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This is a song request for Brianna to sing Fantasia When I see you! Request was from Karrameldropp07, hope you enjoy this! : )
10 Nov 2011
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The clip flirting with Brianna from I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007) Hey man, don't bogart all that doobage. It's not pot. De je ton. Je ton! Oh je do de ton on. Oh thank heavens for the little girls. (Babbling in fake French) ...A white Zinfandel... Hello. What is... Wow how do you get that job? What's this? The way those two keep running off the AD's thought it'd be easier to listen to where they are. Sounds like Adam likes Bree. This isn't very nice. I am so sick of reading about Meisha, and Lindsey, and Katie. Yeah. Now they're all getting better parts. Yeah. Soon the whole yum girl faze is going to be over. And it kills me. I mean I was a teenage girl before any of them. Bree, I should be playing... we're jumping ahead to the beach party scene. Oh oh, I get to wear my pretty bikini. Did I ever tell you you have the body of a 29 year old? Oh. Really? I hope you plan to take advantage of it. I gotta go. I can't let you go. No, but I must. You have to go. Go. But I can't do it! But you have to go. You have to... I can't go. But you must! All right. Your work is bigger than the both of us. After all the prom episode isn't going to produce it self. I gotta go. All right. We can continue this later. OK. You're done for today. Really? My car's still in the shop. Take mine. I'll bring it back before you leave. OK. You go girl.
28 Nov 2011
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Listen on Spotify: *******open.spotify****/album/5dQO94zSyrxe39MNtD3kyx Download on iTunes: ******* Download on Beatport: ******* Connect on facebook: *******www.facebook****/armadamusic *******www.facebook****/tyDimusic Music Video by ******* Ever striving forward in the sea of sounds, Australian producer Tyson Illingworth finds himself rocking the arch of EDM with many go-ahead productions. This promising talent continues to develop his own style and explore the indefinite possibilities of a sound that is recognizable but renewing at the same time. Maturing from the dark 'Russia' to the hauntingly eerie 'Good Dream', vocal beauties 'You Walk Away' and 'Vanilla', tyDi works towards the second artist album of his young, but impressive musical career. 'Never Go Back' is the luscious pre-tasting to what is about to come. The use of Brianna Holan's vocals is truly outstanding for a prog-trance production, original in all ways and means. 'Never Go Back' is catchy and melodic, without falling into any pop-inspired clichés. Clinging to your mind form the very first play, this is another tyDi release to ease the wait for his next masterpiece to be released. Tom Fall, the Finnish producer who's currently making waves with his 'Stillness' and 'All This Time' EP, brought a more gentle flow to the original, with a twitch of electro and progressive. A real treat to the ears.
9 Dec 2011
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Australia's Got Talent 2010 Grand Final Brianna Bishop sings The Prayer. Italian and English.
9 Jan 2012
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Incredible 7-Year Old Child Violinist Brianna Kahane Performs "Csardas" on a 1/4-Size Violin. Please visit www.briannakahane**** for more information regarding this talented young performer.
25 Jan 2012
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*******www.facebook****/groups/260935248712/ *******www.scribd****/Baby%20Brianna Follow Up: Baby Brianna Case and Child Abuse By Monique Griego - Anchor/Reporter July 21, 2010 It's been eight years since 5 month old Baby Brianna was murdered by her father and uncle. Her death shocked the community and prompted people to take action. When Brianna died the maximum sentence for child abuse resulting in death was 18 years in prison. District Attorney Susana Martinez fought to get both men lengthier sentences. Brianna's mom was also sentenced to 18 years for not protecting her. Martinez has since been successful is getting that law changed. However she and the lead detective on the case believe more needs to be done to protect children. Detective Lindell Wright says Brianna's death deeply impacted him and the community. The outpouring of support for her and other victims of abuse is overwhelming. But in the years since her death more controversies have risen about the way Brianna's family has handled it.
10 Feb 2012
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* The video contains the details of her death and autopsy pictures that may not be suitable for minors* The story of baby Brianna is one of the most schoking child abuse cases i've ever read. Her family is still totruring her even after her death. HELP STOP CHILD ABUSE. BREAK THE SILENCE Awareness Because Until it happens Suffering shall not End
10 Feb 2012
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Watch Marilyn Monroe by Brianna Perry
17 Feb 2012
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Australia's Got Talent 2010 Semi Final 3 Brianna Bishop, 12 year old musical theatre student sings a Barbera Streisand classic - Don't Rain On My Parade. Brianna is voted through to the Grand Final.
13 May 2012
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Brianna teaches you the Splits! Music: Transportation by Jason Shaw
24 May 2012
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Brianna Bishop singing on Australia's Got Talent June 2010
15 Aug 2012
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"Through The Eyes Of My Father" is NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes, Amazon, and rrebel****. (Instrumental version available only at www.rrebel****) This original song performed by pop recording artist Brianna Haynes is heard here with lyrics to the song and a series of pictures. Written by her and her brother Austin Haynes as a dedication to their father and produced by Sergio Ponzo, the song compares the love of our Earthly Father with our Heavenly Father. Brianna Haynes also has a pop album self- titled "Brianna Haynes" and a special Thanksgiving song called "Thank You" , available for purchase. Join Brianna's mailing list at www.briannahaynes**** and join Brianna on facebook at: www.facebook****/briannahaynesmusic for more info! Link to DOWNLOAD on rrebel****! (EP Download - Includes a FULL MIX version, an UNPLUGGED version and an INSTRUMENTAL version - so you can sing it too! :) *******www.rrebel****/shop/through-the-eyes-of-my-father-album-download-p29877.html Link to DOWNLOAD on iTunes! ***********/us/album/through-eyes-my-father-single/id491744527 Link to DOWNLOAD on Amazon! ***********/Through-The-Eyes-Of-Father/dp/B006QSUV2W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1338437649&sr=8-1 Link to "Through The Eyes Of My Father" PERFORMANCE video on Youtube: ***********/watch?v=zSx4hkKZCOo OTHER SONGS YOU MIGHT LIKE: Brianna's Thanksgiving Song - "THANK YOU" Link to view: ***********/watch?v=IjnhjM80rjU Link to BUY on iTunes: ***********/us/album/thank-you-single/id405137935 Brianna's Christmas Song -"CHRISTMAS IS FOR ALL YEAR LONG" Link to view: ***********/watch?v=SaOgby5_FSs Link to BUY on iTunes: ***********/us/album/christmas-all-year-long-single/id489424149
30 Sep 2012
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12 year-old Brianna Bishop singing Barbra Streisand's classic Don't Rain on My Parade on Australia's Got Talent June 2010
15 Oct 2012
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Brianna shows you some footage of her Christmas day and more.
4 Jan 2013
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American Idol Season: 12 Episode: 1 Brianna Marie Bell remembers performing in the musical "Annie" at a very young age. Discover more about the contestant who cites Phillip Phillips as her favorite former Idol contestant.
17 Jan 2013
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American Idol Season: 12 Episode: 3 "Is this really happening?" Monroe, GA native Brianna Faulk says her brother inspired her to perform. Learn more about the contestant who says that Jennifer Hudson was her favorite former Idol finalist.
26 Jan 2013
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