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I sit down with InsideSTL**** and ITD Morning After host, Tim McKernan, to talk Brady, broads, and blogs. Gotta respect a guy who's representing the Lou... and has a hot wife. Watch out sports fans, this guy is gonna blow up.
4 Dec 2007
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Tips For Watching 10,000 Men And Women Twirl, Sashay And Strut Up Broad Street New Year's Day is about celebrating, and there's no better place to fete than at Philadelphia's Mummers Parade, a 107-year-old tradition in which men and women dressed in lavish costumes twirl, pirouette and strut up one of the city's main streets. While a carnival-like atmosphere welcomes anyone who stops by, advance preparation guarantees a clear view. For an early start, hotel packages are available at www.gophila****/holidays.
11 Dec 2007
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Warning, this app is super addicting! It's an interactive game that uses shapes and virtual gravity to manipulate other objects on the screen. That's a broad description, I know. That's because developers create all kinds of things from simple puzzles & mazes to 'steering the fish' & golf! You gotta see the video to understand:
11 Dec 2007
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Let EbenGregory tell it, Beanie Sigel's money talks...but all it ever says is good-bye. In another dumb downed episode of THE JEWLERY REPORT, the Broad Street bully is in hot water after accumulating $1700 worth of parking tickets on his Maserati.
17 Dec 2007
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Pattaya City is probably the most 'active' resort in Thailand. There is so much to do and see, you will never be bored! This video gives you a broad spectrum of available activities and ideas to make your stay, unforgetable!
27 Dec 2007
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sky scrakppers at broad way new yor
28 Dec 2007
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This is a synopsis for the premarket activity on Friday, January 18th, 2008. The broad markets, the VIX, and TRIN are compared to see some divergences. This is helpful for Swing Traders and Day Traders alike.
19 Jan 2008
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Download Song Here: thought i was the only one who knew just how to have fun now my greatest fantasy is right in front of me lets throw out the toilet what a waste of space poop on my face holy shit! literally 100% free just kidding thats gross why eat poop when you've got toast?! i couldn't believe my eyes the first few seconds were pretty nice the thought of me throwing up? impossible! they ate that shit like A POPSICLE what the hell was that someone give these women their dignity back has poop become the latest snack? SHITS WACK! haha get it?! forget bulimia! watch 2 girls 1 cup! i guarantee you will throw up! holy shit literally! what the FFF.... HOLD UP You think these bitches might be hard on a dick but instead they poopin in cups and garglin shit half a billion views, this is horribly wrong somebody tell these women that they morals is gone i got sent a link, but its the fact that i followed it instead of flushin it, the broad actually swallowed it man watch the video its evil what she do MAN I don't eat SHIT people I eat food!! poop! if you eat it does it come out food? im never gonna take another poo Tom(blue shirt)- Click and Save As to save song ALSO
27 Jan 2008
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This is a description of the broad markets as of January 24th, 2008. The TRIN market internal is also looked at in concert with this to help add some depth to the overall analysis.
9 Feb 2008
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28 Jan 2008
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Wushu Champion Xu Xiang Dong performing one of the best Eagle claw sets I've ever seen! Eagle Claw(Ying Zaho Quan) is a Northern Shaolin style that emphasizes the use of Chin-na (locking) techniques. The hand in the shape of the claw is used to apply pressure to an opponent's joints, veins, and pressure points, thus controlling and immobilizing him. Eagle Claw is ideal for both men and women of any size because great body strength is not required to be effective in a defensive situation. Using various hand strengthening exercises the claw is developed to have a vice-like grip and a burning sensation as if hot coals were being pressed into the opponent. Eagle Claw strength is based on finger power, finger joint power, and wrist power. Without all three the claw is ineffective. A well developed claw can control an opponent without injury, causing damage only when unavoidable. In this way Eagle Claw is a highly moral system that provides very effective self-defense without unnecessary injury to an opponent. At the core of all Eagle Claw techniques are the principles of yin and yang. Punches and palm strikes are executed relaxed, but firm, until the end when the hand and the arm are hardened. This gives the technique a snapping action that adds power without a great need for strength. Movements are fast then slow, yielding then advancing, depending on the need of the situation and the technique to be employed. The student learns to at once be strong as a mountain, and then as yielding as a blade of grass in the wind. The Eagle Claw system