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the street car race is very risky and illegal almost everywhere. You can see the reason why; the car broke its wheel from the crash but still, driver pushes his luck.
27 Apr 2018
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I’m not name calling or mocking her, overweight of the girl was the reason for the accident. She tried to shake her booty standing on it.
4 May 2018
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NBA YoungBoy Shares New Video For "Overdose"
29 Apr 2018
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Any cargo movement smoothly and efficiently that will exceed the expectations of our clients. With over 22 years of experience in both local and international air freight forwarding, international ocean freight forwarding, customs broking and supply chain partnerships, JTM CARGO is large enough to handle work of any size or nature, yet small enough to provide a single point of contact from start to finish, so as to ensure your business needs are met effectively and efficiently. While we are a wholly owned Australian Company, we have offices globally to ensure our customers enjoy the benefits of integrated, efficient and effective supply chain needs. As we have in-depth knowledge of the rules that govern our international trade, we can meet with the suppliers at the country that you import from to help build relationships between your vendor and you. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your cargo needs and our capabilities in depth with you. 
24 Apr 2018
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Whenever the term loan comes to our mind, it comes with a downcast feeling that someone is financially broke so he/she needs a loan. But it is not always truth that a loan is taken only when we are broken. Loans are indeed a tool or an aid to make our life smoother and easier.
4 May 2018
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He broke the brick attached to the metal pipe and bent it too. His leg is like it is made of steel, he feels no pain and his leg don’t break.
13 May 2018
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This guys car broke again!! Follow us on social media! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND TUNE IN FOR MORE VIDEOS
15 May 2018
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If you had to choose... which is the least of three evils? Inspired by one of our favorite authors, Victoria Moran, and shot in NYC's Harold Square, this one made us laugh...... So... would you rather be fat, broke or lonely? We want to know!
29 May 2007
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This is my take on "Your Love Broke Through", by Keith Green. Comments, critiques, and criticisms are welcome. You can visit *******www.jasonlonjacobs****/ to download higher quality music and videos. Thank you for watching.
17 Nov 2007
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a spoof of broke back mountain check out my website retoddedmovies**** as featured on MTVU click hear for the link!
6 Jan 2008
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guy broke his ...
5 May 2008
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He Broke His Arm!!
9 Feb 2009
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