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Who better to decide the best British TV show than a couple of Yanks? This one's gonna be big.
7 Dec 2013
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Simon Cowell admits that he was overwhelmed when he first heard the news that he was going to be a father.
9 Sep 2013
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Kim Kardashian is apparently hooked on British TV show Absolutely Fabulous and has been watching it during baby North's feeds.
26 Jul 2013
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6 Mar 2013
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31 year old English star Tom Hiddleston, a trained actor at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, rose to prominence through British TV roles in the early noughties. Tom's performances in Kenneth Branagh's 'Thor', Woody Allen's 'Midnight In Paris' and Steven Spielberg's 'War Horse' has put him firmly on the map. For Tom, working with Spielberg was a fantastic but surreal experience.
11 Jul 2012
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Is Downton Abbey yet another BBC show that is better than anything Hollywood could make?
11 Jan 2012
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Dannii Minogue is set to make a return to British TV as a judge on Britain's Got Talent.
28 Nov 2011
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Four Minutes starring Jamie Maclachlan Christopher Plummer Shaun Smyth Amy Rutherford Drew Carnwath Sir Roger Bannister's historic running of the sub-four-minute mile is celebrated in Four Minutes, an inspiring and respectably authentic TV movie about breaking the most famous barrier in the history of sports. Although it was primarily filmed on locations near Toronto, Canada, this classy ESPN production effectively captures the melancholy mood of post-World War II England, which desperately needed a hero to lift the country out of its post-war depression. Stubbornly resistant to training, Bannister was a devoted Oxford medical student with only passing interest in athletics, but his surprising speed set the stage for his record-setting one-mile run (officially recorded as 3:59.4) at Oxford's modest Iffley Road track on the rainy and windy afternoon of May 6, 1954. As written by renowned sportswriter Frank Deford (based on his article "Hillary and Bannister") and directed by British TV veteran Charles Beeson, this handsome-looking film makes the most of its limited budget, and newcomer Jamie Maclachlan (a dead ringer for the real Bannister circa 1954) is perfectly cast, physically convincing as a world-class runner while effortlessly conveying Bannister's intelligent, congenial charm. Deford's teleplay is dryly conventional, with perfunctory parallels to Sir Edmund Hillary's 1953 conquest of Mount Everest (another inspirational British milestone), a fictional composite role for Christopher Plummer (doing fine work as Bannister's disabled coach) and a standard love interest (nicely played by Amy Rutherford, as the future Mrs. Bannister) for a touch of trackside romance. Comparisons to Chariots of Fire are unavoidable, but Four Minutes can stand on its own, ensuring that Bannister's remarkable achievement will never be forgotten.
22 Sep 2011
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Does Luther prove UK TV outshines the US?
16 Aug 2011
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Think all the William and Kate wedding coverage is a royal pain? Metacafe TV breaks through the clutter to give you alternative British programming: TV remakes. The list is nearly as long as the distance between our countries, so we're highlighting some of the best: - The Office - Being Human - Shameless - Skins - Pop Idol / American Idol - Steptoe and Son / Sanford and Son - Till Death Do Us Part / All in the Family
30 Apr 2011
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"Venus" (TV program (?) - Live in Bilzen - British TV, 1970)
14 Aug 2010
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24 Jul 2010
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