includes: 25 fist forms over 25 weapon forms over 25 partner forms and the 108 locking techniques. Forms must be practiced diligently until the movements and techniques are perfected. It's in the forms that the student unlocks the secrets of Eagle Claw. Every step and hand technique in the forms have a self-defense application. Practicing the forms also develops discipline and focus in the student, advantages that become invaluable in everyday life. Three of the forms are considered Master forms and contain the most intricate techniques of the Eagle Claw system. These forms are: Lin Kuen (Connected Fist) Jui Lao Tong (Eagle Claw Drunken Set) Fuk Fu Kuen (Control the Tiger) The Northern Eagle Claw system is ideal for both men and women of various age groups, body types, and athletic ability. Because the system relies upon subtle re-direction of an attacker's own aggressive energy, it can be used effectively regardless of the practitioner's size or strength. The cornerstone of Northern Eagle Claw kung fu is the set of "108 fighting techniques" adapted by General Ngok Fei from a Shaolin monk named Jow Tong. These techniques make effective use of the hand fashioned as a grasping eagle's claw (Ying Jow) to deliver devastating locks and traps (often referred to broadly as "chin na" or grappling techniques). During the time of the Ming Dynasty, a monk named Lai Chin incorporated General Ngok Fei's fighting techniques with elements of the Faan Tzi system. Faan Tzi techniques are based upon swift, open and often acrobatic movements designed to out-maneuver and dominate an opponent. The combination of Ying Jow (eagle claw) with Faan Tzi techniques yielded the system known today as Northern Eagle Claw kung fu (Ying Jow Faan Tzi Pai).
16 Apr 2008
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The Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins and the University Of Miami doing The Miami Stomp. This just a sample of this HOT new track by Miami's own Dirty Lowdown. Featuring the rap stylings of Eric Williams aka Gage and Steven Martin aka Krupt. Sizzling vocals by the multi-talented and very beautiful Shantaa Smith. The concept was to emulate a marching band and a game atmosphere, with words designed to inspire and motivate. It is not intended to be a team song but is to be used as a tool for the fans to show love and support for their home teams. With it's motivational aspects we would like to see it used to rally our Miami Dolphins to another undefeated season like they had in 1972 - 1973. We would also like it to be instrumental in bringing our Miami Heat to another NBA Championship. And to get our UM back to their old winning ways. Our teams have tried everything else, new coaches, new players, etc., etc. But this is the real solution, Da Miami Stomp....Go Miami!!!! Da Miami Stomp has a very broad range of appeal. If you are a Miami Heat fan, Miami Dolphin fan or a fan of The University of Miami you should enjoy this song. Or if you live in the MIA we represent the magic city to the fullest. Also, if you just like good music it's finger snappin', toe tappin, handclappin' good. Purchase the track to feel the full effect *******www.1mep****/store. In the words of George Clinton, "One Nation Under Our Groove, Gettin' Down Just For The Funk Of It". *******www.1mep****
7 Sep 2009
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This is a description of the SPY as of the morning of January 30th, 2008. The relative weakness stock CNH is also described in comparison to the broad markets.
31 Jan 2008
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WELCOME TO EASY MONEY MAKING.ORG we has a strong entrepreneurial approach to this business ... a genuine understanding of the challenges faced by small and medium sized online businesses. we has a disciplined approach to work online and combines that with a sound knowledge of technology broad experience in creating realistic solutions to online business online money making sites online money making forums online money making businesses online runescape money making guide best money making jobs online fast making money online hidden secret making money online ten top tips on making money online with articles ways of making money online best money making opp. online most reliable money making program online make money online money making system making money for free online making money online with no startup cost making money selling bath and body gift baskets online real money making jobs
12 Feb 2008
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Hip and trendy value phone. That's Nokia 2600 Classic. It is functional and simplistic that weighs just 94.5g. The 2600 has a responsive keypad with equally adequate feedback. Combined with its broad and well spaced-out buttons, sigurado ang smooth texting experience mo. One slight drawback about its design is the lack of any side panel buttons. Users will need to utilize the directional buttons on the keypad in order to control volume which is impractical during phone conversations.
22 Feb 2008
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Speech by Bilyana Ilieva Raeva MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Broad Economic Policy Guidelines for 2008-2010 [on behalf of the Group] [Language BG original] Raeva_080219_174158_bg
23 Feb 2008
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