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This week, your hosts Brian and Maria are finally back together to talk about the upcoming sci-fi epic from the creator of District 9, Elysium. The film stars Matt Damon, Sharlto Copley, and Jodie Foster, and hits theaters on August 9.
27 Jul 2013
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This week, Brian and Maria are actually at ends with each other over the last episode. Will they manage to put their problems aside to give a proper review of The Wolverine? We find out now!
20 Jul 2013
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Brian Firenzi ain't afraid of no ghosts -- and this week, he tackles the supernatural buddy cop film R.I.P.D.
13 Jul 2013
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Guillermo del Toro's epic "Giant Robots vs. Giant Monsters" masterpiece hits theaters this Friday, but what did Brian and Maria think of it??
7 Jul 2013
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The Lone Ranger rides again -- and this week, Brian Firenzi examines Disney's reboot of the classic Western serial holds up. Hi-ho Silver!
4 Jul 2013
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Brian and Maria are back, this week trying to deal with Brian's massive expense of turning their living room into The Fortress of Solitude, to bring you a review of World War Z. Join them as they talk stackable zombies, long-haired Brad Pitt, and his ability to play a great dad. World War Z hits theaters June 21st.
15 Jun 2013
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Brian Firenzi and his trusty sidekick Maria, return to give you the movie reviews YOU want. Join Brian and Maria in their Fortess of Solitude slash living room as they review the new Superman flick, Man of Steel, in theaters June 14.
8 Jun 2013
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Miss a few episodes? Check out every TAGGED from 2012 here: ***********/watch?v=wKxH PiQnTU&list=PLD39EB1808C9F0FF7&index=1 Are you a gamer on YouTube? Sign up for the nSquared network!! Sign up here: ******* Send us your awesome, badass, or glitchy videos!! Click here ******* or email us at TAGGED at NODE-STUDIOS dot com! Find us on Facebook and Twitter! *******facebook****/node *******twitter****/nodestudios Check out Toby Turner's Channels: ***********/tobuscus ***********/tobygames ***********/tobyturner Check out Chad Neidt's Channel: ***********/chadneidt Check out Brian Firenzi's Channel: ***********/bfirenzi
27 Dec 2012
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Buy Season 1 of VGHS on DVD and Blu-Ray NOW! ******* Check out Brian Firenzi's (aka "The Law") Youtube page here: ***********/bfirenzi Are you a gamer on YouTube? Sign up for the nSquared network!! Sign up here: ******* Send us your awesome, badass, or glitchy videos!! Click here ******* or email us at TAGGED at NODE-STUDIOS dot com! Check out this week's clips: TAGGED: "'Terminator' arm is world's most advanced prosthetic limb" ************/watch?v= qUPnnROxvY FRAGGED: "SICKEST BLACK OPS 2 DSR 50 ACOG FEED SO FAR (7 Man)" ***********/watch?v=EPUpK0x9Yn0 LAGGED: "SLEEPING DOGS - "THE FENCE GLITCH"" ***********/watch?v=2l9Jmgrnus4 Find us on Facebook and Twitter! *******facebook****/node *******twitter****/nodestudios
11 Dec 2012
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More amazing all throughout 2011! Subscribe to see them first! Click to Retweet! ******* Every gunshot and explosion from 2010's videos, edited together in a rapid-fire montage. It's freddiew, condensed! Alternate title was "2010: A Violence Odyssey" Some statistics from 2010: - Surprisingly, of the 44 videos we uploaded in 2010, only 16 were "gun" videos. - There are 933 cuts in this video. - In 2010, we produced 88 minutes and 33 seconds of total content, at an average of two minutes, per video. Anyone want a DVD? - This year, I told one of my friends to "slap me as hard as you can" on three different occasions. Orchestral tuning sound used under a CC Sampling+ 1.0 License. Original sound by gelo_papas Inspired by Brian Firenzi's excellent T2: Muzzle Spray: ***********/watch?v=aIUbvoKho9A
9 Nov 2012
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Brian Firenzi Reviews Resident Evil: Retribution.
19 Sep 2012
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Amazing Spider-man - Brian Firenzi's Review
8 Sep 2012
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Brian Firenzi Reviews: Black Ops 2
2 Sep 2012
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Premium Rush - Brian's Review
26 Aug 2012
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Expendables 2 - Brian's Review
19 Aug 2012
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Bourne Legacy Movie Review
11 Aug 2012
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