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The clip kitchen genius from Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) with Renée Zellweger, Gemma Jones Ecstatically astounded Got a girl who can really use her brain I feel surrounded, confounded Emotionally dumbfounded Oh, joy. I am broadcasting genius. Celebrating by cooking birthday feast for close friends. Have sneaking suspicion... am also something of a genius in the kitchen as well. Tie flavor-enhancing leek and celery together with string. Right. String. String, string, string. Perfect. I don't think so Finely slice oranges and grate zest. Why don't you leave it there? I feel fantastic, bombastic, ecstatic... Aah! Oh, bugger! Oh, bugger, bugger! I feel surrounded, confounded Emotionally dumbfounded Where the fuck is the fucking tuna? Oh, this is Bridget Jones for "Sit Up, Britain"... searching for tuna. Bridget Jones. Hello, darling. Hi, Mum. I just wanted a bit of a chat. Ouch! Careful, you ham-fisted cunt! The thing is, darling, I'm- Between you and me, I'm not entirely sure... that Julian isn't a bit of a shit. Yes, well, you know, Mum... I haven't really got time right now. Oh, I... I can't deny the sex is still very surprising. You know, the other night, quite unexpectedly... I was just dozing off, and I felt this huge- Bye, Mum. Ecch. Oh. Who can be calling now?
25 Nov 2011
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