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Ryokucha, Masala Chai, Quality Tea on *******shop.samovartea****
30 Jul 2008
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This week on Hawaiian Grown TV, Executive Chef Grant Kawasaki tours Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company. They have been growing and milling sugarcane on their central Maui Plantation for over 130 years and is the last running sugar mill in Hawaii. Handcrafted one batch at a time, their sugars retain some of the molasses that gives them their natural color and rich flavor and add nothing artificial or synthetic, insuring you of a naturally sweet Hawaiian Grown product. Next we follow the sugar to an award winning Plantation Ice Tea by Indulge Hawaii. This fresh beverage is made from organic brewed tea, organic fruit juice, and of course Maui Sugar. Last, we stop by the UH campus center to pick up some of this refreshing drink. For more videos like this, visit *******www.hawaiiangrowntv****
3 Mar 2010
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