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Ave Maria! Brian Brown hosts our new show: Keep the Family. This exciting new series will concentrate on how to defend the family institution and provide solutions for us to keep the family strong. Come watch this first episode as he exposes the dangers to the natural family in our modern society. Ave Maria!
16 May 2008
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Ave Maria! Brian Brown gives a blow by blow account of how the referendum initiative to stop 'gay marriage' in Massachusetts was defeated through lobby pressure from special interest groups. Come listen to how politics really work. Ave Maria!
17 May 2008
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An intro into the recently acquired fire house on North Capitol St NW. Purchased and Developed by Brian Brown and Louise Brown of Nextgen Development, this is sure to be a staple of Ledroit Park.
2 May 2008
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Ave Maria! This is a special AIRMARIA report on the status of religious liberty in America, relative to the ongoing push on the part of the homosexual lobby for full same-sex marriage in Connecticut. Last year same-sex civil unions were legalized by the state assembly with an amendment defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman.In Connecticut, same-sex couples already have all the rights and benefits of married people, just not the name marriage. This year they are back for what they call equality, but in reality the legalization of same-sex marriage in Connecticut will only codify the defense of traditional marriage as a form of discrimination.Witness the erosion of your religious liberty! This assault will not stop at the state line. The same-sex marriage lobby wishes to challenge the federal Defense of Marriage Act. This affects you, no matter where you live in America. On March 26 2007, Brian Brown, Executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, testified before the judiciary committee of the state legislature in regard to raised House Bill 7395: An Act Concerning Marriage Equality. He was grilled on the question of commitment to civil rights and his religious convictions. Brian defended both traditional marriage and religious liberty in an eloquent and courageous way. He continues to be attacked on the FIC blog. In this video Brian also tells us what we can do to protect religious liberty. Don't underestimate this attack on religious liberty. This has implications for us all. Bill Donohue of the Catholic League picked up on the threat and is bringing it to national attention. This video is a good synthesis of what happened last Monday.Ave Maria!
23 May 2008
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Actor Brian Brown plays three different characters.. Counter Media Productions
23 Jun 2008
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The way it looks in Miami, Chad Henne is going to get one more season to prove he's an NFL quarterback. But if more talented QBs are available, will the Dolphins still take their chances?
18 May 2011
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This is a little video I did and was going to enter into the panasonic share the air contest. The video features some skateboarders from santa monica and hollywood. The skaters in this video are Jake Eames, Josh Campos, Andrew White, and Zack McTee. I didn't end up entering it in the Panasonic contest because I felt like it could have been better Song, and permission to use it, by Brian Brown (*******www.brianbrownies****)
16 May 2008
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The Crazy Travelers over at Listen Skateboards set out on a mission to produce a quality skateboard film and came back with smiles for miles. Incredible skateboarding, mind blowing tricks, this is not one to miss. Featuring your favorites: Brian Brown, Rodrigo Peterson, Gabriel De La Mora, Danny Mon
29 Jul 2008
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Amaxon sponsored a flat trick and best trick contest at Westwind Lake Skate Park in Kendall. Mike Schmidt, Brian Brown, Leo Alvarado, Spencila, Nate Murry, and Josia Gatlin all competed riding for Amaxon. Brian Brown won first place in best trick for landing a swith frontside flip 5-0, a nollie flip backtail revert to fakie, and a nollie flip crook.. Paul Hurtado, owner of Amaxon, skated with all the locals and had a raffle at the end of the contest.
13 May 2010
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