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We've seen Mark Wahlberg play a boxer, but now a day's he's just in boxers. Check out his brief balcony view.
8 May 2012
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Two friends head out to a party to have some fun and relax. Little do they know that they are both about to deal with emotions about their lives that bring them together in a way neither of them expected. This film has no man-on-man contact, rather it is a film of subtleties between men exploring emotional boundaries, rather than physical ones. It is a gay film because of its origin and addition to the Boys Briefs 5 collection, which is a gay short film collection. Enjoy! Copyright 2008 - Speed Film Productions & Picture This! Entertainment.
15 May 2012
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*******blog.paris911****/2012/07/11/what-do-police-roll-calls-and-law-enforcement-briefings-have-to-do-with-a-real-estate-business/ It is not hard to draw a parallel between the information obtained at a police briefing versus the dissemination of real estate related information. Especially if you are one that had served for more than two minutes with a major law enforcement organization. We talked about crime stats and which bad guy/girl may have struck and where they may be found. Where were the cars being broken into and who's dealing. IT was something that was assumed and it happened before each and every shift. With real estate - the should happen is something we love to focus on. I never want anyone to not have the necessary information when approaching the Santa Clarita buying or selling plate.
11 Jul 2012
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Kontent Bot Brief Overview - *******CrackMaker****
13 Oct 2012
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*******www.thenews****.pk/Todays-News-3-170584-Briefs.... Briefs.... the tyler group barcelona reviews Business digest ‘Banking secrecy’s days numbered’ VIENNA: Europe is heading towards the automatic transfer of banking data to fight tax evasion, Prince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein said Tuesday, amid growing pressure to abandon banking secrecy. “I think that we are moving in the direction of automatic data transfer. The pressure is growing ever greater,” the tiny principality’s former head of state said in a visit to Austria. Consensus is building in the European Union to abolish banking secrecy and for countries to automatically pass information on bank depositors to the countries where they pay tax. Still holding out however is Austria, although the government has said that it is willing to discuss lifting banking secrecy for foreign depositors, but not for Austrians. At present Austria, which was sharply criticised this week by Brussels, levies a withholding tax on interest earned held by foreign investors and only informs their home countries if requested to do so.
14 Apr 2013
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Today on Hard News, Sean reviews Nintendo's Financial Briefing.
31 Jan 2014
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London's most inventive play! With a wonderful mix of multi media and acting, come see the show at the Cinema Haymarket, London. *******www.seebriefencounter****/
4 Apr 2009
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The show adverts that intertwine in a wondeful mix of the absurd and comical...*******www.seebriefencounter****...
18 Apr 2009
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VBI LD Debate Camp Documentary
24 Jul 2008
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Bloopers! Original Video *******www.metacafe****/watch/1538731/victory_briefs_institute_2008/
25 Jul 2008
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Original Documentary *******www.metacafe****/watch/1538731/victory_briefs_institute_2008/ Original Bloopers *******www.metacafe****/watch/1544546/bloopers_victory_briefs_institute_2008/
26 Jul 2008
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VBI LD Camp 2008 (Week 3)
5 Aug 2008
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23 Feb 2009
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(trip over & slipping on creativity strategy) Creatività piatta, sempre le solite idee? Prova a leggere: *******valoriprimilab.blogspot****
19 Nov 2008
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Interview withMr.Udayan Bose, Founder and CEO, NetElixir**** Prepared by Dr. Nagendra V. Chowdary, Dean, IBSCDC; highly recommended for entrepreneurship courses, Case Studies, Case Study
4 Jun 2009
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Upgrade your artillery, vehicles, and soldiers...just make sure you keep them alive.
13 Aug 2009
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