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This is all about how we store information in our brain. Is it like that easy thing?
1 Jul 2017
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History of Iphones from (2007-2017) .Appworld introduces iphone series from ( IPHONE TO IPHONE 8).
3 Aug 2017
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der Brief Letter Ich schicke meinem Onkel einen Brief. I'm sending a letter to my uncle.
1 Apr 2007
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A brief look at Tyler Perry and his new movie Why Did I Get Married and its marketing. Also, the phrase "The Movie Event of the Year" is analyzed.
20 Oct 2007
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An extremely brief intro vid. Luv me!
30 Dec 2007
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Ikea - Le Brief
30 Apr 2008
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Hi everyone, I'm Andrea Rene and you're watching the political brief from Get the daily****. The Super Bowl is over but Super Tuesday is about to begin! It could be the make it or break it election day for the top presidential candidates for both parties. And many political experts are saying it could be the most important national primary in U.S. history! Twenty two states will hold elections for the Democrats and 21 states for the Republicans. For the democratic candidates, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the polls show a virtual tie, and its possible that not even the massive amount of delegates up for grabs tomorrow will decide who is going to be the party's nomination. Previously, Clinton was leading over Obama a national level but now, the senator from Illinois is making sigificant gains in voters from the male population, both white and african-american. And on the republican side, Senator John McCain is pulling way ahead of other contenders Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. In fact, he's giving speeches as if he already won the nomination! Which for the Republican party, is likely to be decided after tomorrow's vote. Now, candidates on both sides are focusing their attacks not on their fellow party nominees, but on their possible general election contenders. If you thought the political ads were bad now, hold steady because the campaign is just getting started. You just heard the political brief from Get the daily. I'm Andrea Rene and be sure to check back at get the daily**** for ongoing election coverage and Super Tuesday results.
6 Feb 2008
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this a banned brief history of USA by micheal moore which was once on air in the oprah winfrey show
7 Feb 2008
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Come listen as we call in LIVE to today's regular 10:00 PM Prosperity Cast Business Briefing with Val Smyth. On tonight's call we are welcomed by fellow member: Wes Wyatt as he so faithfully takes introductions and introduces Val Smyth. You will want to take out a pen and paper before you press play on THIS video as you will want to take some notes. Val should be charging admission to HIS business briefings as he exposes much of his good methodologies on these calls... just different ones on different calls. Personally, I STUDY Val's "presentations" and have over the last decade because I find that these presentations are almost as much the one-off training as his paid trainings are, short of the tool sets and input of his other students which we enjoy and cherish as our continuing education. Come listen to our assistant, "Val Smyth", whilst he trains you basically to "walk on water" marketing and income wise. Be sure to get back with the person who introduced you to this video that they may assist you in purchasing your own "Prosperity Cast Network" and begin sharing it with others. See you in "Cancun" ~~Andrew organ Founder KACP-SuccessRadio
18 Feb 2008
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Irony photography news brief
1 Mar 2008
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wonder girls in the movie promulgation ritual secretly news brief
2 Mar 2008
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wonder girls advertisement photography news brief
11 Mar 2008
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Dana Perino White House Press Briefing, March 24, 2008 Helen isn't buying it.
26 Mar 2010
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Some of the judgement signs in brief: Dajjal who will want to destroy mikka and madina and will come with miracles like turning dust into gold and order sky to drop rain and it will.he will show paradise in one hand and hell in the other but the real paradise s in the hand where he showed hell and hell in the hand where he showed paradise. Then Jesus will come and kill him and break the cross and a good wind will take the soul of good people who will not follow dajjal. Memorizing the 5 first verses of surat alkahf prevents dajjal fitna.the 4 final verses of it also make u rise at night on the time u wish. The judgement smoke that tortures. Yajuj and majuj A great earthquake in Arab peninsula The increase in women number that forty women will seek one man. The increase in gold and wealth. minor signs r : Increase of sins like end of honest( if honesty s missing,wait for the judgement day and those with no honesty r with no belief. The increase of parents and relatives abuse, the appeareance of adultery that people will jump on each other like donkeys as Prophet said. the addicting of wine. Building tall buildings specially by poor people like shepherds . the fact that the amah (woman slave) will give birth to her mistress. The increase of men imitating women (this brings curses) As prophet said. Remember : the difference between those who mention allah and those who don't like that between the alive and the dead.Those who left prayers or swore by otherthan Allah disbelieved.
13 Apr 2008
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Endures the smoke propaganda short film photography news brief(koyote)
16 Apr 2008
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koyote scene news brief
14 Apr 2008
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