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The clip brandon volunteers to dose from Brick (2005) Third thing, the last brick... It's yours. That's not the point. I'm gonna start selling it. How do I know it's not bad? Why would it be? Why was the last one? Because someone got greedy. Tug here's had the means to swipe half of it and cut it bad for a long time. Now we're splits, the loss of my trust is retroactive. Did you, Tug? No. All right, let's shake and blow. Not good enough. What would be good enough? I want to see him dose it, just to prove it. Then we're square. Hell for that. I didn't touch your junk! That's all! I wanna see it. To hell! Your not wanting to dose, it's proving something to me right here. Oh, it better be. It's telling that I ain't under your thumb no more! That I ain't playing lapdog to no gothed-up cripple! I'll dose it. What? If that'll shut you two apes up, I'll take the dose. If I don't die, we're all right as rain. Deal? Fine. Tangles. Johnny, go with him.
28 Oct 2011
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